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Dollar dropped

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posted on Dec, 20 2006 @ 11:05 PM

Originally posted by Sepiroth

that's the point i'm getting at :/ china have back-up plans if relations between the US break-down (the rest of the world).

what's americas options?

Ok exactly what is Chinas back up plans ? They have no clear cut Allys ? They World relys on China for cheap goods, its all goods they can make themselves, all all non neccessary stuff, they just cant make it anywhere near as cheap. Its not like the World would go hungry if China suddenly stopped making all this Consumerscentric stuff.

America just continues on and trades with the rest of the world, theres a hell of a lot more countries Loyal to the US than there is to China. America can feed her 200m population, like weve agreed on the world is interdependant, i think China has more to lose if theres any aggression.

Chinas big problem is that shes been burnt in the past and therefore trusts no body, and hence has no true Allys.

Anyways thats just my opinion you obviously feel very different which is cool, i personally see China coming closer with the West over the years rather than drifting towards a War with the US or other Western nations.

posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 01:00 AM

Originally posted by Sepiroth
the world is 'dependent' on china (america even more so), ive gave my reasons in my first post in one key word 'trade'.

The world is interdependant. Now by definition that means "mutually dependent, or depending on each other." Did ya get that? Now aside from the fact that I think you are grossly overstating the downfall of the US. (and perhaps blindfully wishful thinking on your part) The world economy as we know it, cannot, and will not allow one of the richest nations on earth to fall because they themselves would infact fall. Thats fact!. America makes up 21.6% of GWP (gross world product). The EU makes up 21.4% GWP. China 12% GWP. America has the highest GWP. Without that 21.6% GWP the world economy as we know it collapses.

So you shouldnt get such a hard on when talking about such serious, yet UNLIKELY scenarios. If such an unlikely scenario does infact come to pass, your way of life as you know it comes to a complete standstill!

i wouldn't count on your 'friendships' either - i feel america only has one true friendship and that is tony blair (not britain) blair is stepping down from power though in 5 months so it will be interesting to see which side the next prime minister leens to most (EU/US), but due to all criticism blair as had with his close alliance with america it won't be 'as close' as it was previously [/B]i feel.[B]

the keyword in the above qouted text being "I Feel." Meaning "you feel"... So in other words your worthless unprofessional opinion. And opinions are like assholes, everyones got one. So keep your worthless opinion to yourself. Your only dumbing ppl down with your incoherent babbleing by making us read it!

This is a world that no one inparticular likes one another. Now Tolerates? Oh you bet your ass theyll tolerate anyone as long as its in there best intreset. When it comes to who the world would rather tolerate, china or the US. 10 out of 10 times the world would vote US. Why you ask? Because the US means that much more to their economic survival and visa versa.

but that's one of my points, britain as these options (eu) - what's americas options if relations with china fall apart? the north american union (maybe)?
we've all heard canadians and americans views on that
but mainly all we keep hearing about with this 'north american union' is the US interests and ONLY AMERICA will decide if/when its going to happen
people forget though theres several nations involved should it happen and would their citizens and governance want it?, from what i read on ats, no... also is it wise for these nations to sit on a sinking ship, you tell me?

Alright bridgette jones. The EU would side with america because the US is the EUs largest trading partner. So, if the US were to fall, then so does the EU, if that happens, so will China and the domino affect begins.

just because an 'alliance' is formed, debt doesn't get wiped away - in some ways member states of the 'north american union' will share this debt with the US....just like the EU, we are not one nation but the EU operates as one nation.

The GDP is growing faster then the debt is. Makeing american debt managable for the forseeable future.

The debt isnt a problem. Not like you want to believe it is. When measured properly, the federal govern­ment’s debt burden is actually below the post–World War II average. It is lower than it was at any time during the 1990s. However, unless Social Security and Medicare are reformed, lawmakers risk allowing debt levels to increase until they cause the highest intergenerational tax increase in history.

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