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mall santas!

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posted on Nov, 21 2003 @ 07:01 AM
well, this year me and my friends are going to teach mall santas a lesson for pretending to be the real thing.

we're all going to a mall. two of us will stand in line (me and one of my good friends) and the rest will stand back taking pictures. when i sit on santa's lap, and he asks me what i want for christmas, i'm going to say, "oh, santa, all i want for christmas is my girlfriend back. she dumped me a few days ago." by the way, i'm a girl. and then i'll start asking him why he thinks she did it, if he thinks i'm pretty or not, and all that stuff to make him uncomfortable. then for the picture i'm going to be kissing santa on the cheek.
then, when my friend sits on his lap, and he asks what she wants for christmas, she's going to look at him seriously for a few seconds (make him even more uncomfortable) and then say "you". but that's all she'll tell me about what she's doing.

anyone like this? does anyone have any suggestions for more "mall santa" pranks?

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