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so what day was dinosaurs then?

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posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 07:00 AM
once upon a time, the world was made in 7 marvellous days (hmm)
in these days, the sun, moon, birds, animals, fish etc were all made. (ok)
BUT what about dinosaurs? religious people cannot deny that they dont exist- there is to much proof for that and there is no reference to them in the bible (as far as i know)
There are other scientific findings that emphasize this, so whats going on? religion wrong? science wrong? both right? keep in mind that scientists have found countless ways to proove their findings whereas religions havent.
i believe that there was jesus- i believe he was a good man, i do not believe he was the son of 'god'. youd think that he'd have made an appearance by now if he was going to
im no preacher but thought that id see what theories you can draw up from this

posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 07:05 AM
No actually dinosaurs were the "zero" day...God fell asleep on watch and before he knew it an asteroid blew up all he worked to create....that's when he decided he'd start all over again and remake everything, hence why we now have continents and not pangea...and he made us instead.

God slept with one eye open on the seventh day (really day number 8)

Another interesting factoid, is god segregated his works into days but didn't create day until what day 4?

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posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 07:07 AM
It's possible that this is what was meant when the Bible describes, "There were giants in the Earth then..."

The people who originally wrote the scriptures had to describe a "period of time" that other people could understand...But had no concept of what "one day" meant in God's perspective. The Bible describes one of God's days to be "like a thousand years"...And this is where those fanatics get the idea that the universe is only 6000 years old. But the Bible says that one of God's days is *like* one thousand years...It doesn't literally mean that it *is* a thousand years in an absolute sense of time. This is how those fanatics trip themselves up...Taking methaphor & parable & subscribing it as a *literal*.

[Edited on 11-11-2002 by MidnightDStroyer]


posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 09:32 AM
quote MD
It's possible that this is what was meant when the Bible describes, "There were giants in the Earth then..."

interesting, im not an avid reader, so forgive me if i misinterpret some things.

I agree that there is a lot of metaphors thugh. For example- water to wine, walking on water- who thought this stuff up? People shouldnt take things so literally, but doesnt a good deal of the bible seem like stories?

posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 11:32 AM
Oh fanatics?

Well when God said one day is like a thousand to him, he did not mean
that in the sense of genesis. he meant that one should spend one day as if it were
"like" a thousand. meaning do as much you can do with every day.

he said one day is "like" a thousand, not a thousand days are like one.

He literaly said in genesis.

" the evening and morning were the fourth ""

" the evening and morning were the fifth ""

Then he specifically makes a seventh day.

" and on the seventh day god ended his work which he had made "

He literally created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh.

Do you really think God would take thousands of years to make something appear??

Also the bible does talk about dinosaurs.

One passages goes...

"" Behold the hemoth which has a tale like a cedar ""

And so this does indicate a huge creature living in the time of the bible.

There was alot more oxygen back in those times, and creatures got bigger because they had
a bigger food supply, less enimies, and thousands of years to grow.


posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 12:23 PM
Ok, Kim, Midnight, you both say that alot of the Bible is a metaphor. So what if
son of God is a metaphor? He was a great man who helped many, was a god send to the
ones he healed. So after awhile, people would say he was the son of God. Think
about it, he did so many things to help the less fortunate. They may have thought
that without them, life would have been miserable. Started praising him, saying that
God had sent a man to help them. So after a few dozen years,his nickname stuck. He
became the son of God by helping so many, while getting so little. Then, he
sacrificed his life for the people. And with his death, he had shown them he didn't
care if they sinned, that he still loved them, and would do anything to help.

Is that good for a first post? Hope so, also, hi everyone! My name is Kyle, and I'm
a WAY addict.

posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 02:31 PM
Dinos aren't mentioned.

The behemoth is a very nice idea, but doesn't take into account the variety of dinos...

And there's no biblical injunctions against little nasty velociraptors (about man-sized) nor are there any drawings (other than modern) of them. While the Bible talks about the lion and the jackal and other wild creatures around Israel, it doesn't mention the VERY ancient creatures whose bones are found there.

Gastornus would have been a wonderful instrument of divine wrath... and yet no mention is made of a flightless meat-eating bird as big as a man (no, that's not big enough to be the Arabian roc/rukh).

Or the terror-hogs. Or dire wolves. Or sabertoothed cats. Or allosaurus and T-rex (notable predtaors, and judging from the number of bones we find, there were millions of them.)

Or the millions of migratory iguanadons, stomping up and down the coast. Three times as big as a horse -- you'd think someone would have noticed.

And later... Enteleodont (a pig-thing that ate EVERYTHING it came across and was 7 ft high at the shoulder (the average male then was about 5'6")) or Andrewsarchus (twice as long as a car, weighs about as much as a car, wolfy-like carnivore.

These things are kinda hard to miss. "Leviathan" and "behemoth" might cover TWO of them, but the others (very hard to miss) wouldn't be covered by those terms.

posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 06:16 PM
Kim, you say you see that animals were mentioned in the Bible when God was creating the Earth. Well what do you think dinosaurs are?.

Dionsaurs are animals are'nt they.

Man Did dwell with dinosaurs. You may think that strange, God creating Dinosaurs and man only for the dinosaurs to attack and eat man.

Well I'ii tell you how it was. In the beginning there was no sin in the Earth, So there was no death no murder, or attacking one another. God also gave dominion to man over the animals (including dinosaurs) this means that all living things were in subjection to mankind. They did not attack us nor did we them.

I am a born again christian, and I do believe there were dinosaurs, I also believe that man and dinosaur dwelt together and are not separated by 65 million years.

Mr Freemason

concerning what you said in your first post here in this thread, am I right in thinking that you were literally joking with us all.

posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 06:21 PM
Mr Midnight Dstroyer

When the Bible refers to the fact that there were giants in the land, this is not talking about dinosaurs or any other type of animal. The Bible is actuall talking about People.

You mean to tell me that you have never heard of GOLIATH. He was 9ft 3in.

Would you agree he was a giant?.

posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 06:29 PM
I believe the great lizards mentioned were in reference to dinosaurs and sea monsters were mentioned as well. I doubt you'll find "T-rex", or anything like that, if that is what you are looking for.

posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 06:34 PM
First, steward, they didn't. Dinosaurs over 65 million years old. We about 30 thousand. Sorry, never saw them.

Second, no god made anything, that explains what day the dinosaurs were made.

Third, truth believes that reason dinosaurs not allowed on ark for to big. Only 5-10% were large. Others cow and under.

Fourth, his other theory dinos giant lizards. But some, like Robert T. Bakker belive they warm blooded. And, dinosaurs are different, they about as same as birds and mammals. Sure, birds and mammals warm blooded, some even interact, that about it.

Fifth, with number four, they had thousands of years to grow? So they are immortal truth?

Sixth, they didn't have more oxygen or food or less predators. Sorry, nothing I've seen in my studies supports that.

Seventh, how the hell were they missed? Nothing from the Egyptians show them, the Chinese, Japanese, Aussies Aboriginies(sp?) other African cultures, Romans, Greeks, Indians, Aztecs, Omecs, or the Norse. Sorry, if they were around when we were, how come they never said"Giant two legged lizard with sharp teeth and mighty roar charged us as we hunted the giant lizard with great horns and a colorful frill." No, for we weren't around.

I don't get it, history, science, facts, all thrown out because a book with giants(Goliath, others) and zombies(Jesus comes back to life) and magic(walking across water, one into many, so forth), and a con artist("miracle" heals) says different. With no proof backing it up, millions, maybe even a billion follow something with no proof! While science with proof and everything else backing it up gets denounced! How can anyone follow such logic!


posted on Nov, 12 2002 @ 06:58 AM
Yes! weird al rocks, this is what i have been trying to say! (or rather, thats what i wanted to) welcome to the board.

is it so hard to believe that jesus was just a great, loving man? im sure he would not have wanted to see the world come to this- religious arguments, people getting killed for what they believe in
I think that the more that is discovered, the more christians fiddle with the interpreting of the bible to make it seem like that it was a well known fact before anyway.
I only started realising this a year or two ago- like things didnt make sense, and the people at the church always seemed to contradict themselves (eg love thy neighbour- but not if they are satanists/voudon/wiccan etc) its stupid to se how big headed some people can be when really, they have no morals of their own. the stories seemed rather unbelievable- noahs ark ring a bell?
i have tried christian. it does not work. god does not listen, he does not help, he may not even exist

quote james the lesser
I don't get it, history, science, facts, all thrown out because a book with giants(Goliath, others) and zombies(Jesus comes back to life) and magic(walking across water, one into many, so forth), and a con artist("miracle" heals) says different. With no proof backing it up, millions, maybe even a billion follow something with no proof! While science with proof and everything else backing it up gets denounced! How can anyone follow such logic!

im glad someone thinks like i do.

as for dinosaurs, i stick with what i have already said

posted on Nov, 12 2002 @ 01:55 PM
Stewards there is now way we could have lived with dinosaurs. We are only about 30,000 years old like James said.

But the dinosaurs I think would have been made with the reptiles.

posted on Nov, 12 2002 @ 07:05 PM

Yes mankind did dwell with dinosaurs in the beginning. Also we are not 30,000 years old, and neither are dinosaurs 65 million years old.

I have posted on another thread before the question of why would God create a world and just put animals on it and wait for such a long time to put man here also.

From the beginning it was Gods intention to have communion with man. So why would he wait to put man on Earth?.

God saw that the Earth needed somthing to keep it, something to maintain order on Earth. So he created man and gave this authority to Him. If GOd knew this already then it would have been very unwise for God to have waited so many years and left the Earth without order. This should tell us that God put man on Earth straight after God had created it.

Ask yourself this, and look at the Book of Genesis. Whan God had finished Creating the Earth he immeadiately Created man to keep order on the Earth.
Does the bible suggest in anyway there was a long time gap in between the creation of Earth and the Creation of man.

Scientists have profoundly confused the world with nonsense about bogus millions of years of evolution. Darwin was One of them.

We are unable to concieve the idea of a Man living alongside a T-rex. Its because of the false message we have been given. That dinosaurs would have eaten all mankind. Have you seen the film Jurrasic park. This is the sort of message we get. It looks like chaos does'nt it, man living beside dinosaurs. But what people do not know is that before sin entered the world, all creatures including man and dinosaur lived peaceably together. What do you think God meant when he gave dominion to mankind over all living things?.

posted on Nov, 13 2002 @ 10:09 AM
Actually, we're unable to believe in humans and T-rex coexisting for a number of reasons -- and one of them is geology.

At any archaeological site, we know that "things buried near the top of a pile of rubbish/something" are much younger than "things buried deeper down."

In a midden (trash pit) excavation, we know that a shoe found at the bottom dates from the Revolutionary War and a button found near the top dates from WorldWar II. Buttons from WWII are never found BELOW Revolutionary War items unless someone came along in the 1950's and threw a bunch of Revolutionary War stuff on top of it.

Same with geological strata and fossils. We've got a VERY good record of time in the geological strata of the Earth. Rocks that the dinos are found is are separated by rocks that hominids and mammals are found in -- by many many many many many layers.

So... either the geological record is true -- OR you have to postulate a diety that creates false evidence just for the fun of trapping people as an excuse for sending them to a hellacious afterlife.

The Neanderthals, who drew many prehistoric animals, drew no dinos -- though there had been dinos living in the areas where the Neanderthals lived... at least, there were some 120 million years before the Neanderthals.

[Edited on 13-11-2002 by Byrd]

posted on Nov, 13 2002 @ 11:35 AM

I want to ask you if you have ever heard of Noah's Ark?. I'm not being sarcastic but What I want you to realise is that when God did flood the world The water did not just come just in the form of rain. But and as it says in Genesis it came up from the deep also. During the time of the flood, God moved the continents around and tipped up the lands. Plates moved in the Earth, and the Giant waves did their damage also. So as this was Going on all the people and animals were tossed to and fro over and under the Earth.

It takes something to imagine what it was like, but if we think hard we will see that it was a global disaster for the Earth and everything was changed. The Animals were also buried deep into the Earth and Rocks.

posted on Nov, 13 2002 @ 02:38 PM
The ark is not a impossible thing. For nothing is impossible, only highly improbable.

But still, two of every animal steward. That would mean a few billion animals on a ark. For animals, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and some fish. For some fish can't live in saltwater. But if the world flooded, that means the salt water of oceans mixed with the other waters. So maybe went from sea to fresh. So then the saltwater fish died.

So, you need tanks in the ark for those fish. Also, you have to get all the animals. How did the wolverine get from North America to Europe? Kangaroo from Aussie land. Penguins from Antartica, Polar Bear from Artic. Sure, Polar Bears and Penguins can swim, but need land sooner or later to rest. Same as Walrus, Seal, Otter, so forth.

Sorry steward, while that was a good theory, it has flaws. And dinosaurs could have came with the reptiles. But they aren't reptiles. And how long has earth been here? Studies show around 4-6 billion years.

And sorry for ever thinking you were truth, for you have shown some tolerance. You have not condemned anyone to the wrath of god for disagreeing with you. Hope you didn't take offense with being called a name of truth's. I just didn't wait to get to know you and your thoughts. Now I have, and you aren't all that bad.

posted on Nov, 13 2002 @ 03:36 PM
yes, YES,YES. At last.

Oh thankyou, thanks for finding out that truth and I are not the same person.

No problem James, all is forgiven and forgotten. so now we can get back to some interesting discussion.

Noahs Ark, well James, I do understand it is a hard one to believe considering all what would have had to be to pull it off. I also understand the flaws you see with it. I also had the same ideas about it before I became a christian, which is only about 4 years ago. in this short time of learning about God I'm unable to give all answers to everything that took place which is mentioned in the Bible. But this I do know, and you already said it, *nothing is impossible*. With God nothing is impossible or improbable.
I believe that God is the creator of all things, so if he created all living creatures he also knows how to control their minds. The bible indicates that God lead all the animals to the Ark even if it was what you said " a couple of billion".
I cannot answer how the fresh watered fish were kept. I could suggest but i could be wrong, so I can't see the point of writing it.
When someone reads the Bible they need to have a faith in what they are reading or there is no point in reading it altogether.

I believe that God can do the impossible with ease. Even the impossible where mankind cannot explain it. our limited minds, the Bible says are not able to understand the ways of God.

I am only 25 years old. So according to the average life span for men in the Uk, I have another 50-55 years left to live.
So forevery day of those years of my life left to live I will only say that there are NO flaws, faults, inconsistencies, contradictions, lies, or anything bad concerning GOD or His WORD.

If I do not stand by this, then Theres no point in being a christian anymore.

I do though James as I have already said. I do understand the questions you ask about the things the Bible suggests have happened. Our small minds are not able to comprehend the things Of God.

But God does reveal secrets to us when we obey his word. Then we will get more answers than what we have got questions

[Edited on 13-11-2002 by stewards]

posted on Nov, 13 2002 @ 05:48 PM
oh james come on. i never condemned you to hell and do not think
you are condemned or going to hell. thats your choice.

but the layers of strata indicate how old dinosayrs are?

well if you take a glass jar of dirt and shake it up, it will come out in layers. and so
basically i believe that the flood caused all of the layers of strata that are found today.

also how have scientists found a dinosuar with living dna in it?

dna bloodcells cannot last milllions of years.

and so how does a dinosuar live only a thousand years ago when they were supposed to be wiped out
millions of years ago?

basically if you believe in god you have to believe in a young earth because God would not
put animals here long before man when he says man is his prime creation and has power over the animals.

but if you do not believe in god than why do you care?


[Edited on 13-11-2002 by Truth]

posted on Nov, 13 2002 @ 07:48 PM
Wait, what? I got lost there.

When did we say they found it? Did you see Jurrasic Park to many times?

Also, it is possible, for NOTHING is impossible, only highly improbable. I am sure that there is a way that could save dna for millions of years, just haven't found it.

Also, truth, he made man on sixth, then rested. He made man last, you say he made him first. Well, he would not have put animals here before man.

Also, you just proved you are jedi, for I once again said jedi said that, then you come on saying you never said that. Dolt.

And no one(except maybe stewards) sayed dinosaurs were made a thousand years ago, and no one said that then they died millions after being made a thousand years ago. You are sbout 2-5 very confused little man. Aren't we?

And steward, here a theory. If the meteor theorized to have hit earth and killed the dinosaurs hit water, floods would happen. Or if it hit one of the poles, and melted the ice, floods. So say one hit while humans were around, and someone made a boat or something. There you have the flood and the ark. Maybe not every animal, but maybe his pet cat, his work horse, a few sheep.

Anyways, truth/jedi/anyother turths, get over your multi-perso problem soon. I'll be praying for you!

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