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I dreamed of UFO's...

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posted on Nov, 25 2003 @ 02:30 PM
I had an excellent dream about UFO's the other night.

I had just watched, close encounters... ( excellent movie)

In my dream... I'm outside in the yard, I don't know who's house this was, people are out doing the normal summer time things.. yard work, cookouts.. etc,

all of a sudden, we see fighter jets, streaking accross the sky, 10-12 of them... I immediately say, they're chasing something.... then suddenly, they're gone,
they didn't fly away, they dissapeared..

we look at eachother in disbelief... then we hear it, a low tone humming sound... we don't see anything yet.. but then there it is, a huge white UFO hovering above us... its about 2 -3 city blocks.. and square on the bottom.. it's white in color...

suddenly the bottom opens up, and smaller craft appear... like the shuttle craft on star trek... they're landing... people start to panic and run all over grabbing thier kids and heading indoors.

I look around and the only person there that I know is my daughter, so I grab her hand and we run inside a house, we go up stairs and once upstairs, I see a doorway in the ceiling.. its a set of those drop down stairs that lead to an attic... so I decide we shoud hide there... we get up in there and I'm trying to conceal the door somehow, when I hear foot steps downstairs.

I go over to a window and look out, no more people, only the "shuttle craft" sitting on the streets, I can't see the "occupants"....

I then hear the foot steps upstairs, they're getting closer, I grab my daughter and tell her not to be affraid... the door opens and ...

I wake up !!!!!!!! end of dream, I sat in bed wondering.. what the hell was that ???

It seemed so very real !

posted on Nov, 25 2003 @ 02:31 PM
I will damed if that happens tomorrow to you or anyone else.

Looks like you had a good time.

My dreams were always negative.


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