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Jesus, Cult leader and magician, this makes sense

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 05:03 PM
Ok so check it out, Jesus Christ. Heres what I have come to believe over time and LONG thought processes on boils down to a simple explanation.

Ok first, I believe in a god, of some sort, who knows realy who or what it is. Now let me set the stage....your living 2000 years ago in the stupid ages. Not to say everyone was grunting cavemen idiots, but they have none of our modern day knowledge of science. People get sick and die, no knowledge of medicine yet, crops fail, no knowledge on weather patterns or a clear cut horticulture/agriculture knowledge etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on. Simply put, they blame everything on "Gods will."

Ok so here this guy jesus is born, without all the fanfare of the bible, just a regular guy, regular kid growing up..and heres my twist. He is an extremely intelligent person, and heres where I say the name Criss Angel. The hands down most amazing magician of our times far surpassing houdini, levitation and true WOW DID YOU SEE THAT!!!! kind of magic out in the open in the middle of a busy new york street. Thats his specialty. I think your starting to see where this is going.

Jesus is amazing people with extrodinary magic, probably for attention or monetary gain, and he starts to proclaim he is the son of god, and these people believe him because they have never seen it before. "What else could it be!?" they all say, he MUST be the son of god. Then he starts to meet some other quite intelligent people, his disciples, and they say "hey this is a kickass idea to start a cult, and lets call it christianity." Next thing you know he continues to amaze poeple while his "disciples" are writing this book they plan to use to hypnotize the people and control them through their own ignorance "again its the stupid ages, anything goes because god is the answer to EVERYTHING". The bible is born, and all these magical stories of this everyday mans life are embellished to make him the son of god. And whats really messed up, people still believe all that crap today.

If everyone came from adam and eve, we would all be stuttering drooling idiots from thousands of years of imbreeding..and oh ya..where did black people and asians and mexicans or even white people come adam, one eve, not possible.

The church adopts the bible, continues the cult and it is what it is today, a worldwide cult that controls peoples minds and bodies with absolutely no proof of anything whatsoever. Jesus in my opinion was the Criss Angel or David Blaine of today, only 2000 years ago when people didnt know any better.

In closing, ask yourself this. If the bible was published today, and people saw it for the first time, who in their right mind would believe it. Its only through thousands of years of conditioning that people still believe this stuff. Its like believing in santa clause with no proof, and thats cool, until your parents tell you there is no santa and your like.."Yeah, that makes sense." Except the church will never fess up. Thats why they wont accept jesus writings for the bible as true. He fessed up that what they made him into is false, and the church would lose control of its cult.

So, whats the verdict? Makes sense or no?

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 05:23 PM
the adam and eve point is the best point....
good insight. i enjoyed it.

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 01:48 PM
Ive thought about that, him just being a magician... One thing though, the bible was already written, remember jesus was a jew. The new testament would be what you are referring to, so none of the adam and eve/parting red sea/noahs ark etc would be relevant to their "lie". But even if the church did know he was a magician you would have to connect it to some other conspiracy theory to explain why they would want to keep it secret, which can lead you in all different directions.

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