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Poems by Byhiniur...

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 06:18 PM
An Introduction

To get this thread agoing,
A statement of my terms,
I'll post my thoughts here freely,
In the hope that you will learn...

My works are made freestyle,
In hope they'll be a moment of mind,
They don't take a while,
Sometimes not but 10 seconds,
To prevent my ideas being lost in time.

I hope you find them interesting, I hope they make you think.
Without an outlet for these thoughts, then into darkness they would sink.

Sometimes they lack rhythym and rhyme in their structure,
But they're never written as a chore,
The truth is they're written by me, the non-another,
Than yours sincerely, byhiniur.

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 06:26 PM
Now this thread agoing...
(Written after reading the papers about a month ago)

An axis of evil enshrouding our earth,
A world where nobody has equal worth.
A world where we fear for freedom of speech,
Theres no place on earth that is out of its reach.

The problems created by rich/poor divide,
The innocents killed have no bunkers for hides.

Chechnya, Burma, Korea, Sudan,
Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan,
Places where noone would want to live,
Places where people just will not forgive.

I know the way I want the world to be,
It's shameful I'm derided as being naive.
I hope we can change, help the world become better,
Before things get so bad there's no hope of resetting.

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 06:33 PM
It's a good poem, but contemporary poetry doesnt necessarily have to rhyme.

keep it up

posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 10:18 AM
The world's most racist man.
(Written after working for someone the other day. I formulated it while listening to his nonsensical rants. The views expressed are not mine at all. They are either what the man explicitly said or implied.)

They come here to steal, to take our wives,
They do nothing good within my life,
I hate people who are different.

The always do so much better than me,
They get more from the government free,
I hate people who are different.

Some can't use a toilet, they use plastic bags,
They should go somewhere else, not EN-GER-LAND,
I hate people who are different.

The armys recruiting, but noone but gays,
Now if we're invaded we won't be saved,
I hate people who are different.

I wish the Nazis were here today,
The final solution would be my way,
I hate people who are different.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 11:12 AM
( I've been struggling to write a poem I'm proud of. Had a few about christmas that weren't that good and more ones about racism but I'll save them til after I've posted some more on other topics.)

What do you see? ( by Edie Koch Suarez)
As time goes on,
I realise,
That what I see,
Through my eyes,

Is in my perspective,
My personal view,
And it's probably different,
Than what's seen by you.

My feelings are altered,
By the life that I've known,
My opinions are tainted,
Influenced as I've grown.

So in this moment,
That we share together,
I may see a duck,
While you spot a feather.

I have transcribed this poem from a leaflet titled "Poems in the waiting room". It reminded me of this site and the way a piece of evidence is perceived in many different ways by people on this site, and how our backgrounds affect these views without us neccesarily knowing it. The specific reason it's posted here is because I thought the last two lines were really weak, but found myself floundering to find a suitable ending. I dislike this ending because it is too abstract in the sense that noone would see a duck and think "there's a bundle of feathers" or see a feather and think "there's a duck". Any suggestions for a better ending would be welcome.

posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 07:15 AM
A 'happy' poem!

( Alot of the poems on here are negative, saying how rubbish everything is and whatnot. So here I'll try and write a positive one.)

After the pain we enter the light,
The eleventh hour gone we enjoy the night.
Cancerous thoughts in back of mind,
A life of love is completely mine.

I'm giving up... Even the short piece I've come up with has dark undertones, as if the despair just left would return in the final paragraph, but I can't think of anything to carry it on in a positive way.

I think writing a happy poem is so difficult because the things that make people happy vary so much. It is hard to write something people can empathise with when my personal preferences will only make me happy. Whereas the things that make us despair wil most probably be felt by other people. Also, in humour we often laugh at peoples misfortune, not their success's, meaning a funny poem will often be focused on something that is negative.

RE: What do you see? (by Edie Koch Suarez)

( My best idea of a better ending for the poem)

So in this moment,
That we share together,
We shouldn't judge,
'Til we understand better.

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