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Will there be a need to defend your castle in most Sit X's?

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posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 11:57 PM
This thread is based on DeusEx's great thread about ways to defend your castle. I think that it is very useful information, particularly for those in urban areas or near markets.

But my line of thinking is that some people in the suburbs (like where I'm at there's more corn fields than homes, yet 4 grocery stores) might never need to do so.

My reasoning goes that any huge catastrophe that I can envision (that does not directly affect my home physically, or is not a mass worldwide invasion) will cause much larger problems in the shopping malls than in subdivisions. I mean there may be wandering people, but when there is nothing but cornfields around and subdivisions for 2 miles, then a shopping center, one would think that the subdivisions would be safe. Maybe those thoughts are just a bit naive.

All that being said, there are measures that I have outlined and am willing to take if a fight were to come here, but I'll post that in DeusEx's thread. Any other thoughts on the potential NEED to defend your home?

posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 09:59 AM
There's been alot of focus on this subject recently and a good deal of excellent information and insight. Clearly, no one can accurately know how things will play-out after a 'Sit-X' event. And given that, everyone's castle situation is going to be different.

My hunch is that you're largely correct. Areas with the highest population densities (more urban) will deplete resources the fastest and as a result begin displacing the earliest. As has been seen in other 'survival' situations (like Katrina), the displaced will first target commercial entities for food, water and essentials. The displaced will begin to move outward, in a more-or-less concentric manner to find safety, shelter and supplies. Any 'Sit-X' will quickly eliminate motorized travel. As a result, people will only be able to loot what they can carry. Anyone still able to drive around (in order to loot at a wholesale scale) is going to attract a great deal of attention and interest.

As people move outward from the urban centers their density will drop as they spread out. Their ability to continue moving will drop-off after prolonged exposure and fatigue sets in. Those that do make it into the suburbs will be relatively dispersed and poorly equipped. If organized and equipped people are intent on your home or its contents you'll have a fight on your hands, no question. But I think the key is to make your home less attractive than others. There are plenty of homes to loot. People will tend to gravitate to those that represent the least threat to them. Everyone's 'castle' situation is unique and your plan needs to reflect that.

posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 10:08 AM
Hmmm, I agree. If you're in Asshat, Nowhere, population 300 you're not going to need to turn your house into a bunker unless Situation X is of such a scale that there is a widespread collapse of infrastructure and government. However, even in the burbs, I'd rather be ready than hanging from a lightpost. Insanity can be infectious, so if there's a breakdown of law and order, there might be rioters and looters in the burbs, or those concentric rings of fugees from your local metroplex might be extremely unfriendly for you not sharing stuff with them. Part of your castle defences are against things like floods, fires, and witchcraft. ANyways, here's something to consider:

Are people going to be clamoring to enter a half-submerged home, or an unsubmerged one? If you have success, others will want a piece of it. Or the whole thing.


posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 10:16 AM
Agreed, DE. And for those in the 'burbs and other areas with moderate to low population densities it will be essential to coordinate with your neighbors. Project a hard target and interlopers will be more inclined to move on to easier prey.

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