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New york, New york.

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posted on Nov, 18 2003 @ 03:46 AM
Ever since I made the long flight over to New York in February of this year I have had a complete obsession to live there. I only went there for about 4 days but I completely felt at home there like no other place, it was incredible. I loved everything about the place and the snow was crazy too, dont get much of that here. I mainly spent my time on manhatten really but I did make the journey down to Coney. I live on the very outskirts of London so I spent alot of time there, and I do love it. Yet it just doesn't have the same energy that NYC does. There is so much going on there. So my plan in life is to move there after I have finished my current college course. I wonder if anyone has any advice about moving to NYC / living there and also about Visas and what not.

posted on Nov, 18 2003 @ 04:14 AM
Well, whatever you do, I'd leave "I'm a glue-sniffing satan worshipper" off the visa application form

posted on Nov, 18 2003 @ 04:17 AM

Originally posted by Zzub
Well, whatever you do, I'd leave "I'm a glue-sniffing satan worshipper" off the visa application form

LOL You just gave me the giggles soo bad
Yeh thats not gunna be written on my passport thats for sure LOL.

posted on Nov, 18 2003 @ 12:31 PM
I loved NYC... Only got to spend a day there (as opposed to numerous times just in the airports...), but saw a lot of the city... It's one of the considerations for the both of us had a lot of fun there...

If you ever go, be sure to ride in the bike taxis...(but have a good insurance policy)!!!

The Subway system rocks, and we got all over the city with it, and got to see everything we had planned to....(of course, I spent way too long in the Museum looking at dino bones...)

posted on Nov, 19 2003 @ 04:22 AM

Originally posted by Gazrok
I loved NYC

The Subway system rocks, and we got all over the city with it

Yeh I agree, the subway was really good. In many ways I do prefer it to the London Underground. I know there are a few members from NYC, it would be cool if they could post up some info about moving there. I duno what info, but something!lol.

posted on Nov, 25 2003 @ 11:31 PM
Snow would be swell if were down here. Sadly, snow has been seen less here in Texas then Bigfoot.

posted on Nov, 26 2003 @ 01:51 AM

Originally posted by Zzub
Well, whatever you do, I'd leave "I'm a glue-sniffing satan worshipper" off the visa application form

Your santa disguise doesn't fool us one little bit

posted on Jan, 22 2004 @ 03:32 AM
Get a lot of money before you move here. I sold my car b/c its too expensive to have one here and I couldn't find work. If you smoke then buy your smokes online or from the indians on long island. They are 7 dollars a pack here.

posted on Jan, 22 2004 @ 02:40 PM
I don't know what everyones deal with NY is. I can't stand the place any longer. Too much artificiality and human fodder. I admit that in my younger days I was clubbing in NY several times a week, but even the clubs have gotten unimaginative and the people unjustifiably high on themselves. But that's just my opinion I guess.

posted on Jan, 22 2004 @ 04:24 PM
I live and work in Manhattan... NYC is the best, you're right. Everything is here, there's no reason to have a car, 4-star asian food is a phone call and 15 minutes from being delivered just about anywhere in town, and no other city can compare in pizza. But... It's damn expensive here. A nice studio apartment in a building that isn't crap begins at $1,250/month... and goes up from there depending on area. Your best bet is to try and fit into one of the three biggest businesses in NYC... 1) Finance 2) Fashion 3) Advertising Then spend a week interviewing like mad. What do you do?

posted on Jan, 22 2004 @ 05:12 PM
if you gonna move to New York....look for an apartment in the boroughs.. brooklyn, queens. You'll pay less rent than in the city (manhattan). make sure you find a place in walking distance of the subway (will make your life easier)

New York was the greatest city in the world...sadly i don't feel the same now since 9/11. I miss those damn towers.

Anyhows I am Brooklyn living in Florida, i visit there at least 3-4 times a year.... so what else you wanna know?

posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 06:53 PM
And I mean that in every imaginable context of the word.
I was born in Manhattan & grew up in the Bronx. I work in mid-town and have a home upstate. I also have an apartment in a town called Guttenberg, which is in New Jersey. The 'Gold Coast' of NJ, which is right on the Hudson, is much cheaper to live & very accessible - From Guttenberg, I'm 15 minutes into the city.

NY is the epicenter & trendsetter for everything that's important in Western society.
I just don't understand how anyone survives here, though, making less than six figures?
Not sure of gender or preference Earthtone, so excuse the assumption, but as a man, NY happens to be home to the most beautiful-sexual-mentally stimulating women in the world! That's worth the price of admission by itself! And yes, the cuisine & museums are pretty cool too!

posted on Mar, 16 2004 @ 03:00 AM
Thanks for the info guys...

Yes WorldWatcher, I was thinking exactely that, find a place off manhatten for cheaper rent. I don't mind living in a not great place for a while while I settle in. Sort out what I am doing.

I am a guy Bout time! and like London NYC has great art gallerys/ museums, I loved the whitney.

Skeptic, I play music! "Your best bet is to try and fit into one of the three biggest businesses in NYC... " well I hope I can get by! I was thinking about possibly studying music somewhere. Brooklyn college has a course.

posted on Mar, 16 2004 @ 10:52 AM

Originally posted by worldwatcher
so what else you wanna know?

Seeing as you so kindly asked worldwatcher, some questions..

Will it certainly be impossible to find a cheap place to live on Manhatten? I'm not looking for a great standard of living, just a place with a roof to sleep under.

How difficult/expensive is it to study at NYU (or other colleges in the city )

How easy is it to become a permanent resident in the U.S. Surely if I wanted to spend an extended period in NYC (which i do!) then I need some kind of visa / green card, is this stuff hard to sort out?

Do you know if there is any demand for music teachers in New York?

Thanks in advance

posted on Mar, 16 2004 @ 06:32 PM
To be brutally honest, sorry to burst any bubbles but you are not going to find much if anything under $1000 in Manhattan. It helps if you know someone in a building you like, then they can let you know when someone is moving out, even so rent is still exorbitant in the city. You may also want to consider rooming with someone if you are intent on living in Manhattan. My mom lives out in Brooklyn and she is paying only $450 in rent a month, but she has been living in the same apartment for almost 20 years and she isn't giving it up for nothing. You will definitely find cheaper places in brooklyn and queens, keep in mind the further away from mass transportation, the cheaper the rent gets, also the worse the neighborhood, the cheaper the rent. If you are considering Brooklyn College, I would suggest searching for place in Midwood, Prospect Park and around Coney Island Avenue. You can hop on the bus and get to BC in no problems.

Music professions, I don't know exactly what you do but you might get work.. Music teacher might be a good option. I can't give you any real advice on the job aspect.

First place to start your searching, is to apply for a visa, once you have the proper visa, then you will know the permanent resident requirements:

for tuition, it is around $2000 and higher per semester...and textbooks are ridiculously overpriced. You will definitely want to try for financial aid, however I don't know how that applies to students on visas, or foreign residents.
for all City Universities of New York, including BCC and my college NYC Technical:

hope this helps in getting you started

posted on Mar, 17 2004 @ 02:06 AM
Thanks alot WorldWatcher

I have been looking pretty hard, there are studios for like $750 a month in Harlem. I am planning to be going with somebody, share the rent. Thanks alot for the advice again.

posted on Mar, 17 2004 @ 03:13 AM
get ready for crowded streets 24/7

posted on Mar, 17 2004 @ 12:21 PM
harlem eh??? well it is getting better there, just don't put a deposit on anything until checking out the area and building completely. Many areas are very ethnic oriented, try to find an area with lots of diversity.

posted on Mar, 25 2004 @ 11:17 AM

Originally posted by worldwatcher
try to find an area with lots of diversity.

Thats the plan. Diversity is what I love.

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 07:58 PM
yes i have been to new york and i loved it too i spent a week of my summer there with my cousin and played a lot of basketball i would move too staten island or manhattan if i was white and brooklyn if i was black, when white people go into the ghetto bad things happen like

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