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Duncan O'Finioan- The Ultimate Warrior

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posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 04:50 PM
Now i dont know what to make of this since i was alerted to it by an email from everybodys favorite Serpologist Bill Ryan.

Mr O'Finioan claims to have been trained to kill by an agency of the US government, before the age of eleven.

Below is a cut and paste copy of the email i received from Bill Ryan.

Email received by me, from Bill Ryan
Duncan O'Finioan was the Ultimate Warrior... brainwashed, conditioned and controlled as part of a highly classified MKULTRA program called PROJECT TALENT. From a thousand others trained as child warriors in 1966, he is now, he believes, only one of 20 left alive to tell the story.

In his powerful and compelling testimony for the camera - one of the most extraordinary we have ever heard - Duncan describes:

- His mission to "terminate" the very drunk, future President of the United States... George W Bush;

- His dizzying enhanced physical and psychic abilities... including the abilities to hurl someone across the room with his mind, and walk through a solid wall;

- How he and 11 other children were flown to Cambodia to deliver a targeted death blow to all the surrounding Khmer Rouge troops... using only the combined power of their minds;

- How his right arm is "hardwired" and is capable of astonishing speed and strength;

- His struggle to regain his memory, aided by a car accident which led to the discovery of a cranial implant uncovered by an MRI machine... deactivating the implant and causing the MRI machine to catch fire;

- His role as a programmed assassin, targeting Americans under the command of an undisclosed agency;

- The selection, torture, and brutal training process that he endured... and which children are undergoing to this day;

- And more...

Twenty years later, Duncan (who is of mixed Cherokee and Irish blood) comes forward to tell the truth about the Ultimate Warrior project: how he was chosen, groomed and tortured into becoming the perfect fighting machine, combining physical superiority with the extraordinary mental abilities of a psychic spy.

Fearless, principled, and determined to regain control over his life, Duncan O'Finioan tells his story in detail. Do not miss this interview.

This whole story stinks of another publicity stunt, considering Mr. O'Finioan just happens to be releasing his second book... What do you people think?

posted on Dec, 19 2006 @ 08:39 PM
i have heard of other programs like this one but i cant see him being able to write 1 or even 2 books because of the kill switch program, a mental program that is used to stop the spread of the truth....a phone call with a simple message like "beans eat beef" will activate the code sub-concisly and cause your brain to immediatly shut dowm all major organs and kill you immediatly with no by now he would be dead

posted on Dec, 19 2006 @ 08:49 PM
Yeah sounds like a ripoff of the Project Superman storyline, which is basically all this garbage coming out by people making stupid claims of mind control and super human strength. Nothing new hear just read it like most crap as fiction which once again I will state, the internet has spawned this phenomena of budding authors passing off there attempts at fictional writing as truth so as to add punch and legitimacy to their stories.

posted on Dec, 19 2006 @ 10:59 PM
Maybe he ripped it off from the Serenity script. Maybe a bad Destroyer movie. I'm sure Remo could kick him in the cookie!

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