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What I heard

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posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 08:20 AM
reply to post by angryamerican

As much as I agree with what you are saying, it feels odd to see you say as much after bashing vegos for having the exact ethics that society as a whole is lacking

Anyway, the main problem facing society (as witnessed by your 3 'friends') is that people in western civ used to be ruled by the church, which dictated a common set of ethics which by & large most people abided by (or they were burnt for heresy etc). As science developed and people lost their faith, their underlying ethics became eroded too. We have a society, once cowed by the 'fear of god', now wallowing in the pursuit of self. The laws which are supposed to be the body of our ethics are passed down by corrupt officials and are regarded as hypocritical and supercilious. We see the higher classes flaunt the same laws we are forced to endure. That leaves us with not much of an ethical system to believe in.

In short, for society to become wholesome again, the system needs to be purged of corruption in high places. The top-down effect will then trickle through. This post is summarising quite a bit.

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 08:36 AM
I feel exactly as you do A.A.

As I said elsewhere I truly believe 'civilization' has evolved as far as it can go and it's rapidly in regression.

Add what you heard.. to
The lack of action from police in civil duties unless it involves a financial result.
Attitudes against sensible parent discipline.
Increasing lawlessness and lack of respect for neighbours
Obvious world overpopulation
Approaching food crisis.
Approaching energy crisis..

It'd be nice to hear just once in a while about people doing something public spirited without expecting something in return.

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posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 09:52 AM

Originally posted by Shar_Chi
reply to post by angryamerican

As much as I agree with what you are saying, it feels odd to see you say as much after bashing vegos for having the exact ethics that society as a whole is lacking

Show me ware I bashed a vegos, as you put it. I want to see in black and white when I did that if your gonna say it you better be able to prove it.

It never happened. That thread has nothing to do with this one and each thread needs to be left to its own not brought to other threads.

People are quick to bash me as being unmoral and violent and dumb because of my chosen ATS name. they attribute things to me that I never said or meant, based on my name only.

So I will say this one last time. I am not against vegetarians or Vegos or what ever name they choose for themselves.

I am against being told my way of life is wrong based on how they have chosen to live there life. What ever gave you the idea that I bashed. Look back threw my past post. I am very careful not to offend. That being said I will defend very vocally if I am attacked.

Yes I am a Angry American. I am angry about the corruption in the government Of the country I love. Angry about the lack of morals that a majority of my county men seem to have today. I am angry that I have to train to survive Because the wold that I love so much is being destroyed.

Just because I am a angry American does not mean I have no morals. I am involved in my community, my state and my country. My whole family is. I have been involved in K9 S&R. I do not do this because I have no morals. I do this because it is right. We are the intelligence species on this planet and as such it is our right and duty to help not only each other but our planet, and all on it.

So please next time you want to accuse me of being a basher have proof or don't accuse.

I do thank you for the rest of your post. It is a cold world we live in and its nice to talk to moral people. Keep up the good work.

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by angryamerican

Well I found this post a bashing on people with ethics and it stuck in my mind when i read your thread so I mentioned it. But aye let's not sidetrack the thread (u2u me if u really want to take that one up). I prefer to find points of agreement and there's plenty to be had

My main input here is that for society as a whole to regain a sense of ethics, it must come from the top. I think most folks can agree?

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 01:09 AM

Originally posted by angryamerican
I was setting on break at work last night talking about the survival forums on ATS with a friend. The group at the next table were talking very loudly and laughing. I kinda listened in on there conversation. It seems they were reading the paper about an accident that had killed a mother and her 6 month old twins. They were hit by a drunk driver fleeing the police. These guys thought that was funny. Then the one fella said I wonder if anybody was hit. I like it when they get hit by a car. He leafed thru the paper and sure enough he found a storie about two brothers who were crossing the street to get to work and one was hit by a car and was killed. he flew 30 yards he was hit so hard. A very trajick storie. the kid who hit him was 17 and not paying attention, him and his girlfriend a 14 year old were getting busy while driving if ya know what I mean. The guy who died was a father of two and a husband. The thing that set me off off is these guys at the next table thought all this trajidy was extreamly funny. They were telling jokes about they guy who died and saying they were all going to go over and comfort his wife and just having a grand old time.

That my friends is why I prepare. A society that has fallen so low morily is not long for this world. So why is it you prepare. What was the catalist that spured you on?


Although theres no excuse for laughing at the dead mother in the twins theres NO humor in that at all.
What I find is that they weren't laughing at the fact somebody died or got hit (in refernece to the kids killing the father) they were laughing at the fact that they were having sex while driving.
If not those men deserve to be castrated and KICK and locked in prison forever...

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