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The Doombug

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posted on Dec, 6 2003 @ 10:30 AM
Chris and Paul had could do nothing but sit in their hiding place in the rouble and watch the mayhem. Half a dozen more of the soldier looking men joined those already battling the hellish death maching that had nearly killed them. The soldiers didn't have a uniform but they each had a similar style of clothes, plain black and dark red garments, all with a number written on the shoulder area in white. They appeared to be some sort of well organised guerilla force. Many of them were being slain down by the large machine gun that the machine had, "This is like something out of a frickin movie," Paul wailed almost hysterically. Suddenly one of the rebels appeared with a shoulder held rocket launcher. The large machine quickly turned towards the guy but it was too late. The missile shot off in a blur of smoke and the mahcine exploded, hitting the floor in a wave of sparks and flame. The rebels cheered.

"Are these the good guys?" Paul asked Chris in a shaky voice.

"I'm not sure, I don't know what to think anymore."

The two fell silent again and overheard the nearby soldiers conversation.

"How many more of them do you think there are? The first soldier said,
"They are out there waiting for us. We got heavy losses.."
The second soldier, who was alot taller than the first interupts,
"Wheren't there people here? I was sure I saw two people running away from the X2S5. HEY, ANYBODY AROUND, IT'S SAFE TO COME OUT!" His voice echoed around the silent and desolate area of Manhatten. "What do we do," Paul said anxiously.
"I'm thinking," Chris said, "I think we should talk to them." Chris got up and started to shout, "Hay over here!"
"what are you doing," Paul said with fear in his voice, "They might kill us."

Chris continued to shout adn the men approached them. The tall soldier who had shouted them stepped forward into the rubble, stood silent for a moment, then began to talk, "Welcome to the resistance."

posted on Dec, 7 2003 @ 09:50 AM
"Resistance against what?!" Said paul immediatly. "You pretty much saved us back there." Said Chris. "Now would you like to tell me what the /=U(|< IS GOING ON?!" Shouted Chris. "America....Well we dont quite know...But we think the American government is f_cking testing out weapons on us!" Said the soldier. Paul looked still looked abit shooken up. "Where are you heading?" Asked Chris. "Through the tunnels, you've seen them?" The soldier replied. "yeah, we did. Where that thing came out!" Chris said. "Lets move, you had better come with us. Or would you rather be nuked to bits?" Chris pulled Paul over, "Lets go." They climbed into the tunnel...Into the Shelter? Or into thier deaths?

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posted on Dec, 7 2003 @ 11:24 AM
Even though Chris knew that the tunnel had nvr been there before, by the looks of it it seemed like it had been there for ages. The walls were all well supported and it almost looked like they were entering an old mine. Inside the rebels vechile, one of the rebels introduced himself.

"I'm Steven", the man said. "I'll try to fill you in on what is happening to the best of our knowledge. As I am sure you know, the government has been becoming more and more corrupt. What we didn't know until now is that the government has slowly been allowing foriegners to take office, changing their legal papers to say they were native born. All of this has been approved by those foriegn basturds, so there is no one we can turn to as we watch our country be destroyed from the inside out. All their other countrymen are waiting to come in and take over the country. I'll explain more later, I think right now you should probably just look around"

Chris and Paul took his suggestion, and watched the end of the tunnel, from which light was coming.

"Strange", Chris thought as they neared the exit of the tunnel, "We have been going down all this time, and there is light at the end of the tunnel"

Then the tunnel opened up and Chris and Paul gasped from surprise. There were hundreds upon hundreds of weapons down here, as well as people moving around and having normal conversations. This had been here for some time, and no one ever knew! There were homes, stores, an entire city underneath New York. Then Chris felt a nudge from Steven who handed him binoculars. He accepted them, and by looking through them, noticed another detail. Every single one of people down here was foriegn, and looked as if they were preparing to move from the underground soon. What the hell was going on?!

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[Edited on 7-12-2003 by pineappleupsidedown]

posted on Dec, 8 2003 @ 01:37 PM
There were more tunnels. Steve told Chris to wait as he fetched more members of the resistance, and supplies.
When he returned Paul said "Where are we off to?" Steve replied "Area 51" "You must be fu(king joking." Said Chris in disbelief. Steve looked at him. "The government have made a whole tunnel system under America. The one we are following leads to Area 51. Some of these tunnels we believe were dug by MJ12. Did i mention we are taking transport?" Chris shook his head and said "What do we want from Area 51?" "A reason, revenge and the truth." Said another party member from behind Steve. "Cmon, we've not much time." Lied Steve. Chris followed the resistance, now with over 13 people, they reached a sort of tube like train thing. They all clambered in. Chris saw it was like a supply transport. To get from Arizona, to NY. It moved fairly fast, along tracks on the side of the tunnels. It must have taken ages to build this. Chris was in for the ride. After a few minutes, the train came to a hault. "We're here." Said Steve. "Be alert, we arent welcome here." Said someone next to Paul "If it hasnt already been nuked..." Muttered paul. They walked out and into the sunlight. Just inside a strange military base. Chris didnt exactly recognise it because he had never been here before....But he didnt know what he was to find out.... Suddenly some men in army uniforms ran at them pointing M16s at them. They paused and one said "Sh1t! its them!" They broke into a firefight, Paul and Chris took cover instead of joining in. When it stopped, the soldiers were dead. "Lets go Chris, i know this is a shock to you...And Paul, but its ok. We'll be out as soon as we have the haul." "Haul? What haul?" Said Paul....but Steve ignored him...

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 04:45 PM
Steve had walked past the dead soldiers bodies, rushing the rest to follow him. They entered what seemes to be a large room with cold steel walls all around them. The ceiling was even made out of steel. Must have been a protective measure against a missle strike, Chris thought to himself.
Paul had asked Steve, "What exactly are we looking for?"
Steve responded, "You will know when you see it, trust me."
The whole area seemed to be lacking life around. It seems as if the whole place was gaurded by just the dead soldiers.
Paul had walked over to one of the walls that had a outline of what looked to be a door. He yelled to Steve, "Hey, come check this out!"
Steve ran over and decided he would try to get through that doorway. Steve planted some C4 on the door and told everyone to get back. In less than 5 seconds a huge explosion shook the room they were in. Steve yelled to everyone, "Lets go."
When they got back to the door, they had noticed the C4 had not done any damage.
All of a sudden, doors on the other side of the room opened and 3 men in long labcoats walked out.

posted on Dec, 18 2003 @ 10:51 AM
The rebels pointed thier weapons at them, one of the scientists shot and hit one of the rebel soldiers. They immediatly shot him down, and turned thier guns to the last 2 scientists. "DONT SHOOT!" Screamed a scientist. "Take us to storage 10." Said Steve in a stern voice. "We dont know...w,where that is!" Stammered the other scientist. "BULLSH_T!" Said Steve angrily. "Alright, Ill lead you there, but i will not go inside." Said the other scientist, calming down abit. They stared down at their shot freind. "Good" Said Steve. Chris was pretty shocked at all this. He pulled Steve over by the shoulder and shook him. "Steve tell me where we are going!" "Storage 10 is where alot of things are kept here at Area 51, we are hoping to find one of the missiles and disarm it. We will also take supplies. Ok?" Said Steve. He pulled himself free of Chriss grasp and walked on with the rest of his team. Chris followed, eventually....But he was still unsure

posted on Dec, 19 2003 @ 08:56 AM
As the scientists lead them to storage area 10, they walked past these glass chambers where it looked as if human cloning experiments had taken place. Chris was taken back by the complexity of the facility.
When they finally arrive at storage area 10, the scientist re-iterated his point that he would not enter. He said without a radiation suit, they would all likely be victims to health issues almost immediatly. Steve gave Chris a gun and told him to take the other scientist to get some radiation suits.
While they were gone, Paul had been asking Steve what exactly was going on. Steve had explained to him, that the weapon they are looking for had a new chemical substance in it that would spread to most of mankind if it was not dismantled as soon as possible. The substance in the missles had become to hard to contain, and caused a massive outcry among governmental officials on chemical programs. He then went on to add that the argument over this chemical is what likely caused the demise of the American government.
Almost as soon as Chris left, he had returned with suits. As they all put their suit on, they become increasingly nervous. Steve had held one of the scientists by the back of the head so he could get a retinal scan to open the door to storage room 10, just as the door opened.....

posted on Dec, 21 2003 @ 10:32 AM
The door opened. it was dark, you couldnt see anything. Then the room lit up, then everything was visible. Standing inside were about 5 big spheres standing infront of them. They walked in, looking and touching the objects. Chris walked round to the back of one and there it said, 'Doombug'. There were television screens, each had a 3D animation of one of these being dropped, and a huge huge explosion destroying everything. Chris suddenly knew that these were the bombs that had hit america. He gasped, there was a scientist cowering in the corner, shaking. Chris ran up and grabbed him. "You B4stard!" he shouted at him. Chris was lost in anger. He punched him and he fell to the floor. "i hope you happy! You've helped to build the destruction of your own country!" Meanwhile the rebels were trying to disarm them. They had gotten a scientist to open them and tell them how to disarm them. Chris had never expected this..He thought there would be a UFO or something...not this.

posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 06:37 PM
everyone crowded around the sphere as the scientist went over the lengthy process of disarming the doombugs. "first you take this wire here, and connect it with this wire here, then you cut this wire...." the scientist droned.

All the rebels were so intent on learning how to disarm the bombs so that the process would go faster in the other bombs, that they failed to notice the other scientist slowly slinking away from the bomb. He was all the way on the other side of the room when someone finally noticed him. "STOP! DONT LET THAT BASTURD GET AWAY!"

The scientist broke into a sprint, but not for the door. Instead, he headed for a large red button label "intruder alarm", which would alert the entire underground of the rebels arrival.

The rebels opened fire, and shot the scientist. However, with his last breath, he flung himself forward and sounded the alarm. They could almost hear the people in the other parts of the underground stop what they were doing and begin running to storage 10 as fast as they were able.

The enemy was coming.

posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 04:54 AM
About 20 men came running at them, firing in to the air. They pointed thier weapons at them and said "FREEZE!"
The rebels immediatly dropped thier weapons. Chris managed to hide, Paul was already in cuffs. Along with the rest of the rebels. He watched from behind a big peice of equipment as they were escorted away. He knew he had to save them. But how? He took out his pistol and started to slowly follow the rebels. Chris stopped and had another flashback of the bomb. He couldnt believe what had happened. He couldnt believe that he was inside Area 51 with rebel forces. He had to pull himself together. The fate of his freinds, was in his hands.

posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 11:13 AM
Chris had to think quickly. No time to freak out, he kept repeating in his head. He turned his head slightly and looked from the shadows, watching.

"Sir, we've got who we need, what are our orders?"

Chris waited and noticed who gave the response...quick thinking put him at about 6 yards from him. He had no idea how to do this. The prisoners were put into a small, fenced in area within the large hanger type room they had been brought to. 5 guards stationed there.

"Alright, men, I want three teams of ten, root the rest out, bring em' back here. If they resist, shoot to kill."

Chris' eyes went wide. He knew that if they would kill them then, that they must be awaiting an even more gruesome fate after this was over if they didn't escape. He kept silent as guards passed his little hiding space. Now it was just him, 5 or so guards, and his friends in the fenced in little prison.

Chris took out a small rock from his pocket. Had wanted to add it to his collection, but that was damn near a moot point now. He threw it overhead, letting hit a far wall. Diversionary tactic

"What was that?" said a guard.

"I'll check it out." replied another as he pulled his gun

posted on Jan, 4 2004 @ 04:06 AM
As the guard walked over to the spot where he had thrown the rock, Chris shot him in the head. The other guard shouted out and ran over to the body. Chris ran over quickly and grabbed the other guard. He had to kill him aswell. Chris had to hide the bodies. But first, he changed into the guards uniform, he also took the gun. He picked the up the bodies with difficulty. There was a metal door. He walked over and opened it. He froze. he found himself face to face with atleast 5 soldiers, who had noticed him come in. There was a deadly silence. Chris remembered, he was in guard uniform. "Uh, I found these bodies lying around." Said Chris, trying not to blow his cover. "There's still one we hav'nt captured!" Said one of the soldiers at the table. They all got up and grabbed their weapons. They pushed past Chris and went out the door to search for the suposed other rebel. Chris dropped the bodies in the room and shut the door. He didn't like killing people. But he knew he was fighting for a cause. As he was walking, he bumped into a guard. "Where ya goin' soldier?" He questioned Chris. "T-the captured rebels. Interrogation...Sir" Chris said nervously. "Then your goin' the wrong way soldier!" The guard pointed him in the way he should be going. Chris thanked the guard and headed off in the right direction. It was to easy... So he thought.

posted on Jan, 5 2004 @ 12:53 PM
Chris had made it down the corridor in the uniform, adjusting his clutch on the gun to the way their captors were. He had only taken a few steps when it happened.

The ground lurched in the sort of way it shouldn't and in exactly the way you don't want it to with ten metres of concrete and earth suspended above your head.

posted on Jan, 7 2004 @ 04:40 AM
Chris freaked for a second. Next thing he knew, guards were running past like a river.

"What happened?!" Chris yelled

"We've been comprimised. Infiltrators detonated a bomb in one of the research labs in the upper level."

Chris nodded and began to follow, and then quickly slid into the hanger, sliding the door shut quickly. He rested, back against the door, breathing heavily. He took a few steps and began to unlock the fencing door.

"What are you doing, come to kill us?" Paul had asked

"Paul, it's me!" said Chris as he removed the faceplate to the helmet.

"Chris! what happened?"

"Apparently, you got some more friends who just blew up one of the upper level labs!"

Paul chuckled. "Good..." Paul then went to the small weapons cache and threw the other prisoners kevlar vests, pistols and MP5s.

"Time to go, everyone. Let's go give them a hand, shall we?" Paul said with a sneer and chuckle.

"Paul...what are we going to do?"

"Give me Liberty or give me Death!" Paul shouted, raising his gun in the air.

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 11:09 AM
"It's doing what?"
"Erm..." murmered the man, "growing, sir..."
"The blasted thing is growing?" shouted the Secretary of Defense, "This is even better than planned!" he said, rocking back in his chair and cackling to himself.
"And New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles have all been restricted from public?"
"Yes, sir."
"Excellent...growing..." he laughed to himself."


Paul, Chris and the rest of the resistance marched off to the elevators, guns at the ready. They had no idea what was coming down the lift to meet them.

posted on Jan, 13 2004 @ 10:55 AM
Chris and Paul headed up the 10 or so others with them, walking down what seemed to be a long, blackend corridor.

"According to our map, the elevator to main control should be up just ahead." Paul told Chris.

"Lock and load, people." someone in the back group had said.

They were about 15 feet away when the elevator doors began to open, and that's when they saw it...the super soldier of the new world order...Specialized armor made of an iridadescent metal, and two medium sized looking "guns". This was a secret military base. What did they expect?

The S.S. chuckled and nodded lightly as if to a command via radio, and clicked off a few "rounds". What these rounds were were something out of star trek or star wars. Bright, reddish beams that superheated whatever they came in contact with. Almost an insta-melt beam, if you will.

Chirs, Paul and the rest, began running.

"Holy #! did you see that!!"
"What are we gonna do?!?!"

The S.S. shot a few more rounds, effectivly dispatching a few people, and Paul and Chris fell in the blaze. About 8 others were running like hell when the S.S. took chase.

Then, Paul began to stir. The elvevator began to close and Paul grabbed Chris, who was also still alive mind you, and dove into the elevator.

"Nothing works like playing dead." Paul said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, but what about the rest of them?" asked Chris

"They know how to handle themselves. Not to mention, they can radio us later on. If we don't hear from them, well, we assume the worst." Paul said with a bit of a saddened look on his face.

posted on Jan, 13 2004 @ 02:11 PM
Chris realised Paul had changed alot, he seemed.... Angrier. Chris watched rebels fall to the arms of the enemy. Paul saw aswell. He grabbed a grenade from Chris's side and pulled the pin. "What are you doing?!" Said Chris, worried he was going to kill himself. Paul just gave a nod to Chris, and then leapt out from his cover. Ran up to the enemy, grenade in hand, he was holding the spring. The enemy turned their guns quickly, and shot him down. "PAUL!" Shouted Chris, but one of the rebels pulled him back into cover, incase he was shot. Paul collapsed at his killers feet. But as he hit the floor, he let go of the grenade spring....
After a deadly 3 second silence, a shattering explosion blowing the soldiers strong armor, and them with it, to peices. Leaving nothing behind....

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posted on Jan, 13 2004 @ 02:33 PM

Deep in the heart of Manhattan, it kept growing. It was the entire purpose of the Doombug Project, and all was going to plan. Soon the real Doombug would soon be in action. Nobody except the select few knew what lay beyond the mile-high perimeter fence of Manhattan. Those select few were busy laughing wildly at what the real Doombug would do to the civilians...


"Holy #!" yelled one of the rebels, but the cry was lost in the sound of the explosion.

Shards of the hard armour were slung across the corridor, slicing up anything in their path. One of the shards clipped another one of the rebels and everyone else ducked for cover.

The rebel team's ears were all still ringing after the explosion, as they were checking to see whether Paul was alright. They lifted his shirt and saw a pretty clean gap in the his side. The wound was still smoking from the red-hot light which had penetrated it and blood was gushing out. Paul was unconcscious but still breathing very shallowly. One of the rebels, obviously a good first aider shoved through the crowd toward Paul.
"Come on, give him some room..." he muttered. He had to say it a few times because everyone's ears were still ringing, but they eventually backed away from Paul. The first aider ripped off a sleve of his shirt and tied it tightly, and as best he could, around Paul's wound.
"That should slow the bleeding, but we need to get him to somewhere safer with more supplies," shouted the first aider. Nobody could hear him perfectly, but they all got the general gist.
"Oh, #," muttered another of the rebels, "You are #ing joking..." and the remaining members of the team sprinted down the corridor.

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posted on Jan, 14 2004 @ 12:00 PM
TheRenegade, Paul would be dead after being in the explosion with the soldiers dont you think?


There were more of the armoured troops and soldiers. They blocked them off at every side. Chris knew, they were done for. There was a wait before the rebels dropped their weapons and put up their hands. But one of the armoured troopers spoke. "We got it.." He said into reply from some sort of comlink. "Ok guys, choose the punishment. We gotta spray this thing in New York, fast." The armoured troopers departed quickly leaving the normal soldiers with the rebels. "Up against the wall, move it!" He shouted at the rebels. Chris knew it, this was the end. They were going to be exocuted. They all reluctantly lined up, face to the wall. All they could hear was the sound clicking guns and walking boots. "Ready...Aim..." Chris heard after 5 seconds. "And....!" Chris gritted his teeth and closed his eyes shut. There was a huge crashing noise. The soldiers cried out, and Chris heard guns dropping to the floor. He turned around. There was the train like vehcile, they had used to get here, right through the floor! Chris cheered, and called for the rebels attention. They all picked up their weapons and were once again ready. Someone came out of the train, a rebel Chris had not seen before. He quickly ran up to him. "Come, we must go back underground!" He said in a Mexican accent. Chris looked confused. "Rodriguez." He said, and held out his hand for Chris to shake. Chris shook it. "The doombug aftershock is being sprayed down! This will make our battle alot easier to win, my freind. Now come! quickly!" Chris didnt know what to say. Should he stay and disarm the Doombugs? Or should he go with him and wait?

posted on Jan, 17 2004 @ 10:45 AM
Steve, the rebel he had first met, spoke out. "6 of you! Come with me to the tunnels!" He turned to Chris and said "You can take a squad of rebels if you want to disarm these Doombugs." Chris thought for a while. He had a good chance to save what was left of America and other countries by disarming them. Chris agreed to Steve's offer and took a squad of 5 with him. It was down to him now.

Saving the world

Chris and his squad rushed through the corridors of Area 51. Soldiers rushed passed them, not noticing them, they also spotted some more heavily armoured troopers. Where were they going? Chris remembered hearing something about 'spraying' New York. Chris and the squad eventually stopped at a metal door saying 'Planning Room' He got one of the rebels to bust down the door. They walked inside... There were about 4 tables with scraps of metal and blueprints on them. Chris saw a scientists quivering in the corner, but ignored him. He didnt have time to waste. One of the rebels called Chris over to one of the tables. Chris was not prepared for what was on the table. "Oh my god." He said. There were blueprints for the Doombug. But that wasnt the important part. There was a typed up letter. It read:
"The Doombug is a revolutionary weapon. It has the power of a Nuclear Bomb, but with...Strange side affects as seen in the tests. But soon the real test will come as the Doombug hits New York. The effects of the Doombug are as follows: 1: The bomb is dropped, destroying most of the landscape. May not destroy all natural substances. (Plants and trees etc..) 2. Things will grow... Past tests show red, yellow and green plants. 3. Mist (Smog) will appear and air will become thinner. 4. Plants and smog clear after 2 weeks or so UNLESS sprayed with P-05.

Chris put down the letter and explained to the rebels what he had just read. This was the start of the New world order. He had to stop it, he had to stop it now.

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