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Looking for Something to WORRY About?

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posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 08:42 PM

PANTEX is where America stores most of its larger nuclear weapons. It's location is indicated by the red dot on the Texas county map. The image to the right is the official U.S. Geological Survey map of America's natural gas reserves; all of which are collectively referred to as the HUGOTON-PANHANDLE GAS RESERVE. The various colors on the map indicate the density of gas from one area to another, while the green dotted lines are the borders of the land masses.
The entire North American Continent is perched directly on top of these reserves. The largest of the reserves within the Hugoton-Panhandle Complex is the "Panhandle Reserve," which is located a few miles north of- PANTEX, .which is just outside of Amarillo, Texas. At this location this horrendous natural gas reserve is less than fifty feet below the surface of the Earth. [snip]

Water Replacement Creates. Enormous .Problems:
As part of the "water replacement" process, all the water pumped into the reserve to force the gas and oil to the surface, is subjected to gravity, which means the "replacement" water is constantly being sucked toward the center of the earth into aquifers, leaving behind extremely large, incredibly dangerous, vacuum like, FUME - LADEN, empty spaces that use to be full of oil and natural gas.
Therefore in order to be safe, the very process of "water replacement" requires that a never ending supply of water must be pumped into the cavity which once contained oil and gas. Otherwise, the continuously receding water level creates a "fume laden" semi vacuum, which in time will be partially filled with gas from other sections of America's gas reserve, and with atmospheric air (which contains oxygen), which will enter mostly through "vent holes" left from the drilling operation, creating an extremely volatile gas and oxygen.BOMB.just below the surface of the entire North American Continent..

...with no possible remedy !!

... I could have gone all week without reading about this. Maybe there's a good reason, this is still at "conspiracy" stage; or perhaps fragmentation and "need-to-know" have made coordination of information practically impossible at the Federal level, as the articles imply.

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