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High Strangeness - Humanoid Encounters

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posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 06:22 PM
The following encounters I found on the internet (ufoinfo), they were unusual in that they described humanoid ETs and not just the Greys. So far I've found 100 or so of these encounters. Some seem to be our military, some vanish as if into another dimension and some seem to be very similar to us. Perhaps that's how it is, they're from all over. What follows is just a few to start and I'll see if there's any interest in this subject.


Location. Temple Oklahoma
Date: March 23 1966
Time: 0505A

The witness, Eddie Laxson, was an electronics instructor & a veteran pilot. Driving to work before dawn, he found a brightly lit metallic object blocking the highway ahead. The fish-shaped hull, 10-12 ft high & 60-75 ft long, was resting on stilts; a central door was open, with steps beneath it. The object bore 4 lights, "the brightest I ever saw," one directed to the front, one to the rear, and 2 to the ground. On top was a long, curved antenna, on one end a horizontal "tail" and near the middle a porthole. Near the tail end was a vertical inscription reading "TL 4168 or TL 4768." Kneeling beside this craft was a man wearing something like an Air Force uniform, with peaked cap, and a chevron insignia resembling that of a master sergeant. Laxson got out & ran toward the object, then turned back to get his camera. Meanwhile the man entered the door, and the object took off, rising vertically with a sound "like an electric drill" and then moving south very fast. "As it rose, it seemed to have a magnetic effect on the hair of my arms."

Humcat 1966-9
Source: Dr James E McDonald
Type: B

Location. Clayton, Victoria, Australia
Date: April 6 1966
Time: 1100A

In a confusing and covered up incident numerous independent witnesses including dozens of schoolchildren and teachers from the local Westall High school watched a metallic disc shaped craft land on nearby field, then take off again, while several Cessna-type aircraft and other silvery "plane-like" objects circled the area. Some witnesses found a perfect circle of flattened grass on the ground while others encountered military or government personnel in the area who warned them to stay away. Some witnesses described seeing a cow in the paddock, where the object came down. It was alleged to have been in such a distressed state that it eventually had to be put down.

One student who arrived before the others was found to be in a dazed trance like state. Other schoolchildren saw the object on the ground and a normal looking man in white coveralls walking around it, telling everyone to stay back. Another man appeared, this one wearing a dark uniform with an emblem or a logo on it. One of the men was seeing entering the object, while the other disappeared. The object emitted a loud humming sound then took off.

Location. Whiteman AFB Missouri
Date: mid-May 1966
Time: daylight

At least 11 security guards posted around the site and the base and other independent witnesses reported an object descending in broad daylight into the woods, damaging tree limbs and branches on the way down. It was circular and according to rumor it landed on four structured legs (several children with their parents) that were about 100 to 200 ft from it witnessed this. As they approached the area they were able to see a small humanoid entering the base of the object. The craft quickly ascended vertically and moved away rapidly. The witnesses contacted the tower and security teams were dispatched to cordon the area off.

According to the security guards, the vegetation was burnt at the center of four imprints, which were several inches deep and about a foot square. The base photographer was ordered to take pictures of the sight; his negatives and photos were confiscated. The base was a missile silo location at the time. In one occasion a motion alarm went off at one of the missile sites and two strike teams were sent there and observed a hovering circular object with many lights on it. It was at least 50 feet from the site and the strike teams experienced radio interference. They asked their commander what they should do and they were told that "if anything came out shoot it" after several anxious minutes the object flew silently away.

HC addendum
Source: Ted Phillips
Type: B

Location. Palenque San Cristobal Dominican Republic
Date: September 22 1972
Time: 0900A

Virgilio Gomez was driving along a lonely road when a man wearing a light green coverall that covered even his feet stopped him; he wore no gloves, and had a sort of watch on his wrist. The man identified himself as Freddy Miller, a well-known Dominican baseball player who had mysteriously disappeared more than 15 years previously; he said that a UFO had rescued him when his 2 companions drowned, "because of my knowledge of radio technology and my intelligence." Nearby were 2 slender men 7-foot tall, dressed like Miller; they had complexions like Chinese and short chestnut colored hill. Miller also pointed out to Gomez the craft in which they had arrived; it was football shaped, the size of an automobile, with a bright "nickel plated" surface.

The conversation continued for about 5 minutes, during which Miller told Gomez, that the humanoids were "supposedly from Venus." Then Gomez was told to leave, because "they" were departing, and not to worry if his car wouldn't function, because it would return to normal spontaneously. As he drove away Gomez saw the three men approaching the object.

Humcat 1972-27
Source: Danilo Rodriguez Dominguez, Listin Diario
Type: C

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posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 06:25 PM

Location. Ulysses Kansas
Date: 1982
Time: night

The barking of his dogs disturbed the witness. He looked out the window and noticed high in the sky three incredible objects resembling flying skyscrapers. The objects were huge and brilliantly lighted; the witness mentioned no sound. He became scared and closed the window and pulled the curtains. Suddenly the light in his room came on and he felt numb, unable to move. He then heard the back porch door open and a noise of someone going through the porch and to the bathroom, which led to his room. He then saw the door open and a man came running in. He wore a blue gray jumpsuit and was about 5'10", had black or dark brown short hair. He was of medium built, about 180 lb, very athletic looking, and wore black lace up combat boots that were bloused.

The man came to the bed and grabbed the witness by the shoulders lifting him up and at the same time yelling for help. The witness could not move or talk. Suddenly the witness was let go and he dropped back, the man then looked toward the bathroom. He then looked back at the witness and said, "My God, they're coming, they are here." He stood at the foot of the witness bed. Then a bright yellow light came through the wall. It came right through the middle of the closet and was extremely bright. Two tall figures walked out of the light through the wall. They were extremely thin and tall, almost 6'6" tall. Then two figures came through the direction of the bathroom. One was tall but the first one was about 5'4" tall and was apparently the leader.

The man next to the witness bed was trying to back away. Then the tall figure behind the short leader aimed something metal like a rifle at the man and a yellow straight beam came out of it, hitting the man straight in the face, he then fell on his back at the foot of the bed. The witness managed to lift himself up enough to peer over to the man, and noticed that the skin of his face was burned away and his eyes looked like two white-eye balls, he was apparently dead. The witness became angry but could not move. The three tall humanoids had smooth gray skin. They wore tight fitting gray suits with hoods that covered the back of the neck and the sides but not the front. They had cat-like eyes, with vertical pupils.

As the witness tried to look back at the man on the floor the short figure made a motion and two of the tall humanoids went to him and picked him up and carried him right back through the light and the wall. The short humanoid then walked over to the witness and touched his face on the right side of the nose and turned his head to face him. The being's eyes were gray and the pupil's dark. He lacked a nose and his mouth a slit. He never saw ears but there were lumps under the hood to indicate something was there. He apparently peered into the witness eyes and said something that the witness heard inside his head, but does not remember what it was. The being's eyes appeared very angry and serious. He then walked to the closet.

Only one of the tall ones stood there now. He turned and walked into the light and disappeared, the short one then turned and looked at the witness, he stood staring for 15 to 20 seconds then turned and walked into the light. The witness could not move at least for 1 hour after the incident. He remembered that on the short being's chest there was an emblem resembling a chevron with a snake with wings and snake like eyes. His hand had 4 digits. The witness family apparently slept throughout the whole ordeal.

HC addition # 2887
Source: Joyce Murphy, Beyond Boundaries
Type: C? Hints of an intergalactic war or conflict?
High Strangeness Index: 8
Reliability of Source: 8
Comments: Very unique report, but there are others, especially those describing apparent UFO "dogfights" that seem indicate some type of conflict between different groups of "visitors" to our Earth.

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posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 11:13 PM

Location. Vologda region, Russia
Date: August 2 1982
Time: 1315

A female witness named L. Smirnova was walking on a sunny day at the edge of a birch forest. While approaching a large clearing she heard a loud voice in Russian, like an amplified megaphone. "Come closer; do not be afraid, the equipment is switched off". At first she thought it was some kind of sports event being conducted amid the forest. She came closer to the clearing and an unusual craft at about 20 steps from her, and three "men" standing nearby. The craft was a circular disc-shaped object, very shiny, reflecting the sun's rays on its golden surface. A semi-circular shaped door was opened and a ladder with 11 steps jutted towards the ground from it. Over the door she could see what appeared to be decorations "bas relieves" with animals and plants depicted on them, like on a coin. The craft gave the impression as being simple but durable at the same time.

One of the men was dressed in a bronze colored overall and was tall (about 1.85m in height), white skinned, with dark eyebrows and gray eyes was smiling benevolently at the witness. She took him for the commander of the spacecraft. The two other humanoids remotely resembled Japanese males. The white skinned humanoid turned towards the other two aliens and said loudly, "Elkan siu". Both aliens then immediately walked towards the craft, one stood by the other and the under sat under the ladder.

As the alien leader stared at the witness she felt her heart racing, tired and sleepy and weakness in her legs. She became scared and started begging the alien leader not to "hypnotize" her and asked if they were Americans or Japanese. The young alien commander (looking about 25 years of age) smiled and said in a Baltic accent, "Well I won't do that. My name is Alikan; we are from a nearby star system. We came here to rest and have time to converse, but don't try to run away we are capable or hurting you (!). We want to talk to you."

The witness then asked the aliens why they had picked that exact location to "rest". The alien commander explained that their detector had been scanning the area and noted the presence of atomic weapons and radioactivity in the area, and they had become interested. She was very amazed and tried to convince the alien by saying that there wasn't anything in the area of interest, that even the area settlements were now empty as its inhabitants had migrated to the large cities. He then pointed his hand southeastward and told her that there was an underground depot about 3 km away.

He then took a round device from a black bag with a beige colored "clock dial" and pressed some buttons. A luminous screen then became visible and the witness could see parts of her body in three different projections. She could see her brain, and green luminous spots dotted it and the red dots. The commander then said, "We will talk to you, you have good memory, you don't smoke or drink alcohol". She confirmed that fact.

The alien man then began asking many different questions, about how the humans knew the meaning of "water", "fire", "sky", "earth" etc. If she knew the meaning of Universe and if she believed in God, what was her religious affiliation and if read the bible (?). She was also asked if she her place on earth and if earth scientists knew about the origin of life. She was also asked to name herself. She gave the alien her surname and patronymic. All her answers were apparently recorded in some type of device.

Then the alien commander began to speak and showed her a map of the planet earth how it was in ancient times. And also a more recent map that showed the earth with shaded areas displaying rivers, lakes, golden cities, which were marked by pink triangles, deposits of natural resources were also displayed on the map. And blue circles outlined the areas where three elements not yet discovered by humans were located. The aliens apparently used those elements to obtain energy. The alien explained that the stored energy would sometimes come out from the bowels of the earth during earthquakes.

She asked the aliens why the islands on the map were painted over in black and was told that before the year 2050 the Earth will be severely damaged by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, droughts, tornados, snowstorms etc. Those were Universal influences on the planetary processes. Some islands would suffer from earthquakes and would disappear. The bed of the Atlantic would be very active, a ridge will rise in the middle of the ocean and some of the waters will pour into the Artic and Indian Oceans, many cities on the coast would be damaged.

The alien leader pointed out that the earth was very young but was being settled and civilized at an amazing speed, something that was not quite expected. The uneven location of the cities on earth was dangerous and could cause the earth to go out of its orbit. Besides circling the sun the earth also made loop movements that lead to some superfluous changes on the earth. The alien said that Earth had suffered 2 basic cataclysms during its existence, the poles had changed their places and the orbit had also changed.

In ancient times earth had been settled by dweller from 5 different star systems, according to climatic conditions. The first humans had appeared in the African continent near the River Nile. Human settlements then arose along the Nile, their residents became knowledgeable about the measurement of time, and their calculation was according to the position of the star Sirius. The alien commander mentioned the pyramids explaining that they were built with the assistance of extraterrestrial beings. The layer between the lime stone rocks consisted of ionized alkali-soil elements which created an intensified ionized environment, and that was why it was dangerous for humans to be exposed within the pyramids for a long time. This special emanation was also detrimental to extraterrestrials.

The alien leader also added that the planet earth was unique and they also visited other star systems. He said that there were 11 planets in their solar system. He mentioned that there were many moon-like planets in the universe. The aliens had apparently installations in the dark side of the moon.

The planet that they hailed from was 1.5 times older than the earth and was quite small, but it was an important center to study the "Universe. Their planet was slightly "indented", and sedimentary rocks dominated. There were no tall buildings; all settlements were the same height. There was no surface transport, all travel was done by air, and this was in an attempt not to damage the planet. They called their planet "Sunny" or "Gelios" (according to sources the real name is Kenturiy, located in 47 Ursa Majoris (Big Bear) star system, 45 light years distant.

They called the planet Earth "Geya". The surface of their planet is 40.5 million square km, their population is 200 million. Video images of the alien planet were shown to the witness. There were no skyscrapers, not even tall buildings; all the structures in the towns were semi circle or horse-shoe shaped, resembling amphitheatres. All industrial plants were located far from living areas in order to maintain ecological purity. Dominant colors were pink, green and blue.

While watching this she asked questions and the aliens answered them, there was one ruler in their planet. They had no problems with food; they were able to produce tons of albumen in one minute. They had different illnesses. They had a family unit created on the basis of love. They made the majority of their journeys to earth every 4 years, since some kind of interstellar channel between our 2 star systems and it was most suitable to use every 4 years.

The alien commander said about the structure of the Universe that everything had a beginning and an end, and that everything was in constant motion, one form of energy transformed to another. Life was eternal in the Universe but not for every individual (?). The solar system was one of the smaller parts of Galactic creations; the Universe consisted of islands of such creations. The chemical composition of earth and other planets was very similar, that confirms the integrity of matter. And that there were other planets with atmospheres similar to Earth where life thrived.

The alien also added that they had both piloted and remote controlled UFOs of different shapes, which were surrounded by a plasma field, which could display different shapes. Some remote vehicles they launched are controlled from interplanetary stations in the Moon. The witness then told the alien commander that she was a Christian and worshipped Jesus. The alien answered that Jesus "was the man" and mentioned three religious guidelines which were necessary "at the beginning".

Next the alien commander proposed to the witness knowledge about an invention in the area of biosynthetic albumen, which will spread on Earth. But she refused, saying that people would not understand her, that people were very skeptical about visitations from other planets. The aliens then told the witness that they would return in four years and find her in the place she would move to. Indeed she encountered the UFO again in 1986, 1990 and 1994.

HC addendum
Source: Version Digest Tver Russia # 18 May 1996
Type: C

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posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 09:13 AM
Thanks for posting STM! I have read many of these myself over time and find that there are a small percentage of believable encounters. So, there's got to be something going on there.

What is your goal here? Are you trying to find similar circumstances or a reoccurring theme?

posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 11:34 PM
This thread is intended to show the other side of abductions (human looking visitors) which is rarely heard about nowadays. After reading many, I mean hundreds of reports from the 60s onwards I've noticed that just as the 90s started there was a drastic change in the ratio of greys, trolls, dwarfs, red eyes vs. human looking visitors. At first I thought it was the effect of popular movies but going back and reviewing I would have to say that the descriptions of the bad'uns have not changed over time, there is simply more of them. They don't necessarily match the movie descriptions and the human looking visitors just seemed to have almost stopped visiting altogether. I had to look long and hard for the few that I found. The human looking visitors' messages are usually more positive and constructive than the greys & co.'s. I have no idea why the change has occurred, I have several theories though that I'm working on. Here's another case from

Location. Erzovka, Russia
Date: Summer 1990
Time: 1500
55-year old Valeriy Vasilevich Krasnov was returning from the city of Volgograd in his car and being tired, had pulled over to the side of the road to obtain some rest and a meal. As he prepared dinner he was suddenly seized by a sense of fear. He felt like he was going to die of a heart attack, but suddenly a thought appeared in his head: "No, this is not your heart. Don't be afraid...we will not harm you, only will ask you some questions and will answer your questions if you have any." The witness looked around and could not see anyone. "Who are you and what do you want from me." "Be calm, first of all. We are friends, and will not do you any harm." Krasnov replied: "So why are you not visible?" "If you relax and become ready for communication, we will appear now."

Suddenly 2 figures started materializing, like a photograph being developed. It was an incredible sight. The outlines of the figures appeared, and then everything became clear and 2 entities became visible, a man and a woman. They were very much human like. Dressed in light silver overalls, with a wide white belt with strange devices hanging from them and multicolored blinking lights. Their faces and hands were bare and their skin was blindingly white. Their hair was gold and they had amazing eyes of an ultramarine color that radiated amazing light. Both were very tall about 1.90 to 2.0 meters in height and stood smiling at the witness. The woman was stunningly beautiful and shapely. Both looked to be about 20-25 years old. Their eyes were slightly slanted, had a small nose, clearly visible mouth, but immovable, as well as their faces. They had very proportional figures with long thin fingers. When they moved they did so slowly and gradually. All communication was telepathic.

The aliens approached the witness and began asking mundane and private questions. It felt like a police interrogation and the witness felt uncomfortable. He felt as his brain was being scanned. After answering their questions, Krasnov was allowed to ask himself. The aliens said that they hailed from the Canis Venatici constellation, more specifically from a planet called "Tats". They had been on earth for 2 years already and that their previous visit had been 100 years ago and had lasted for about 10 years. They traveled in a star ship shaped like a disc, with 6 crewmembers. They also said that they traveled between dimensions. That is a very responsible and dangerous process that must be carefully controlled. They also said that every dimension has intelligent life and that there are some aggressive civilizations that are striving to conquer the Universe and that there were "backward" civilizations, like Earth.

They said that they had a base on the moon and were concerned about constant monitoring by earthlings. They were governed by what they called a "council". They did not conduct negative experiments over people (humans), did not abduct humans by force that it was strictly forbidden by the "council". They did not recognize the human civilization because of its aggressive tendencies and behavior. They also said that humans were out of control of their "Council" and that it was now too late to do anything. This "Council" consisted of different civilizations that regulate many interstellar laws. Suddenly the belts of both aliens began radiating a bluish light and they said: "The time of contact is now over. We must return to our ship." They said that they would be back in August 1990. Both figures then disappeared.

HC addendum
Source: Gennadiy S Belimov, Anton Anfalov

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 07:01 PM

Originally posted by seentoomuch
This thread is intended to show the other side of abductions (human looking visitors) which is rarely heard about nowadays.

What about encounters in which people are NOT abducted?

Not all encounters include being abducted.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by NephraTari

Hi NephraTari

Well, the experiences I had were abductions, though with human looking beings. The reports above are visits from human looking beings. I truly believe we are being visited by many different types of beings, some are our own black op/military, some from our space time, some from our future and some from other dimensions or frequencies; and each with a different agenda. This makes it very difficult to discern the situation and also creates the "contactees/UFO people are nuts" atmosphere when we each receive different information from the various visitors. Also, throw into the mix that some of the visitors can alter our perceptions, so even hooked up to a polygraph and passing it on what our experience was it still might not be the truth of the situation.

The only solution I believe is for us to learn discernment by working on ourselves, to clear out our minds from the everyday rubble that kicks around in it and to direct ourselves to the highest good constantly so that the falseness of some of visitors intent shows itself clearly; to literally raise ourselves (with God's help) above the fray to get a clearer picture. Difficult, yes, impossible, no, imho. The search for the truth, for the Grail is the answer, sticking to the path as difficult as it may be is the Way. Just my 2 cents on this whole enigma.

Lol, I'm on a soapbox here, what do you believe is the truth of the situation?


Btw, I really like your avatar.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:38 PM

Originally posted by seentoomuch
reply to post by NephraTari

Lol, I'm on a soapbox here, what do you believe is the truth of the situation?


Btw, I really like your avatar.

Honestly I do not believe we know any truth of the situation but I think its likely that there are more than one answer to the question of all the various encounters.
I have had my own and I cannot say with certainty what the being was or where it was from. I only know that my mother could not see it and I could, but I could also see through it and it had a glow about it. a light so to speak.
We spoke for a long time.. or more to the point she spoke but I cannot remember any of what I was told.. only that it happened and that I was told I would remember all that was said when the time is right.

This is extremely difficult to deal with especially now as I feel I am ready to remember. I have even gone so far as to try and make telepathic contact requesting that I be allowed to remember now. But alas.. so far.. no dice.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 02:31 PM
seentoomuch, thank you for sharing this

I hope that you all will enjoy the following story ...
A thread about it will be started soon

The Alor incident

Location of Alor Island, Indonesia

The Alors Incident refers to a series of close encounters which is said to have occurred on the Alor Islands, during the month of July, 1959. The Alor archipelago is located at the easternmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, the chain that runs through southern Indonesia.
The incident was accompanied by a rash of UFO sightings.

A retired policeman (head of police office), Alwi Alnadad, reported to have handled an extremely strange series of close encounters which shocked the inhabitants of those islands, and the whole story is amazing to say the least. Now he's the source of the story, but when the incidents began, he thought that the accounts about those close encounters were to don't take seriously: what he saw some days after, changed his mind ...

Strange beings

In July 1959, residents of Alor Island reported encountering a group of six strangers on the east side of the island. The strangers were said to be about 1.80 meters with a red hue to their skin and white wavy hair.
They wore dark blue clothes and pants with long arms and high collars, a belt with a gray cylinder hanging from it, and black military-style boots. They appeared to be searching for something.

Artist's rendition of the beings

Suspicious of the strangers, the islanders are said to have surrounded them and to have attacked them with hunting arrows. The arrows hit them, but apparently failed to injure them. Six days later, further reports were made of the strangers, this time on the south side of the island. Reports of the strangers were also soon made on Pantar Island.

In all cases, the strangers were said to be searching for something. During this time, it was reported that two people, a man and a six-year-old child, had been abducted. According to testimony given by the man, he was surrounded by the strangers who then paralysed him using the gray cylinders carried on their belts. Although he could not understand their language, he believed that they wanted him to act as guide. His account states that they let him go after a short period. The child was later found unharmed but in a confused state.Believing the stories to have been inflated, local police reacted with skepticism, but concerned that similar stories were emerging from villages located some distance apart, regional chief of police Alwi Alnadad visited the site where it was believed that the child had disappeared from.

There, he and several fellow police officers are said to have encountered the strangers and fired on them, apparently failing to hit them even though they were at close range. Alnadad's account states that the strangers vanished almost as soon as they began shooting, leaving only a set of footprints that appeared to vanish after trailing for 5 meters.

After the incident, many inhabitants saw a white, glowing oval flying object fly above the sea at a high speed. It flew over the beach from west to the east side: it was the end of the incident.
Artist's rendition of the sighting

Sadly, it's very difficult to find informations about this case, especially because the language is indonesian.
There are at east two known references:

Salatun, J (1982) "UFO: Salah Satu Masalah Dunia Masa Kini (UFO: One of
World Problem in Present Day)". Jakarta, Yayasan Idayu.

Hoedoyo, Cuk "Manusia Aneh Muncul di Kepulauan Alor (Strange Humanoid Appeared in Alor Islands)" Kuncung Magazine

Someone speaking indonesian would be very helpful.
The story is just a nice reading, due to lack of evidences: but i would like to know if there's something more to know about it

Wikipedia entry
UfoCaseBook article
Ufos.about article
TheBlackVault entry
UfoInfo article

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by NephraTari

Hi NephraTari

I just wrote an in-depth response to your mention of asking for the answers. It disappeared, just gone. Seems like if I try to post on certain subjects it never makes it to the board. I'll re-write it tonight and U2U it to you, but darn, it came out so well the first time.


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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by internos

Wow, Internos

That's going to make a great thread, good job! I wonder what they were looking for? I hope some ATSers can translate some of the other info for us, bet they can
We definitely are not alone in this universe(s) and this is one more account that imo proves it.



posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 06:14 PM
Thank you for posting this information,
People deserve credibility.


posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 07:18 PM
Thanks, snc24, I agree

I was searching for photos of human looking “visitors” and came across some info that is new to me. Below are some excerpts, the article is much more in depth. Oh, and the photo at the top is alleged to be a human looking “visitor”. Have any of ya’ll heard about this group or this book? What’s ya’lls take on it? Fascinating info though not up to Internos's find, but fascinating nonetheless...


Here's an alternate source link, though it does not have the photo. Please is there anyway to fix the first link above?

2nd Source:

Professor Bruno Sammaciccia was a well known Psychologist and Theologian from Pescara. He wrote many volumes on religious subjects including the study of miracles, holy relics, the Order of San Francis of Assisi and the history of compared Religions. His works have been translated in many languages and are well represented in all main religious libraries all over the world. He received the UNESCO prize "Man of the Year" in 1982, was friend of many important people and high prelates and the same Pope Karol Woytila, at the time Cardinal of Cracow, wrote a friendly dedication on one of his books.

His public and irreprehensible image hid a fantastic and science fiction-like reality:

from 1956 to 1978 Bruno Sammaciccia and many other people had continuative and intense contacts with extraterrestrial entities coming from planets orbiting around many different stars, many light years distant from our Solar System, forming part of a Galactic Federation.

The aliens "normally" tall showed to be perfectly fit in our society and had a knowledge of our world and our history much deeper than ours. They had technologies like teleportation or interstellar travel but enjoyed themselves driving our cars or piloting our planes. They loved our foods and they loved smoking too! They knew that exceeding in some habits can be dangerous and used to take regularly some antidotes. Anyway the different atmosphere and gravity of their re-created environment could completely decontaminate bodies from toxic substances; this healing effect was experimented also from Sammaciccia and his human friends who had access to underground bases.


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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 09:26 PM
Thank you so much for sharing these cases. I'd never heard of them. I've found it hard to find cases like that, though Burlington News site said here in North America, 36% were human looking races. It looks like I'm going to be spending quite a bit time searching for these myself. I really prefer the testimony of ordinary people to those with connected backgrounds.
I should edit to add: that 36% percent was with regards to particular researcher on 100 or more cases. Still don't know what it would be like overall.

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by mystiq

Hi Mystiq,

Lol, I've just finished page one of eighty-two on the open forums site you sent me. Lots of info condensed into each post, might be awhile before I finish it, almost an hour to read one page carefully. Thanks for the instructions on how to find it. I'd post a link but guests aren't allowed, you must register to read it so therefore, the link won't work. That guy sure has had an interesting life.

Also, thanks for the percentages, thirty-six would be nice but I would like to hear encounters at that percentage rate, seems most of the grey experiencers are eager to share, but the human looking contactees rarely step forward.

Back to reading.....


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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 02:10 AM
Very interesting thread, I would like to share a small piece of information along with this thread, Im not going to repeat my UFO sighting back in 95 since I already posted that on ATS. Over the years four or five events happened in my home very alien in nature. Theres one event that really struck me, and thats when me and my girlfriend woke up one morning and noticed two very clearly distinquished footprints on one of my kitchen chairs. The chairs seat is made out of a velvet cushion and the two foot prints on one of the chairs were small like the size of a 6 year old childs footprints would be. There were five toes on each footprint with the only difference being that the big toe was triangular. The heel part of the footprints wasnt there either, which suggests that they stand on the front part of thier foot with the heel in the air. We both wondered if we were abducted during our sleep that night, but dont recall anything. Ive searched all over the net to find anyone else that might of seen
footprints similar to the ones that were on my chair. I sure would like to find another ufo sighting where alien footprints have been spotted. I also wonder how it got into my home since it was winter time and all the windows and doors were shut. The footprints were gone a few hours later as the cushions fell back into place, but I would like to mention that they were crystal clear when we first noticed them. The alien must of came for a reason that night but I dont know why. To conclude, I guess it must of have some similarites with humans, what I do find very interesting is that they have 5 toes like us. The other 4 events that happened in my home are not pertinent to this thread but I will mention them later on, on ATS sometime. Im sure they will come back again, I only wonder when, and why.

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 02:28 PM
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Hi Widukind!

Sorry I missed seeing your post until now. Did you ever find out where the footprints came from? It's definitely a High Strangeness account. Thanks for sharing,


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posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 03:48 PM
Wonderful thread and good post from everyone.A flag and stars for everyone

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 09:15 PM
IT has come to my knowledge that the Alien Forces that walk among us are now using preliminary means of camouflaging themselves as humans. This is done with genetically grown skin and special Bone structures that they grow from the bodies of Abducted (dissected) human subjects . It is mostly the Grays (Holy) that do this , for scouting and reconnaissance purposes. The Reptilian and Draconian types might also do this to infiltrate our societies , please be aware and keep your eyes open!!!

Great Topic OP !!!

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posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 02:04 PM
Hi All

I've started a continuation of this thread in the Gray Area, lots of high strangeness accounts that I have dug out of the archives on the net. Here's the link:'

Hope you enjoy the new posts,


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