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Magnetic Field flip

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posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 01:41 PM
Can't help wondering how much of what we are calling "Global Warming" is in reality caused not by "pollution", but by the measurably weakening Planetary Magnetic field, which is in the process of reversion right now.
For the last 300 years the UK navy has kept extremely accurate measurements, and the North Pole is shifting faster every year

The holes in the Ozone layer are also above the poles, which is where ever more of the solar wind is entering at the poles, which is where the field is almost non existent in terms of UV protection, and co-incidentally, the Auroras are caused by the same solar wind burning up the Ozone - it's what causes the lights & colours. Not methane.

Finally - climates change. It's what they do, and none of the global warming doom sayers who want to blame man are remembering the 1471 (I think) warm snap where a fleet sailed right around greenland - because there was no polar ice at all.

The main cause of heating - where it is happening - is urbanization, where the excesses of concrete & glass reflect the sun back, and this is caused by out of control breeding.
This is what has to stop - overpopulation.
More people = more reports of disasters as there is much more likelihood of people actually getting hurt.

Sea Levels rising?
I suppose the rapid rises in sea levels in the Saxon period (500-1,000AD) in the UK were caused by pollution also then?
I think not.

All it takes is one big volcanic sneeze to shut off any effects caused by Carbon.

It's political playing going on here, and the fact that climates change, we do not know anything like enough to understand the dynamics, and blaming ourselves as the pinnacle of cause is as arrogant as the mediaeval assumption we were the centre of the universe. We were not then, and we're not now either.

The magnetic field is reversing, and if we get lucky we lose 25% of the population.


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