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Photos of Tulum!

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posted on Nov, 23 2003 @ 12:50 PM

Originally posted by LOBO
*Sigh* Okay, apparently Angelfire is really picky about you giving them an e-mail address... I uploaded to my other, valid Angelfire account.

Once again, the images:
Tulum 2
Me @ Tulum

Nice pictures! Yet another place I'd like to go someday.

Oh, nice hat too!

posted on Nov, 23 2003 @ 01:11 PM
Those girls in the photos look pretty hot

posted on Nov, 23 2003 @ 01:15 PM

Originally posted by forsakenwayfarer
bag end, bagshot row, hobbiton; doesnt exist unless middle earth did/does exist. as much as i wish, i doubt it. its from the lord of the rings, in fact the house (or hole, more appropriately for a hobbit) where bilbo and frodo lived, later frodo sam and his wife, and eventually just sam and his wife. i dont live in new zealand however i would very much like to go there sometime.

errr yes i know it doesn't exist, i was being sarcastic in a serious yet informationallymindbendingcuriousityburns sort of way. I don't exactly live in the land of the white igloo people void of all technology you know ... Smirk. btw that was another example of sarcasm

Yes it would be cool to go there some day 'Middle Earth' i mean however New Zealand would be a very nice place to visit also. 'grin'

posted on Nov, 23 2003 @ 01:43 PM
nice photos, how are the waves?

posted on Nov, 23 2003 @ 02:05 PM
The waves? Um...non-existant? Unless you count "six-inch swells"

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