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Manned Russian Mission to Mars in '62!?

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posted on Nov, 19 2003 @ 04:06 PM
I was surfing the net and came across a video clip of a supposed Russian landing on Mars from 1962. At the end of the clip, it shows some type of lifeform running around the Martian landscape. I have several questions about this and am almost 100% sure of it being a fake, but does anyone know anything about it? The link to the page with the clip on it is at below, the clip is located at the bottom of the page:

posted on Nov, 19 2003 @ 04:15 PM
I think its definatly a fake since. Radio waves like they were using take 4. some odd seconds to reach mars. They were talking to each other like they were in the next room with a walkie talkie. Was that a plant I saw there at the end? I'd say there was a lizard or something that got spooked by the crazy people with a crappy camera and a cardboard box over their heads.

posted on Nov, 19 2003 @ 04:20 PM
I also noticed what looks like normal Earth landscape in the backround, plus the "cosmonauts" are speaking english even though it's a Russian mission.

posted on Nov, 19 2003 @ 04:24 PM
LoL! That gives it away right there..cosmonauts speaking English on a Russian mission..maybe..MAYBE..if it were a joint mission...but lol...come on!



posted on Nov, 19 2003 @ 04:57 PM
Exactly. I thought maybe it could have been poorly dubbed, but then I woke up.

posted on Nov, 19 2003 @ 05:12 PM

Wow, seeing that made my day.

posted on Dec, 5 2003 @ 06:08 PM

Thats what I think that because they:

1: Speaking English on a Russian mission in 62 (the player says joint American/ Russian mission extremely doubtful in the sixties or even the seventies).

2: The landscape doesnt look right, if you compare it with the NASA pictures from the Mars explore.

posted on Dec, 5 2003 @ 06:52 PM
LOL hehehe gosh that brought a smile to my face after a long week of work listening to boring lectures and meetings that have just drained me
It also appears that the sky is blue on the tape as well.

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