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The Ghost In Spain (My Experience)

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posted on Dec, 20 2006 @ 10:08 AM
hey guys, i wrote about my experience on a different thread, but i thought its a good enough experience to share in my own thread, that's just what i believe. and i really didnt wanna right it out again coz its so long, so i copyed and pasted most of it. if u read it all, can u please tell me your thoughts?


its about a year now since i lived in southern spain in the costa blanca in a little village called alcalali when i had that kind of experience. except mine was much more hands on, i was home from school ill while my mum had gone to school to pick up my brother michael. i was feeling hot, and i started to halousanate, nothing out of the ordanary, but u know wot its like at the time, it is frightening. we had a power cut as u normally do in that region of spain, but then i blinked and all of a sudden, there were 2 faces less than an inch infront of mine, they were staring straight at me, this obviously scared the *beep* outta me, so i ran upstairs, rang my mum and told her to hurry up and get back coz im halousanating, i put the phone down and the 2 faces were there again, less than an inch away. after the ordeal, i saw it as nothing more as halousanastions because i was sick, thats all. about 1 week later, my mums new friend walked into my house, and immedietly was sick all over the floor, this woman was about 60ish, she had moved out there with her husband from england, to retire. she said she couldnt stay in our house anymore, so they both went home.... i found this strange, but ok. about 4-5 weeks later, while my mum was at this old couple's house for coffee, as you do in spain. i was at home telling my dad and my brother about what i saw in my halousanation, there was no particular reason for me to do so, but i did anyway. i told them "i saw 2 faces right next to me staring at me, and lines all over the room", they shrugged it off. my mum got home, sat me down stairs, and told me something that i remember like it was yesterday, even tho it happened about 3 years back now. she sed that this woman, is a phychic, and that she knew what was rong with the house. she sed "there are two trapped souls in the house, and the reason they are here is because we live right smack on the laylines of energy that go around the planet" i started crying. wot she told me fitted right in with my halousanation, 2 lost souls, and lay lines going around the earth. i saw lines all over the room remember, and the two people staring at me from less than an inch away? weird, i now live back in england where the rest of my family lives, we just couldnt stay in that house, too much had gone on to forget.... ok well thats MY story, lol if people even care, lol but just to let u know ur not alone, and please answer my questions i asked at the start of this post because id really like to know if our experiences are connected at all..

i bet somepeople fink im crazy now, but the people that have had the same kind of experiences will understand

thanks for reading mate


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