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Football naming conventions

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posted on Dec, 19 2006 @ 03:56 PM
Seeing that there is a constant clash between between followers of "original" football, American Foot(Hand-)ball and other forms of Football (like Aussie Rules) on many message boards, I´d like to propose:

1. Since this is a board with an international audience...

2. Since international media near unanimously use "Football" to name one specific game...

3. Since there is a dedicated US Sports board...

4. Since "Football" is the wor´ld´s most popular sport...

5. And since a convention to use "Soccer" wouldnt work...

... that "Football" should be used to describe the game of Football in the FIFA sense, and all other sports involving the word "Football" should be amended with a proper pre-/suffix (like AMERICAN Football) to avoid confusions or silly name fights.

That is, unless the context of a thread makes it clear which sport we´re discussing about (like an "NFL Europe" thread for example). That could also possibly suppress silly "name" fights.

Well, I know its hopeless to expect this to work, but a man can dream


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