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Dr you don't know whats wrong with me. gee that's a shocker.

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 04:46 PM
they don't know.

in OAC my last year of high school i ended up in the hospital because i was vomiting for 9 hours straight none stop. i went home from the hospital the next day. as we were leaving my mom ask so you still have no idea what was wrong with him and they said no. apparently while i was sleeping/puking (the whole time was vague i was in and out on consciousness also in pain when i woke up) they were doing tests to see if it was food poisoning anything. they could find any answers.

so a couple weeks go by and i start feeling funny. Id have trouble swallowing drinking anything. I would get a fave get tired real fast and could;t move. finally a doctor told me to just drink water and eat bread for a week. we that seemed to have worked. i felt better. 2 years later it came back. this time worse problems id eat and it was like food would just flow at will from my stomach to my mouth. i would throw up just to get it out of my system. I went to the hospital again this time for a barium swallow. in order for the test to work properly you can't eat for 12 hours. but because i cant eat the test results came back negative. the problem only happens when i eat. so they shoved a camera down my throat and what do you know they found nothing. i still to this day have the same medical problems i have to take crappy pills so i don't get acid indigestion. sometime i just do the mind over matter when i get sick and it goes away. so because of these experiences i believe doctors know a lot but they are crappy when it comes to unique problems.

Because i believe in mind over matter i have over a long time gotten the systems to go away periodically.

the body is a mystery and guided imagery does work.

for example when i get bad bad acid indigestion and i don't have any pills. (tums doesn't work, i puke i get acid indigestion so bad)

i turn to my mind and focus on telling my body to stop producing acid. and it goes away. if i don't do this it will stay for hours I've had it some cases where it stayed for 7 hours straight.

so i guess my question is to you. have doctors ever failed on you for answers and you have found answers by using you mind to control your problems.?

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 06:13 PM

Originally posted by thedangler

so i guess my question is to you. have doctors ever failed on you for answers and you have found answers by using you mind to control your problems.?

Yes, I have a horrible illness with really bad symptoms that recurred from the age of 6 or so till it was diagnosed when I was 40. And yes, I survived by using my mind to control the symptoms, and keep myself going.

The mind is a marvellous, powerful thing - and I have more faith in myself and my own body's wisdom than in medical science.

BUT. Help is often good. FYI - your problems sound like they might be centred in the brain stem, which controls 'autonomic' functions like digestion - maybe caused by vascular lesions or something similar.

So if someone suggests an MRI - go for it. They probably won't be able to do much, but at least you might get an explanation.



posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 06:52 PM
I too had/have some stomach problems. I saw every doctor I could, and they told me I was just "feeling" stomach pain mentaly. I then saw a Natural Pathic Dr, who looking into things a little deeper, found my Gullbladder was not functioning proper...

Moral of the story is, if you truely feel your not going crazy, keep looking untill you find someone who can help you.

Also, demand from your family Dr. that they look into every orgin and fluid test they can do. Simply put, every single Orgin. I was mind boggled when after 2 years of regular Doctors looking for things my Natural Path Dr. found the problem in ONE blood test. (Very Very High Billirubin count [4x regular] - How regular Doctors and specialist dont see this, I dont know)

Keep looking, you will find answers.

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