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Azure Dawn.

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posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 12:56 PM
Back in the early 1980's, during the raging of the cold war a movie came out called "Red Dawn." It was about a Soviet bloc invasion of the USA, and about a plucky bunch of youths who, led by patrick swayze, begin the uprising that liberates America.

So, on a theoretical basis, what would a UN (or other multinational) occupation of YOUR NATION look like?

I realize ATS in global, and many of you have only a limited interest in the US's response.



posted on May, 10 2007 @ 06:34 PM
Wow. Here I thought that some of my threads didn't get a responce...over five months and not one. Well here goes...

Winter 2012...

The UN has taken control of the gov't. of the United State in order to restore civil order in the aftermath of the Great Gasoline Is Too Damned Expensive War...

A dozen large cities are occupied and martial law declared. As the traumatized citizens of America wake to the horrid reality of foreign troops operating freely with the cooperation of what remains of civilian authority. Shock rapidly turns to anger, and the guns come out. Groups of American citizens begin to band together and kick ass...

Sounds like a bad Patrick Swayze movie...

On a serious note. The occupation itself wouldn't be as traumatic as the aftermath. With recrimination and vengence against percieved or actual collaborators, such as happened in post occupation France during WWII, post aparthied South Africa, etc... This would be survival at its most dangerous and slippery, an ally today is an enemy tommorrow...

posted on May, 10 2007 @ 08:01 PM
Twin terrorist strikes hit the US, one on the east coast in the morning using conventional explosives and one on the west coast with a chemical weapon. The body count pales the loss of life on September 11th, martial law is enacted in the affected areas as a precautionary measure. Violence breaks out at a service station over gasoline that is in short supply because of the panic. Troops respond and end up shooting several citizens involved in the disturbance after they hear what is described as a single gunshot. Riots break out as news of the shooting breaks, further violence is recorded between the military and civilians.

Gangs and organized crime elements exploit the situation and further escalate things as they are involved in several gun battles with authorities and the military. Violence spreads to most major cities and is met with similar results. After two weeks of sustained rioting and bloodshed militias across the country begin to mobilize and head to the affected areas to give assistance in restoring order. Instead of being welcomed they are viewed as a organized threat and are met with violence from the military and police. Large scale street combat breaks out between militia and the authorities. No talks to end the violence are possible because there is no central person with which to negotiate, after one month of unrest, wide spread looting, bloodshed and terror the UN dispatches peacekeeping forces to the US and all hell breaks loose.

Three more months of serious fighting continue as peacekeeping forces work with the weakened and demoralized US military to restore order to the country, five months after the onset skirmishes still occur between pockets of militia not wiped out in the intial battles and UN dispatched forces. Registered weapons are seized from the stunned public who are now eager to end the violence of the past half a year. Heavy fighting in the capital has seen many lost senators and representatives in ambushes, the Government doesn't have the necessary numbers to function within the confines of the law and elections prove to fruitless as the populace is still too shocked from the recent events. The UN seizes control as a 'surrogate' government to provide stability and to aid in rebuilding.

Control is never fully restored to the people, a world government is finally realized as the EU merges with the nations that would have made up the North American Union. Disarmament of the public is mostly achieved, the masses finally submit to the ultimate degradation and recieve global ID cards, the end game is over...

I could have expanded much greater on how I see things going down and in fact I think now I have to bring the story to life after giving it serious thought.

posted on May, 11 2007 @ 12:59 AM
If a really bad super flu most likely a the h5ni birdflu swept the lands and caused massive panic then I assume thats as good a time as any to seize ultimate power. They could take large masses pf people and put them in camps under quarentine and totally take freedom away as we know it and they will say its all for our own good.

posted on May, 11 2007 @ 11:11 AM
The UN occupies our free land and 'protects' us to death.
In a strange twist of fate, Walmart then decides to tip it's hand and offers to trade it's enourmous stock pile of information in exchange for some power in government. During these times of crisis, the president applauds walmart for stepping up and giving relief to those in need. The deal is struck and the info reveals who bought products of a suspicious nature, when they bought it and where. Just for the hell of it they also throw in the pictures of you at the time of sale. Because of years of lower than normals prices, everyone has some info stored from shopping there. The UN is then told that there is a group of people that have recently purchased ammo and fertilizer from the store in Bangor Maine. They may want to check that out.

this would be a cool short story idea....hmmmm

posted on May, 12 2007 @ 11:26 PM
How to occupy the United States

Once you've conquered it.

1. Divide up the nation into a patchwork of small administrative units of about 50,000 people a piece. NEVER AGAIN acknowledge the previous system of federal and state governments. Just refer to Tulsa, Buckhead, or Friendship Heights as if they were totally independent units.

2. Cut off electricity (and thus water) to various neighborhoods/districts, until they swear fealty to you. Stop all rail traffic. Blow up highway bridges and cloverleafs. This will limit any resistance movement's ability to mobilize. Your military equipment will be largely unaffected by the dissolution of infrastructure. Focus on taking out cell phones. Radio traffic is much easier to monitor, since you are a military occupier.

3. Set up a tiered society, shaped like a wedding-cake. The elite have more and better resources, in direct correlation to how they help you. Begin with the medical and law enforcement industries. Give universal healthcare, but only to people who've registered with the occupation government. Clear out a neighborhood, then restore power and water to it. Now move in those ones who are useful to you.

4. Once you've "cleared" an area, set up gates and barriers so you control exits with checkpoints. Landmines will be tremendously useful in setting up perimeters for containing pedestrians.

5. Sort out the people who are registered into categories. The Viet Cong discovered that just 5% of POWS caused all of the insurrections. Your job will be to isolate the 5% that might be effective leadership. Coopt those you can, eradicate the rest.

6. Set up a social organization for your elite, modelled on the Soviet-era communist party. Have rewards based on adherence to the party line. If you control the elite, you control the society. Keep them hungry, yet happy enough that they don't want to see any uprising succeed. You can appeal to the elites by guarantying educational opportuinities for their kids, perks like special shopping areas in their districts, etc. If rebelling against you means no more Venti Lattes, a lot of revolutionaries will just stay home.

7. Choke off the fuel supply. Get the huddled masses back to using coal-burning stoves for heat. America has tons of coal, and you can totally control their access to it. This way, mere wood won't keep them warm--they need you. Plus, you can smell coal smoke a long way, making it hard to locate a secret base in remote areas. Ending gasoline availability means that the masses cannot drive, and cannot get goods, except through you. They must quit all jobs they cannot walk to. Now you have a huge unemployment problem. And you solve this by:

8. Subsistence farming.
This economic system reduces the number of liesure hours for the proles, which means they have less energy for rebellion. If you starve them a bit, they really will stick to their jobs and not question much. Their only hope for advancement is to put their kids work, which means you don't have to provide public education, and their kids will be ignorant of the breadth of your control. Working on a farm will also keep them ignorant of machinery and weapons. The key in drier regions is to control irrigation water; that way, you just cut them off from sustenence when they rebel. Just the threat of turning off the irrigation pumps will mean that rebels won't get any support (food) from local farmers.

9. A microphone network.
Install microphones and cameras everywhere, even if you cannot possibly man them. Urban police are using outdoor mikes to triangulate in on gunshots. This will help you suppress revolt, and the cameras can help you monitor riots and demonstrations. They will also become a symbol.

10. Early Brutality, Subsequent leniency.
Machiavelli recommends being an extremely harsh occupier in the beginning, and people will thank you later, when you are more gracious. Having to bare down when rebellion blooms only makes them angrier. Find ways to reward the cowards and bootlickers, while rooting out all signs of defiance. Later, you can build a socialst mythology of "progressive workers' paradise" or whatever, but make it clear that dissent is short-lived.

There. How do YOU, as a survivalist, deal with that????


posted on May, 18 2007 @ 05:23 PM
Ultimately you have to decide to hide or fight. hiding would still be easy enough as North America is a large area to control. Even in Red Dawn the Soviet/Cuban forces only controlled from the Mississippi to the Rockies and only reached as far north as the Dakota if memory serves. Will have to dig out that classic. How do know peeing in it will work. When you are an adult you know these things.

Best bet for a large scale civilian counter strike would be as soon as possible. Hitting National Guard outposts for weapons, ammo, gear, equipment and transportation.

Insurgancy after establishment would be dodgy at best. My best thought is to attack in small groups of no more than 12. Attack in areas were other small groups are attacking. If a network of confedercy between small forces can be established for cordination of strikes all the better. Tactics can then be organised such as diversions and feints after the tactics are determined the old rope-a-dope can be applied by starting a diversion ahead of the main force as enemy renforcements protect other areas.

Caution should always be heeded when orders arrive as communications even direct messengers could be compromised. Yes the tactics mentioned are simple, but consideration must be given that we are dealing with ragtag forces and not soldiers. Complex tactics could fail from various factors including refusal of orders by a key group or never recieved them.

As superior forces are sent to your area, then the groups have to pull out and hit a different area. The insurgency has to keep pressure and divide and baffle the enemy force until enough confidence is established to incite rebellion in the people. Once a region is captured and held the forces can become more organised and strengthen from having a base of operations and logistics of supply lines in expanding the fight.

It will not be easy nor pretty. Many will die in the fight and you may find yourself absorbed into a new group and go from leader to grunt. Pride and ego will taunt you but you have to stay focused on the goal that is bigger than yourself.

posted on May, 19 2007 @ 08:25 AM
link would be just like the war now.....forces from another area coming in and thousands of geurilla warriors hiding among the real population....and striking when the man least expects it

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