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The Secret of the universe !

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posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 06:55 PM
Well I just watched the movie/documentary called the secret which you may of not know deals with the laws of attraction.
Basically itís something Iíve already known about, but never truly believed or felt it at my core...
Its saying that anything you think you create , like a magnet you attract an outcome or an event from the universe the more mental energy to devote to it the quicker it happens...i.e. Iím going to become wealthy and think about that long enough and consistent enough and you will attract it like magnet...
The key is also not wanting something but believing that you will get it or that you already have it somehow, as wanting only attracts the wanting and not the receiving if you get my drift....
Iíve read books such as ďConversations with GodĒ (a book I recommend everyone who ever thinks outside the box to read) and it says the same thing , that , we are GOD with god creating abilities but we have lost the skill through lack of practice , so now itís like a big mess...
Now hereís the strange part...hereís an unsettling idea I have come up with or great idea depending on your perspective...
With discussions on 2012 and how we perhaps may be evolving now up to that stage, well this skill of attraction is only going to get stronger and stronger until it hits a omega point or point were the being becomes totally capable of creating its experience at will at a conscious level.
thatís what apparently was so special about people like Jesus, he wasnít the son of god as stated, he had simply mastered this law of attraction technique so greatly that they could manifest or attract something instantly which made it seem like magic (his magnet was very strong to describe it in another way, so strong that it manifested at the speed of light ...creating what people described as miracles...
ok back on track, you see I believe that at the moment all possible realities are out there and itís the law of attraction which bring a particular one to us...weíre sort of like a giant Lan game or mmorpg at the moment we are sharing the universe and our attracting of things competes with everyone elseís like a tug of war...hence he/she who believes more gets..
this is how world order or secret societies work, they know the secret of attraction and since no one else is using it to a high level they basically have no resistance and are creating their reality for everyone else...hence there playing god in a sense...thatís the power there so scared of losing cause if everyone had the same force of attraction they would no longer be in control...everyone would get an individual vote so to speak..
Now here is where there elite controller have got it wrong, they donít realise what theyíre trying to control is an illusion
I believe that once a being learns to wield the law of attraction to their full extent then what happens essentially is that, that person becomes god but god in their own separated being trapped in a permanent lucid dream were you control what your dream becomes.....
so I think at 2012 or possible another time in our future the lan party or the mmorpg will break down as all beings will become aware of their creative potential and hence they will drop out from the collective universe and create their own universe in which they are god and or have full control of their destiny....
This is the ultimate power, one I think the elite donít realise, when itís all in your mind as such, there is infinite version of everything, I can want a house and get it in my reality & someone else can have the exact same house in there reality...
this unfortunately means that in a sense we are alone with our own mind when we reach this state , but I think thatís what god is , if god is everything this is simply a game to him also , his own self creating game thatís all in his head.. We will all get to that level the LAN party/matrix/mmo will cease


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posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 06:56 PM
It will fall apart forcing everyone to log off and separate into their own computer single player game as such rather than multiplayer, collective game....
I believe the fact of conflicting created realities will cause this separation just like how an alternate time line is created if you theoretically go back and change something
if I have a god type skill of attraction, then can say Iím going to create a red ball on my hand and so it will be, but in the collective this wouldnít be possible as no one else chose the red ball so in order for me to be able to create the red ball, I would have to be in my own reality....
I sometimes feel that way now , I ask my friends , how can anyone prove that they are really here and not a figment of my imagination/dream.. in my dreams my friends are there but there are all in my head, even though Iím playing golf with Dwayne for example in this reality Dwayne is asleep at home while Iím playing with my version of him in my dream...
So in closing life will become a dream and self conscious creating dream were infinite joy/experience is possible...and if that is not what becoming god means , then what is ???


posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 09:02 PM
Good movie, but it makes things seem a little simpler than they are. Check out the Law of Attraction books by Michael Losier or Esther Hicks for more detail.

posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 08:42 AM
Look up " Reticular Activation System ". It's is an actual physical piece of the brain that has been linked to what you are talking about.

I remember one time hearing about a study that was conducted where they took three groups of people, and had them all take foul shots on a basketball court. The results were documented, and then they began the experiment. . .

* Group 1 was required to practice shooting fouls shots for 1/2 hr daily.

* Group 2 was required to not practice at all.

* Group 3 was required to get comfortable, and picture in their mind
shooting foul shots for 1/2 hr daily.

Group 3 basically matched the improvement made by Group 1. Group 2 did not improve. . .

The mind is a powerful thing. . .


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