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Is Our Children Learning?

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posted on Nov, 27 2003 @ 09:57 AM
Well, for me, I wanted to learn law and Japanese, no classes at school for that. We have a building in Toledo you can go to and learn what you want(Next to library, pretty interesting things there). There I took law and Japanese. I dropped the law and kept the Japanese. I can now count to 1000 in Japanese, know the body parts, know basic grammer, colors, so forth. I didn't get it through school so found a different place to learn it. I also didn't learn to read through school. If I stuck with that I'd have trouble reading Goosebumps, yet I taught myself to read well and now read John Grisham, J.D. Robb, Jean M. Auel, and so forth.

But the problem isn't that some kids are smart and being held back, it's the stupid people out there. You see a kid who reads and studies and gets straight A's. Then you see a white kid who acts ghetto, does drugs, and fails. So instead of taking the druggies out and keeping the smart kid, they take out the education so they can cater to the druggie. Hell, in advanced english, in America at War(new class, great class), Amrican History, and european History. Guess what I am good in? Anyways, I just wish that the first day of school after 420 that all the kids would be forced to have drug tests, and then expell all the ones that test positive for drugs. This solves oercrowding, low grades keeping money from being given to the school, and of course the drug problem.

Anyways, go school, teachers try, but if you have three students who care and 18 druggies, you'd burn out to.

posted on Nov, 27 2003 @ 04:49 PM
A few places here in WV are "phasing out" phonics. They now teach "Word recognition". This means reading levels will drop, the school system will fall behind to make sure students don't fail classes. A generation of idiots will rise.

Just like midevil europe, where the schools were run by the church, and everything was either "GOD" or "SATAN".

And isn't it strange that the Conserative Christian Right wants more religon in schools.

Masses of people can be more effectively controled if they are ignorant.

NWO anyone?

posted on Nov, 28 2003 @ 06:07 PM
Schools in WV are doing better than the schools in Columbus. I observed a class in Cabell Co., and one in Columbus, and the WV schoolwork was about 2 years ahead of the Columbus school (both were Title 1 schools, and the same grade.)

posted on Dec, 1 2003 @ 11:28 PM
Well I thought i would throw a couple of pennies in here....

We are all smart. Sure there are some who are handicapped but most people all have the ability to learn at the same rate others do. It's all about willpower.

When I was in High School, there were subjects that I was better at. I passed every single one of my classes but some of the ones that I got 98% or higher on were History and Spanish 1,2, and 3. Why? Those interested me more. British Literature and Chemistry had no appeal to me. I didn't want a darn thing to do with those. So, I got Bs and Cs in those classes.

I feel that school was a waste of my time except for the three most important subjects, Reading, Writing, and Math.

Everything I have learned about Computers (and i know alot) is thanks to mainly the internet, and books bought off the internet.

When you are stuck in a class room for hours doing stuff that you hate, you only worry about getting out of there or passing the test. After you leave the class its goodbye information... I passed the test I do not need you anymore.

Basically, my idea is, we need more choice. In my school, I had a teacher that would make up assignments as we walked in the door. It was a computer class. We were supposed to learn how to us MS Word, Excel, and stuff like that. Now, I learned the stuff but no thanks to the teacher. The teacher would say stuff like do the assignment on page 285... "but teacher, there is nothing on page 285." Class was a joke. I could have learned all the stuff just using the help menu in MS Office. This was my only way of learnig MS Office because I dont want to pay the hundreds of dollars that microsoft charges for it. So i learned at school.

British Literature - what the heck did i learn in that class? That is the worst class ever. If I wanted to read huge books I would do it on my own time. But when you force it on me I wont do good and if i fail, you slow me down.

Chemistry - some basic stuff is nice to know but if i wanted to know all that stuff I could easily find it on the net. I rediscovered an element in that class its called Bs.

Algebra - okay this is a tough one. It has helped me some with computer programming such as the use of variables but thats all very basic algebra and could be learned in a few minutes. I BARELY passed my College Algebra. That was some tough crap. And, ask me anything today, and I will answer with "I dont know"

Spanish - Okay i liked this class. I never use the information but I enjoyed it. Therefore I passed all my tests with atleast a 90%

History - Once again, useless information. But it is nice to know how everything came about plus it interested me. Therefore Hi grades.

To be honest i cant really think of all the classes i was forced to take in high school. I guess when you hate it that much you tend to forget and this was only 2 years ago....

posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 12:33 PM

It seems that there is a problem in the way most subjects are taught. The class are given facts, and the information the need to pass exams, but nothing more in-depth. In some subjects the methods used should be given more importance, as should practical uses. Nobody has a clue what they are supposed to use anything they learn in mathematics for, for instance. Applications of the facts the students are taught might spur some enthusiasm.

posted on Dec, 5 2003 @ 03:04 AM
hands on learning.... That was my favorite part of any science class, were the labs. But math, you cant do anything hands on with math.

Literature classes are not fair because some people enjoy reading. What if i enjoy movies... Where is my Movie class

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 10:27 AM
I hope they are learning, and not just from school!

School is there to give all children access to Education, systems are in place to allow for this!

Rules are there but they are there to be broken and advanced upon.

Stifle our children and hope they advance! Break free of the boundries in a positive way!

We teach are children what we know, and hopefully they will learn this and take from it what they will!

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 11:14 AM
I learned basic html code by myself, haven't learned that in school

Anyway, if you like what you are being taught in school, you will probably learn it, and if you don't you probably won't learn it, or know very little of the subject.

So I think theachers need to come up with another way of teaching so you can learn a little more on the subject you don't like.

Another problem I have is that some teachers, atleast in my school don't really care about the students, and would rather go to some city, and spend the whole day there, rather then be at school teaching for the full day.

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 11:50 AM
Worst class ever? Math. "What is up with Sin? That's Sign! Then why is it spelled S-I-N-? That is sin, not sign. Shut up and do your work!" Or why did I have to learn imaginary numbers? Square root of a negative number does not exist for nothing times itself equals a negative number. So why did I have to go to summer school because I didn't see the point in learning about numbers that are as real as little green midget monkeys with on wing on their thumb and two tentacles coming out of their butts?

Then algebra, easy yes, needed, no. I don't go to the grocery store and think "Let's see, 2x Oranges + 4xy Apples divided by the square root of negative 5zx Grapes." Nope, never gonna happen. Or of course finding the area of a round triangle or a sharp(rectangular) circle. Those shapes don't exist yet needed to find the area of them. No wonder the people who normally have 99.99999 gpa's were in summer school with me. Wonder how many death threats Ms. Dyke(yes she is one, we've seen her g/f before) got over that summer.(no, her real last name is not Dyke, just what the students called her)

Anyways, school sucks for the most part unless you get into advanced classes the druggies can't get into.

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 12:14 PM
I have learned a lot over the years...and one thing that came to my attention is that...nothing learned is nothing gained. Meaning...I learned nothing from this nothing gained...thanks all!!

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