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Science & Tech.: The only sanity in ATS

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posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 04:17 PM
MODs: I'm attacking anyone in particular, so if it violates this forum's rules, I apologize ahead of time.

Sometimes whenever I'm browsing various forums in ATS, I feel like there is a far too high noise to signal ratio. The only place I don't experience this is in Science & Technology. It's not perfect, but it's better than many of the other places at ATS.

I understand the purpose of ATS, but I would like to see more stuff that people really do have to be paranoid about, like ECHELON, or the loss of habeas corpus, or the censoring of scientific results when they don't agree with the politics of those in power.

There are many things in this world of which to worried about, but worrying non-existent problems, or very minor things takes our energy away from dealing with truly horrible problems like poverty, healthcare, education, and the all-too-quick tendency to use military force for problem resolution. I partially blame politicians because they're all too often reluctant to put themselves under the spotlight of such difficult topics. Instead, they wave their hands and point to wedge issues like gay rights to get people riled up because they don't know how to handle the heavy issues.

Gah! More politics! I'm sick of that too! And I haven't even ventured into PTS yet. Well, not for a long time anyway. I want a break from politics, but idiots with power really worry me.

posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 12:59 PM
Well... how to put this?

You are on a forum titled "AboveTopSecret"

Unfortunately, nowhere in those three-combined words does it mention "Scientifically and Technologically agreed upon Ideas"

The purpose of the forum is to address what most Science and Technology can't/doesn't address fully, or at all.

I do understand the frustration you are encountering, but if you haven't taken the plundge into the conspiracy world, why not go to a Science and Technology forum outside of the umbrella of ATS?

Does this solve your rant?

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