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Personal Experiances

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 12:43 PM
Well, I have about three to tell for the heck of it. I never brag about them, this is really for me to recall more into my personal life to look at.

The First- (Angelic experiance)

This one night in bed I'd have a moment of silence in order to fall asleep, I would hear a message "Christian angel", and would remember a scene of beautiful stars, slight images of people with blue-dark suits with blonde-hair talking to me (dont ask, laugh), next thing I know I'd feel watched waking up, yet that day waking up I was very at peace.

The Secound-
Images of beasts with four arms & legs. Dont remember what they'd look like. They spoke of things - I remember such as a word of "Long Island" and seeing evacuation of many people. (This is another night I fell asleep asking for dreams to dream & asking to remember them.)

The Third- (Why I feel to this day more involved with the divine)
The Fire on my left hand terrified me, screams, gasping for air to breath into the blackness of this darkness that surrounded me. I was reading a book about "Witchcraft" that night about symbolist of the ancient Egyptians. (It was about Thoth). It was really strange though, I don't know, but I feel it was a warning from God not to get involved? Maybe not, or so.

But it scared me to where I was crying into my dream, and also waking up to it crying like I've never cryed before. (I have never ever cryed like that in my life)

posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 04:03 PM
yes this is very common programming coming from the guardians. They're telling you which direction to aim your spirit. They're showing you divine goodness as well as chaos, and they scared you away from strange religions which would lead you astray.

They may also try to scare you away from the alien arena by warning you of dangers that lurk there.

The guardians are like extensions of God, and just like God they are incomprehensible by the human mind. Your guardian obviously wants you to stick with the Christian ideology. Mine also promotes the Christian way for me. She took me to the various levels of heaven to see where religious people go after death, and also to various hells. She always says that "There are two paths the soul can take".

The guardians are of course the aliens people are encountering in this day and age. They have their own communities, government offices and social order, so there is an unlimited number of them. When I met mine it was like meeting a whole new civilization that exists parallel to our own world.

The guardians (aliens) are the beings that give people their dreams and other paranormal experiences. Some are with us eternally at the soul level and some are just workers who watch over us on earth and parallel worlds. I recommend everyone meet their guardians to discover what life really is. Trying to describe them is futile because they are like God in the way they are incomprehensible.

My guardians keep showing me my parallel lives and I am shocked because it's actually 'me' living in other places! It's totally bizarre, but it's fascinating and liberating also

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