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why are we here?

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posted on Nov, 22 2003 @ 02:09 AM
like all of u i came here for answers and to ask more questions,faith,god ,ufos,ghosts,lost worlds,war, just life in general, but what happens after all the wars,new gverments what makes people think that things are going t be different, we are told what to belive and what are lies,and when we try to think for ourselves and seek answers,or probe further,and want to know more we get the same thing, but your gut tells u that there is more!!!!!!!!!

posted on Nov, 22 2003 @ 02:11 AM
Im not sure if ATS will show you the meaning of life, but enjoy your stay!

posted on Nov, 22 2003 @ 02:17 AM
well ive found some interesting theoies aready and i look forward to more inlightment thanks to all give me more and may be i can inlight too

posted on Nov, 22 2003 @ 02:27 AM
I live by the All-O-Jistics:

Thou Shalt Always Go For Greatness
Thou Shalt Not Have No Idea
Thou Shalt not Commit Hygene

There's a few more but I can't think of them right now.

posted on Nov, 22 2003 @ 11:21 AM
Welcome and good luck on finding them answers
enjoy your stay.

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