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Predictions: November-December 2003

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posted on Nov, 20 2003 @ 10:09 AM
There will be at least four more terrorist attacks (bombings.)

Casualties in Iraq will continue to mount.

Flu season (which has started earlier this year) will hit hard among those who haven't gotten the flu shots.

There will be multiple predictions of doom/civil war/extreme emergencies/national terror on every UFO board, conspiracy board, and fundamentalist board. These will be tied in with solar flares, CMEs, any earthquakes, snowstorms, ice storms, terroist activites, peace treaties signed (or not signed), and poodle attacks. In spite of this, the world will go on as usual.

The RETURN OF THE KING will be a financial success, as will the release of TWO TOWERS on DVD. The LOTR will be one of the future "classic" films, much as the first STAR WARS trilogy was. ROTK will be one of the top money-earning films for the year.

The stock market will end the year slightly up. The employment sector will be a little better for December, thanks to the rush for temp help.

E-business (online gift buying) will be greater this year than in previous years.

The Michael Jackson incident will turn into more of a media circus.

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