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proctor and gamble conspiracy

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posted on Dec, 20 2006 @ 05:26 PM
the proctor and gamble incident

it has been widely disputed that proctor&gamble are funding the church of satan. I am going to provide a hypothesis on the whole thing. it started when the president of P&G went on a television show and claimed that he was a satanist and that the logo of P&G was a satanic symbol and the company would fund the church of satan. the host asked that this stament would hurt buisness because of a christian boycott. he reply with "There are not enough cristians in the united states to make a diffence." this is been widly disproven because records show that the president was never on said television show and the public records of the companys finances showed no such funding.
That was how it all started. the procter and gamble company changed their logo and said that those quotes were never said. i personally think that they changed alot and disproved to many things to not be hiding something. the logo shows three sixes and the face of satan if colored correctly. the company never saw a major problem with the christian church because the episode and such were never shown again and the finance records were tampered with. this was all done with the help of one group, the Illuminati.
the Illuminati erased the footage of the television programm and tampered with the records so that no great holy war or economic upheavel would disturb their balance of power. if a nation of satanist were to disurb the peace, god always comes before an egagement with a group. no one would get the permission or the battle plan, they would go head on into war to defend their right and god. if the satanist and christians went to war, it would tear the world apart leaving a gap in the illuminati's group dynamics. if people left P&G the ecomomy would be twisted and the illuminati would lose stability in the world economy. the lack of money going into the corporation would move it else where and that would anger the people who had money on the corporation and they would leave and the company would die and the church of satan would become angry and eventually stike out against the church of god and holy war would break out.
the whole event happened but no one believes it because the illuminati made a counter story and played their hand from under the table to make people lable it urban ledgend or myth and not to step on toes and make the whole thing start. the entire scenario above is a theory based on fact and history, which must repeate its self. the war I mentioned may not be a physical war but a propaganda war, would still cause great disstress in the inner circle of illuminati. so the whole event was either erased or disproven to keep peace......till they are ready to come out and raise all hell themselves.

posted on Dec, 20 2006 @ 09:58 PM
FWIW, I think this whole P&G story is nothing more than an urban legend. I've been hearing about it since before I know about the INternet.

However, you do provide and interesting conspiracy scenario for the story

[edit on 20-12-2006 by DontTreadOnMe]

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