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The armchair survivalist's 43 things.

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posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 04:14 PM
I guess many people here have seen the website "43 things". It's a website, even a community where you basicaly write down 43 things that you would love to do, learn or experience. You do them, tick them off your list, tell people about it then move on to the next one. Thus your life is enriched and more experienced.

In the world of bushcraft/survival there are probably a lot of people who have never done half the things they discuss or ask about here. Maybe they are just interested in the subject of survival rather than actualy doing it, or maybe they don't live in the kind of environment where they can practice these things?

So for those here who have never tried any basic survival tips, how about making a concerted effort to giving these things a go? How about "10 things" that would help you no end if you were caught short in the middle of nowhere for a few days? Master these ten things then move on.

Whether you tell people here about your achievements, or keep them to yourself, lets think of a few starters that people could try.

Don't just Google them and read about them, actualy go and do it. In your backyard or the woods, or in more extreme environments if you wish, go make that shelter from scratch, go skin and prepare that rabbit for the pot!

A good start would be something like...

1. Make a shelter.
2. Start a fire (preferably using natural resources).
3. Spend one whole day and night in the wilderness (well it's a start!
4. Learn how to find natural food and safe water.
5. Learn how to make and use an animal trap.
6. Learn how to navigate with and without a map and compass.
7. Make a useable bow and arrow from scratch.
8. Learn at least five good knots that will be of use in the wild.
9. Learn a couple of basic distress signals.
10. Teach at least one other person one of your new skills!

So whether it's as a total beginner you are doing this, or as someone brushing up skills whilst having fun with the kids at the weekend, why not give it a go?


posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 04:47 PM
That is a grand idea and the next logical step to my Thread about the what if game.

Bravo lets keep the good times going.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 10:52 AM
Good to see someone includes what I think are the true basics of survival.

People in the forum are always talking about what guns to buy, what flashlights to get and what the best knife is.

None of that matters one bit.

They all start with the premise that a disaster happens and you have time to take these items with you and head out, for all you know, your in a planecrash where you aren't even allowed to bring those items with you and you'll need to survive wherever you crash with the only thing of value left from the planecrash is a sharp piece of metal from the wrack that you'll be able to use as a knife.

What you need to start with is that your dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing more then the clothes on your back and think from there.

What really counts for survival is knowledge, the knowledge of how to create shelter, the knowledge of how to create tools, the knowledge of how to gather safe food, the knowledge of how to treat injuries.


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