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The real game exposed?

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posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 05:25 PM
Forensic economist David Hawkins and associates seem to be the on to something new and potential very serious. Are you all following these guys, as follows:

Synopsis: McConnell alleges al-Qaeda autopilots flew "Final Approach Corridor" into targets guided by GyroChip (QRS11) missile gyroscope procured by Clinton White House insiders

Open e-mail sent 17 December, 2006 to
Vice Admiral Rodney P. Rempt, Superintendent
United States Naval Academy
121 Blake Road, Annapolis, Maryland

Field McConnell
583 09 9001
USNA 1971
L/C ND ANG retired

Ccs include:
US President, George Bush
US Vice-President, Richard Cheney
Founder Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE, David Hawkins

Dear Vice Admiral Rempt:

Re: McConnell, "Al-Qaeda autopilots use Clinton GyroChip"

This e-mail will help the U.S. Naval Academy to scope a response to my request for a court martial of Vice Admiral Scott A Fry and coordinators of 'al-Qaeda' red teams during the war games "Amalgam Virgo" (1-2 June 2001) and "Global Guardian" (9/11).

My fellow researcher, David Hawkins, and I believe we can prove that the 'hijacked' planes were taken off their en-route airways on 9/11 to execute red-team maneuvers commanded by signals to their autopilots containing the GyroChip missile gyroscope.

I allege that command signals to the autopilot were relayed through Boeing-operated Iridium satellite communications networks by FAA air traffic controllers protected by the mobbed-up Laborers' ('LIUNA') union.

The Laborers union is in turn, protected from scrutiny by the FBI or CIA under a sham Department of Justice "Operating Agreement", sponsored by suitably-bribed insiders and affiliates of the Clinton White House.

I allege Fry's red team flew electronically-hijacked planes on a coarse trajectory through waypoints uploaded into autopilots embedded in illegally-modified Boeing flight boxes.

I allege that about, three minutes out of a target - let's say the US Naval Command Center in the Pentago - Fry's red team commanders switched the autopilot of the Flight 77 drone onto its "Final Approach Corridor" to be guided by an embedded GyroChip (QRS11) precision-missile gyroscope, procured illegally by Clinton White House insiders.

The missile GyroChip is produced and supplied by BEI Industries of Little Rock, Ark.

One of BEI's directors is Joe Giroir, the former boss of Hillary Clinton at the Rose law firm and an associate of Johnny Huang, agent for the People's Liberation Army of China.

I allege that between 100 and 1,000 Boeing passenger planes have now been illegally modified by Vice Admiral Fry's red teams with each plane modified to carry rocket-fuel incendiaries and an 'al-Qaeda' autopilot, embedded with a Clinton GyroChip for the precise targeting and destruction of strategic command centers.

Red-team air traffic controllers can now hit 108 U.S. Air Force Bases, simultaneously.

The next red-team attack will be definitive; my instincts as fighter pilot tell me that it will be timed during the Christmas holidays over the next week.

A court martial of Vice Admiral Fry and coordinators of the 'al-Qaeda' red teams is now demanded.

I am busy trying to awaken a sleeping gentle giant - our beloved Republic of America - and take this opportunity of reminding you, Vice Admiral Rodney P. Rempt, of the warning of POTUS 43, "You are either with us or against us".
Very respectfully,

Field McConnell
583 09 9001
USNA 1971
L/C ND ANG retired
218 329 2993 cel 24/7
218 498 2568

Notes: McConnell, "Al-Qaeda autopilots

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