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Life Technology???

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posted on Dec, 20 2006 @ 03:43 PM
I saw this on a google ad Life Technology
I'm not too sure about this,but has anybody tried their products or are planning to try it?

I really want to here your comments,especially from the people who tried their products. hmmmm they even sell it on Ebay.

FYI,their products usually have a high price!
Could it be THAT good?

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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 01:24 PM
(looks around)Is anybody here willing to spend money on these products(through PayPal)?I would love to hear comments from people who tried this.Anybody here rich enough to get it?

posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 02:54 PM
Thanks for a good laugh!

What they're doing is selling a nice shiny purple cylinder with about 25 cents worth of material in it for $84.00 (plus shipping.)

Let me translate a section of this for you:

The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ outer shell is made of aluminium, which is first anodised (electrolytic oxidation) and then colored.

Yes, that's the definition of anodizing... electrolyitc oxydatioin of aluminum. You can do it without electrolytic processing... remember what aluminum looks like after a few years outside? It's no longer shiny and paint or ceramic can adhere easily to the surface. That's all oxydizing does.

The spin of the atoms and electrons of the aluminium is thus changed in such a way, that The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ is said to vibrate in resonance with the fundamental energy (Chi, Prana, Orgon) of the universe.

This is just hilarious.

Atoms do vibrate at certain frequencies, and it's temperature dependant. The universe has a temperature (except for hot spots like stars and planets) of just a few degrees above absolute zero (Kelvin.) Unless they've got a temperature stabilizer there (I doubt it), the atoms will vibrate at almost imperceptably different rates if you're in an air conditioned office building (or skiing in the snow) and when you're outside on a sunny beach. So if the "thing" is "resonating with the fundamental energy of the universe" ... what's the correct temperature for the vibration?

Silly beyond belief.

By the way, the "orgone" theory was shown to be false over 100 years ago. But it was such a great buzz-word for making a buck from folks who didn't know physics or science that it hung around.

The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ coating was developed by Ralph Bergstresser after a patent and from the knowledge / information and ideas of Nikola Tesla, with whom he worked in the 1940s.

Bergstresser died in 2000. Bergstresser did develop something called "purple plates" that were a pretty good placebo. You can buy them for $20 or so as necklaces, etc (to my eye they look pretty tacky, but they could be fun. They'd be GREAT at Mardi Gras!)

With anodising, the field of the plating is changed and interacts with tachyons. The surface of the plating has a unique crystal-structure.


Tachyons are THEORETICAL particles -- nobody's ever seen or captured one. In order to "interact" with something, they would have to be charged OR to have mass.

Tachyons are massless. No mass. Nor do they have charge (it's explained on this page, which starts out with simple explainations and then goes into Math.):

Soooooo... this is a hypothetical (unproven) particle with no mass, lots of energy, and no charge. Doesn't interact with atoms -- otherwise they'd have found it in the accelerators.

The chemical composition of the outer purple shell is the same as that of rubies and sapphires, which also consist of aluminium oxide. We know that rubies give energy and thus were called "life-stones" in the Middle-Ages.

One true statement, one questionable one, one false statement.

Rubies and sapphires ARE made of aluminum oxide with certain impurities. They don't say how rubies "give energy" or what kind of energy or why sapphires don't. We'll call this one unproven. And it didn't "give energy." It was worn as a protection against plague and other diseases (and doesn't work, of course, unless you sell the ruby and move to someplace where there isn't a plauge) and brings happiness and good luck:

Nikola Tesla himself used similar devices in several patents and called them antennas for free energy.

Not really. See his list of patents here. He did have one for radio antennas and said he COULD build one to transmit ELECTRICITY (and only electricity) but never took out a patent on it and never detailed it:

They are said to transfer information from the Schumann field to the human aura.

By coupling this statement with the previous one, it sounds as though this is what Tesla proposed. It isn't. So, WHO said this first -- the advertiser?

I could go on, but if you actually do the research (I encourage you to look at the details and look beyond advertisers sites), you'll find it's a mish-mash of mostly false or unproven (or wildly invented) claims and statements. It makes for a fun read, but it's all smoke and mirrors and snake oil designed to make you fork over nearly $100 US for parts that sell (without the advertising material) for about $1.00 each (this includes the tube setup, stuff inside, and the cost of printing the brochure.)

If it makes you feel really good to fork over $100 for that, I say "go for it." But if you did an experiement (where someone had one and didn't know it was there), you'd find that the effect comes from your belief (placebo) and not actually in the object.

There are lots cheaper things to believe in.

posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 01:34 PM
Life Technology is a scammer who spams his products on numerous forums and groups on the web. Although I do know and have experienced personally that orgone is real (sorry have to disagree with you there Byrd), he's not one of the vendors of orgone related products as he claims to be.

Here's a list of legit vendors if you are interested.

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posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 02:04 PM
Interesting. Seems I didn't realize it, but last night when I was searing a couple of of New York Strips for a little New Year's Eve surf and turf in my Calphalon Anodized Aluminum 5 qt. saute pan (the work horse of the kitchen), those babies were "resonating with the fundamental energy of the univere". No wonder they were so darn good.

Bryd, as for your question regarding the correct temperature for the vibration, I've found that medium high on my Wolf gas range works well. Any higher and you're burning the outside of the meat, and not getting a resonating fundamental energy to the inside of the steak before the outside is ruined.

Proper ventilation is a must, as creating a resonating fundamental energy creates a lot of smoke if you're doing it right.

posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 03:19 PM
Please stay on topic. We don't allow the derailling of threads.

posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 04:00 PM
My apologies. Didn't mean to be disrespectful to the original post. I just found it funny that my Wife and I were talking last night about how well the anodized pan cooks a steak, then I saw this thread about a product made from probably the same stuff with claims it has some sort of cosmic properties.

Please delete the posts if you feel it's warranted.

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