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People at their Dumbest!

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posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 01:55 PM
Have you ever seen some do or say something so incredably Stupid that you were just itching for a cance to smack some sense into their head?

Well, here a whole website about people at their dumbest for you amusment! This is truely so stupid that it's funny:

His chief interest had always been with his pencil.
-- Obituary in Harvard Class of 1893 book (p 155)

From his emergency flood headquarters at City Hall, Mayor Friedman has just ordered all families living near or adjacent to the Mill River to ejaculate immediately.
--WLKW-TV (RI) news director, on air delivering an emergency news bulletin

Many different kinds of animals have interrupted football games, but perhaps none so unusual as this one: It's a big, hippity-hop rabbit, jacking off down the field.
-- sportscaster

There's two lovers in the stands. He kisses her on the strikes and she kisses him on the balls.
-- Minnesota Twins sportscaster, during a lull in the game when the camera was taking shots of people in the stands

...and now he catches the puck and rams it between the girlie's legs and scores....of course, I meant goalie.
--Boston sportscaster during a hockey game

Mom Blows Lucy's Date
-- headline on the "Dear Abby" column in the Parkersburg (WV) Sentinel

And that Just a small sample of supitidy from The Stupidest Things Ever

You can see the rest of the site


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