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Iran War 2007

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posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 11:41 PM
Iran is not next, get over it. Attacking Iran would be the equivalent of attacking the North Sea oil platforms. Iran is a disguise to go around Central Asia and threaten them to build their pipelines through places other than Iran, mainly across the Caspian, through Azerbijan and Georgia.

posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 01:35 AM
Do we know something the IAEA doesn't know?
"the assets of proliferators of weapons of mass destruction" mean that they already have Nuclear weapons?
I wonder if Mr. Levey considers Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea as proliferators of WMD? Obviously not. None of them are being sanctioned. maybe once Pakistan comes under radical islamic rule Mr. Levey will decide that they made a mistake and will get back to us later on that.

U.S. expected to announce sanctions on major Iranian bank

By Reuters

The United States is expected to announce sanctions against Bank Sepah, a big Iranian commercial bank, under a presidential order aimed at freezing
the assets of proliferators of weapons of mass destruction and their supporters, several U.S. officials and diplomats said on Monday.

The action is expected to be announced soon, the officials told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Undersecretary of Treasury Stuart Levey, who leads U.S. efforts to combat terrorist financing and money laundering, has called a news conference for Tuesday to make an announcement on Iran but his office declined to disclose details.

The new sanctions, under an executive order President George W. Bush signed in June 2005, reflect the administration's determination to use U.S. authorities to pressure Iran to abandon its nuclear program, something Tehran has repeatedly insisted it will not do.


posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 05:59 AM
They don't understand it. The power the US once enjoyed is rapidly falling away. Discord among the ''Western alliance'' is becoming more noticeable every day. Discord is a very dangerous thing and has so many times led to war among allies, yet the American government - and most other Western governments fail to see this. I do not insinuate that we could expect a war between e.g. France and the US any time soon, but America does not seem to understand that it's only creating more enemies. Most Westerners don't support the warmongering US anymore, nor do most of the Americans themselves. How would you possibly be able to fight a silent threat such as China? While we are busily meddling in the Middle East, arguing with each other, they are continuing to rapidly build a massive war machine.

Back on topic:
Currently, the US is trying to put Iran into a position of mad lunatics who don't care about their own let alone about their country; they do only care about Allah. When thinking rationally, you could imagine that they are aware of the possible consequences a nuclear attack on Israel or the US would have: it would mean ''game over'' for Iran. Iranians are proud people, so are their leaders, they don't want Iran to wiped off the map and Allah is not the only word they know.

It won't take very long for the situation to explode and then the real troubles will start. It will be a nasty war and I wouldn't be surprised if it won't be fought in the Middle East only.

posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 12:37 PM

Originally posted by Mdv2
They don't understand it. The power the US once enjoyed is rapidly falling away. Discord among the ''Western alliance'' is becoming more noticeable every day.

Doubt it. Look at Belarus. Russia has cut off oil supply to the country. This is the situation the entire world has to deal with:

1)You can get your oil from the US
2)You can get your oil from Russia
3)You can be a moron and attempt to compete with BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Lukoil, Gazprom, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Marathon, etc...

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