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General H2H Debate Rules (UPDATED)

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 05:33 PM
This thread is for discussion and development of our basic rules for H2H.

In general, I want to keep them minimal, but we might find a need for new ones (or getting rid of old ones) as we get more experience with the forum.

Subject to the approval of the staff, some or all of these basic rules may be waived by H2H participants as part of a �debate contract� for a specific thread.

I want to encourage members to be creative.

Starting off:

1. Any violation of the terms of a debate will result in a forfeiture.

2. Debate posts may not be edited by participants for any reason.

3. Any participant may voluntarily forfeit at any time.

4. Forfeitures are final. If you want a rematch, start a new debate thread.

5. Only agreed-upon participants may post to a debate thread.

6. Disruption by non-participants in debate threads, T&C violations or failure to cooperate with the H2H staff may result in loss of Fighter status.

7. AP/H2H staff may take action as they see fit to maintain proper H2H forum operation.

8. As with all forums, the Terms And Conditions Of Use apply.

9. Quoting external sources is strictly forbidden. Members are permitted to reference links as sources, but they are not permitted to quote external sources. The only quotes that should be used in these debates are that of their opponent's replies.

10. No emoticons are permitted in any Head-2-Head Debate post.

I'll try to keep this list short, and once it seems ready, I'll create a more �formal� thread for it.

As part of the free-form philosophy of H2H, however, I invite suggestions and comments from all Fighters about these rules or any rules or rule changes you'd like to propose.

Imagination encouraged.

[edit on 20-4-2007 by chissler]

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