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Boring i know but just to be aware.....

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posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 04:41 AM
I know it would'nt make any difference in a survival situation, but until then i thought i'd post a quick reminder about the knife laws here in the UK.

I'm mentioning this because i was gobsmacked at how unflexible the police will be if you are caught with a blade in public here. I found this out whilst talking to the enquiries dept of the local constabulary recently.

I was curious as to whether it was ok for me and my little girls to use a larger knife for bushcraft skills in the forest, so i though i'd ask the police.

They said that you can only have a knife in public if it's for a VERY VERY good reason like a profession, or part of religous costume. Survival skills and bushcraft is not classed as a decent excuse to carry one.

They said that if a patrol were to come across you, they may just advise you on carrying it so long as they were pretty sure you were just doing something innocent with it. However, the police said that the difficulty comes when another member of the public misinterprets the situation.

Example, i'm in the forest teaching my kids how to pass a knife to each other safely. A passer by sees this as a man in the woods with a knife with two kids. The police would have to investigate and WOULD arrest me in front of my kids, it would be for the courts to decide if i was innocent or not.

They said even if you are not doing anything dangerous with it, they probably would still do you for possession in public.

So i just thought i'd pass this on as a reminder to our UK members, the last thing i want is for anyone to get lifted whether on thier own or in front of thier family. They'd probably label you as an enemy combatant too lol.

I just make sure i don't carry it on display, don't bugger about with it and don't make it obvious that you have a blade if anyone is close by. That way there should'nt be any probs.

Sorry for the boring post......back to the party!


posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 06:57 AM
WHAT. I heard about this anti-knife law coming about in the UK, but I assumed it was just for switchblades and stuff. This is absolutely ridiculous. You can't even carry a multi-tool, which is clearly a tool for specific bushcraft purposes? A knife is such a useful tool... I can't see why they would do that, unless the government wants you to be completely unprepared for anything. Most people here in Canada I know have retractible Exacto-knives on their keychains.

Next you'll be cutting your food with spoons.

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 07:57 AM
yikes I hear stuff like that and im'e glad I live ware I live. IMO not allowing your tax paying citizens to be prepared to live should the government fall is a clear case of the government not doing what it was hired to do. Here in the states your hard pressed to find a person who doesn't carry some kind of knife. Most guys I work with carry a folding pocket knife clipped just inside there pocket. Plus a razor blade knife AKA box cutter. Funny part is we are a Steele tube bending shop. we have a few boxes but not many. You would be amazed how useful a knife is even in a Steele shop. I would be lost without my cheap ancient pocket knife.


posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 09:56 AM
Yeah i know it's crap is'nt it!

I teach my girls how to use a knife safely and with the proper techniques for the task they are doing. Nothing sinister in that, at least i know that if they do need to use a blade in the woods or around the home for any task, they are safe with it and not scared of the thing.

It really frustrates me at times. I live in the forest and most of the fun things i do with the kids has to be hidden from public view incase someone shouts "danger"!

Well sod em! My kids enjoy their time in the woods and it does'nt cost a penny. They are getting more fresh air than most kids nowadays and they are learning something at the same time. They see more wildlife than most kids who live around here but stay in on thier playstations all day.

They never act dangerously with either the knife or the bows they use because they have been taught they know i'd come down on them tougher than any copper if they messed about with a knife.

I can understand some of our laws for the people that abuse weapons, but not for those who don't.


posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 10:21 AM
Dont feel bad if the Bush administration has there way America will be unarmed to make it easier for the republicians to declair marshal law. Mark my words Soon something terrible will happen in America and marshall law will be declaired, and elections for the sake of safety will be canceled.

For now thow ime glad that I live in a place ware I can not only teach my son and daughter how to safely use a knife and gun, but I can do it in the open. We regualirly go hunting small game, and use what we kill. I know even at this stage of the game if you dropped my kids in the Michigan wilderness with a knife they would be able to survive. and the training isnt complete yet.

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 10:53 AM
This is what happens when you let them take your guns. I'm sorry for your dilemma.

Trying not to let it happen here in the USA!


posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 09:01 PM
I know what you mean about people calling the police. We do a lot of hiking here and a buddy of mine was taking his son into the woods. He stopped on the way in to let his son bs with his little friends. One of the friends wanted to tag along. Before he could send the kid back to ask permission, my friend gets stopped by the police. They wanted to know why he was going into the woods with children. That is bad enough, I cant imagine adding a weapons charge to boot.

Also, when I was a teen, I collected karate stuff. This store across town sold all kinds of stuff. I bought a bunch and went on to a friend's home. I had the weapons inside my jacket, not being a jerk or anything. We got harrassed by the police later that night for hanging out. I got arrested with 3 counts of carrying concealed weapons. Now I have that following me around on record. As a result I am most weary about carrying even a folding knife on my person. I get busted on by my biker friends because I am the only one NOT carrying something. Go figure.

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 09:39 PM
I hate the Police here in the UK.

Have no time for them, no tolerance for them, and loathe dealing with them if they have need to come to us at work - i just walk away and let others deal with them, even if i'm not busy.

Yeah, I got hassled for carrying a sheeps foot blade in a first aid emergency care kit one night... 2 hours in a cell for my thoughts towards my fellow humans.... lucky at court they threw it out or I would of lost my job and home.

Never got my knife back or an apology though, because to the Police the laws the law.

I'll never, ever call them, and if i saw one in pool of blood on the floor? well i'd walk right by and still sleep well at night. Bastard bullies all of them. Hate them and the powers in the towers they represent, as to them we are just some thing to control and dominate. Bastards all of them.

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