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My first ever Annual Review

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posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 09:34 AM
I am so nervous. This is the end of my first year working under a corperate logo, and I'm up for an annual review. This is when I find out if I'll be getting a raise, or not. THis is also where I find out the size of my bonus, if I get one at all. I have no idea what to expect, and I've only got a few hours left.

Since this is my first corperate job, this review will basically tell me whether it's worth it to keep working for a big company, and deal with the machine. If the review is bad, and I get nothing for my year of cubicle living, then I might as well pack it up and move on. If it's good, then I'll get more money, and it may be worth while. My stomach is churning so much I could spit butter.

At first, I thought the review would be handled by my supervisor, Joe. He's cool, and I know what he thinks of me. I could basically count on a good word from him. As of yesterday, Joe told me that the review will be handled by his boss, Mike. I like Mike, he's a good guy, and understands the complications of the IT department. But Mike isn't here everyday, and, as a wise man once said

"One 'Oh $#!+ negates 10 'good job's"

I think I've been doing a good job, but this weekend we had a major "Oh $#!+" when out phone systems went down. A power surge fried the AC unit in our server room, and the temp got up to about 105. This high temp fried a bunch of cards in the phone cabinet, and I had to come in on Sunday night to replace them. I'm actually not sure how that could be viewed though. Is it an "oh $#!+" because we should never have to worry about the phones crashing, or is it a "good job" because I cane in on a Sunday night and worked until 2 in the morning.


posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 11:33 AM
They told me that I performed above and beyond thier expectations, and that I probably deserved more on hire. I received a 26.27% pay raise, and a 13.34% bonus.

Freakin' sweet!!!

posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 12:00 PM

Raise = :w:

Fired =


posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 12:03 PM
Just saw your first post and was all set to tell you you probably don't have anything to worry about. Looks like it went much better than you expected.

As someone who spent a good number of years in the largest of large corporate environments, I can tell you there's both big advantages and disadvantages to that, which I'm sure you already know.

The odd thing is, what's viewed as an advantage to some might be a negative to someone else and vice-versa.

Congrats on that, tho.

Must say, I'm a bit envious. A 13% bonus -OR- a 26% raise would have made my year. For me, both would have been as welcome (and as unlikely) as hitting the lottery.

posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 01:00 PM
Well they hired me on after being an intern for a few months. They didn't know what I was capable of, or if I would even last the year, so they started me at a decent, but not standard salery. I was pretty excited because up until that point I had been flipping burgers with no college degree, or IT certifications.

They said that now that I've been in the thick, and did well at it, they had no choice but to throw a bunch of money at me, or risk my going to another company. Whatever their reasoning, I'm pretty excited.

Thanks all

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