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USDA sticker...

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posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 01:37 PM
Anyone heard of the new food labeling process enforced by the US Dept. of Agriculture?
All organic food products must have a USDA sticker on them...
think this is part of some vegetation conspiracy?

read more at:

posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 02:00 PM
Next thing you know, the FDA will be issuing those stickers to the military...For use on the newly-accecpted volunteer recruits; The military will be labeling them as "US Inspected Grade A Prime Beef".

...And then send them out to the "meat-grinder" (Milspeak for "battlefield").

[Edited on 9-11-2002 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Nov, 11 2002 @ 02:00 PM
They did it because folks were getting away with all sorts of stuff in the organic farming business.

It was at the request of the organic farmers, who were offended that people could use some fertilizers or pesticides and would label their products as "true organic."


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