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Cheating on boyfriend in a dream...

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posted on Nov, 21 2003 @ 05:34 AM
A friend of mine is freaking out because of dreams she had recently, so I thought I post it here, see if there is any explanation.

So, here's the situation. This friend of mine, she has a boyfriend, very good relationship, they love eachother, have no fights, have been together for more then a year now.
The problem is, she started having sexual dreams, but in a dream she is not with her boyfriend, but with another guy, a friend of ours. I real life she has absolutely no feelings for him. Dreams are not very x-rated, just kisses, touching, but she told me that in a dream she has very strong emotions and feelings for this guy, very strong attraction, although in reality thats not the case. She is very confused by these dreams. Any help is much appreciated.

posted on Nov, 21 2003 @ 03:25 PM
Therefore your friend may not be 'aware' she DOES have feelings for the guy she's dreaming about, in other words, her mind within is telling her she actually does.

She may feel a deep connection with this guy? Maybe it has nothing to do with sexual attraction, but another strong emotion that her mind is placing 'sexually' in the dream. I wouldn't be concerned that she may sway from her now boyfriend, unless she 'wants' to make the dream a reality.

And also..sometimes we may dream of people who are attracted to us, but again, our conscious mind isn't making the connection so our subconscious has to relay it to us somehow..and what better way then through dreams.

Tell her not to let these dreams confuse her, there is no reason they should unless she is prepared to act them out.

And then, this dream could mean exactly what it states..that she infact may become involved with the friend some time down the road

posted on Nov, 22 2003 @ 02:06 AM
Magestica, thanks a lot for the reply, makes sense

posted on Nov, 25 2003 @ 03:09 PM
I'd wholeheartedly agree with her analysis...but add that it's quite possible, that she knew the other guy in a past life..and this could be triggering the thoughts... Often, there are other souls that we encounter in many incarnations...sometimes as friends, sometimes as family, and sometimes as lovers. As long as she is happy with her guy, she should be able to separate the feelings in the dream, from reality...

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