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Baseball: Montreal Expos Final Word

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posted on Apr, 12 2003 @ 08:19 AM
I do this daily on the site I moderate, and I am wondering if it could be as successful here as it is there. Well, here goes:

Time of game: 4/11/03

Final Score: 10-0 Expos desecrated the Mets. Ohka (1-1) took the win, while Cone (1-1) grabbed the loss in the first ever Puerto Rican MLB game.

Highlights: Really good game for the Expos. Ohka was brilliant, going eight innings with just one hit allowed, walking four and striking out seven. Brad Wilkerson went one for three with a grand slam. Vidro went three for four, with three RBI's and two run home run. Schnieder, who came into the game hitting below the mendoza line, went two for four with a two run home run in the third inning. Endy Chavez also went two for four. Vladimir Guerrero walked three times. View The Box Score Here

Player of the Game: Tomokazu Ohka. He pitched eight strong innings, giving up just one hit, a base hit, struck out seven and walked just four batters. Of the 104 pitches he had, 74 were strikes.

Final Word: Starting pitching has been super for the Expos so far in this season. Of the six games they won, three were shutouts. Livan will go against Seo today at 6:05 (or is that 7:05??). Oh yeah, and the Expos are still atop the NL East.


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