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PTS: Politics Head-2-Head Sign-Up Thread

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 02:21 PM
NOTE: This thread is for sign-ups only. For questions or comments, please see this thread: PTS: Politics Head-2-Head Is Here!

Submit the following in a post to this thread to get started:

1. The account names of the members participating. Please be exact about spelling and text case to avoid errors.

2. A one-sentence description of topic you will be debating.

3. The debate positions of the participants (pro or con).

4. The terms of the debate, which should include:
    a. How many rounds it will go.

    b. Any restrictions on post length, links or other post format restrictions.

    c. Any time limits for replies and the overall debate.

    d. Terms of forfeiture, i.e., what can cause the debate to end early. By default, forfeiture results from violation of any of the terms of the debate.

    e. How the debate will end and be considered closed.

    f. Any other terms agreed upon by the participants.

A member of the Politics Head-2-Head forum staff will review applications posted to this thread and contact the participants via U2U.

Please be patient, since it can take a while to work things out and prepare a debate, especially if it involves complex terms.

Once the H2H staff member is satisfied the debate is feasible, a thread will be created in the Politics Head-2-Head Forum, the particpants will be notified via U2U and you'll be ready to go!

Sign-Ups Only

Please post only sign-up requests in this thread. Non-sign-up posts will be subject to deletion.

The sign-up procedure is subject to change, so please check it each time before signing up.

General questions or comments about Politics Head-2-Head should be posted in this thread:

PTS: Politics Head-2-Head Is Here!

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 05:38 PM
Topic: Should Capital Punishment Exist?


Pro: lombozo
Con: chissler

An opening statement, two rebuttals each, and a closing statement.

We ask that we have no time restraints on individual posts, as there are some extenuating circumstances in this scneario. We are interested in having some judges look in on the Debate as well.

Opening & Closing statements should be no longer than 2500 characters, and the rebuttals should be no longer than 6000 characters. (If that is permittable)

Only one image can be posted through out the whole debate, per member of course.

I believe that should do it. Again, my worthy opponent lombozo is restricted in his posting abilities, so a time restraint on posts would not be feasible.

Hopefully we can see this up and running asap.

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 06:20 PM
Topic: Should Capital Punishment Exist?


Pro: lombozo
Con: chissler

I've prepared your debate thread here:

Head-2-Head: Should Capital Punishment Exist?

Congratulations on being the first!

Please review the terms for the debate, and let me know if you need any changes before starting.

We're learning as we go, so please don't sweat anything.

Although the language is rather formal, if there are any problems, we'll work them out in a fair and reasonable fashion.

Also, remember that the debate is not timed, so no hurries, no worries.

Have fun!


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