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posted on Nov, 8 2002 @ 12:47 PM
Could 'THE SECRET COVENANT' by this unknown author be the "Illuminati" covenant for world domination?
Author: Unknown

posted on Nov, 8 2002 @ 03:45 PM
Thats pretty much how they work. I might add that they also are the ones turning the pressure up, in the pressure cooker of life by charging, more, and more, and more, for everything. Then they offer a new techno gadgit for you to spend your last two dolloars on.

Yep, thats the way it works, its them.

[Edited on 8-11-2002 by All Seeing Eye]

posted on Nov, 8 2002 @ 08:20 PM
The Secret Covenant, at least one of them...wasn't THIS the one that was actually a fake made by the Soviet Union as an anti-jew propoganda? Yes I think it was....

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posted on Nov, 8 2002 @ 10:07 PM
Yes, it's the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

One of the most famous literary fakes of the 20th century.

posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 12:49 PM

Originally posted by FreeMason
The Secret Covenant, at least one of them...wasn't THIS the one that was actually a fake made by the Soviet Union as an anti-jew propoganda? Yes I think it was....

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didn't the soviet union protect the jews until gorbachev?

posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 02:04 PM
The Protocols were created way *before* that time...

Back then, the Soviets abused the Jews pretty much like everyone else has abused them throughout Jewish history...

posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 05:21 PM
Soviet Union??? Protect the Jews?????

Uh... not in the history of the planet that I've been living in. They've done much better recently, but they've a long history of shuffling them off to Siberia and killing them for little excuse.

posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 05:25 PM
hey scusa me buta I ear dat itsa mucha coldee coldee in Siberi - nota likea da summer ere in italy whicha isa nicee nicee and we hava mucha PRETTY women onda beeche - and whena ita getta hots dan youa musta be caerefull - sorry buta no like da colda - dno
i lika da women onda warme nite - wid a little vino rosso

posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 06:11 PM
God Echelon, and I bet you think the Soviet Union had democracy too? Do you know they did EXACTLY if not worse, than what hitler did?

When a child was born, they'd have the family stand before a "court" and the "judge" would tell the family that it is their duty to raise a good and loyal worker for the communist party of the Soviet Union.

When the child was at school...they'd be taught how to "fear bad answers" which is expressed excellently in the documentary filmed during the soviet union (which was illegal) by a film maker about his daughter.

He'd ask her a few questions once each year, such as What do you want to be? What do you fear most?

When she was a little kid she feared most the know kid things...but by the time she was seven she already feared answering wrongly...or giving "bad answers"

Also this same documentary captures the Communist youth (not sure of what they were called) giving their oath to the communist party leaders.....thousands upon thousands of children would sit as their spokes child gave his speech...every time he'd say something like "the great soviet union" they'd all respond with something like "and may we loyaly serve".


Another question asked the daughter was "how do you feel", the dad would ask her this multiple times, including every time a "leader" died, such as leonid.

She'd always say...sad...sad that such a great man has died, I only hope that they choose another man as great as he.

And her "what do you fear most" turned from answering wrongly (now she knew exactly what to fear) to War..."I fear war, I hope that the Americans do not start a nuclear war, blah blah..."

And this was around mid 80s. late 80s......I don't know about any of you, but there hasn't been a need for americans to fear "War" in such a large scale since 1960s.

More Brainwashing, just like in 1984 where they bombed their own people so that they feared war, and they felt that they had to be absolutely loyal to defeate the enemy.

Only because of Gorbechev did they ever have any hope in releiving this having the propoganda removed, and the social restrictions releived.

And still his "unpopularity" for allowing this much freedom was very well people would say "I wish things were like the old way, this wouldn't be happening otherwise" or "this is all gorbechev's fault, he's brought ruin upon us".

Until of course the revolution following the Soviet Coup where they all finally decided to throw down the shackles of communist soviet union. a brief view of the Symbol you wear as an Avatar.

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posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 10:38 PM
well... i suppose you are right about the Soviet Union, FreeMason

No nation was ever successful in applying the system of Marxism correctly.
But this film you speak of... sounds more like capitalist propaganda...

besides... the other things you mentioned took place after Lenin's [a true communist] reign.
And you were correct about Gorbachev finally allowing democracy to take place...
so much democracy that he allowed Neo-Nazis to move into Russia so they can go on killing Jews.
On a personal level... I would rather live under what you may call a 'dictatorship' than be lied to. And what good is democracy when you are not entitled to being equal to your fellow brother?

[Edited on 10-11-2002 by echelon]

posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 10:56 PM
LoL it is not capitalist propoganda, the guy loves Russia he states it many times, and it is IN have to find a translated version.

Ugh it seriously is NOT capitalist propoganda, I don't think anywhere he points out that communism is bad, nor that the soviet union is...wait yes he did, he refers constantly to the soviet union as a "godless" nation, and a "godless" people, are unable to sustain themselves and such.

But it's really is called ANNA...

And I'd wish you'd not dismiss it as propoganda, there is nothing more I hate than propoganda and this is purely an unbiased look into the Soviet Union.

There are some sites about it....this is an AWESOME documentary, and I still stand by my saying if they made every student in high school government watch this....ALMOST EVERYONE WOULD VOTE!

Believe youself echelon should see this movie.

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