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strange scary experience

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 11:45 AM
In the summertime when i was around 10 years old, i would usually have the A.C blasting in my room. Since my AC was at a window at the foot of my bed about 6 inches above my bed, i would put my pillow on the AC for a few minutes to get it real cold. One night i did this, just as i have done a million times, and i was looking down at the pillow. I looked up around eye level and i see a shadow on the blinds, of a long skinny arm with three or four (dont remember) very long fingers, stretch the whole length of the blinds, make like a grabbing motion with the hand and then go back where it started until it dissapeared. I was paralyzed with fear for about a minute, and i honestly dont remember how i got to bed that night. Now another strange thing about this is i have a twin brother, and one night recently me and my friends were hanging out drinking and the subject came up if anyone had a crazy ghost story, well my brother goes on to tell the same EXACT story as above. Now i dunno if he was b.sing and heard it from me first, or he actually experienced it himself. I talked to him about it but he is known to lie and im just not sure. Anyway, any idea on what the hell this could have been?!?!

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 12:12 PM
I don't mean to sound "rude" but, you cant expect someone out of the blue to tell you what it could have been. I'm sure if it be illusion, an actual entity, or a spiritual meaning for you...You will "soon" know.

If it happened to you, you should be the one to find out. Not someone else to give you an answer. Give it a simple prayer of

"God of my understanding,
I come to you in confusion with a question to ask

"add what you want in here"

Please give an answer to what I ask whether dream, vision or other-message. Thank you God of my understanding.

Amen. Let it be So.

God can be -> Jehovah, Allah, Kirshna, a form of Higher Power of yourself (whatever) I guarentee this will work! The power of your mind to a divine source will work for a question!

Hope you can truly do this, without me looking like a dopehead in front of everyone reading this. You can doooooo it!

I use to always depend on everyone else for an answer myself, untill I realized that they cannot, only "I can" by trusting more of myself to search more deeper into what im wanted.

[edit on 14-12-2006 by DarkElement]

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 02:52 PM
God and his/her infinite worker beings that are the guardians of all people and who hear all prayers because they are right next to people, are appearing as aliens in this technological age.

Many researchers have observed that the aliens have always been with us and just change form throughout the ages.

Certain people try to say only certain forms are actually God, and all the other forms are devils etc. They create religions out of certain forms of God and reject all the other forms as inferior beings of some kind.

What I've found is that each person has a team of guardian type entities who make sure the person's life goes as planned. These guardians appear as aliens of different types, usually at night when the person or their family are asleep and the guardians are free to do as they wish. They create the dreams people have and also the inspirational thoughts which bubble up from somewhere within us. It is they who listen when people pray, and they have the power to answer prayers as well.

One of my guardians just gave me a dream about your case before I came here and read it. I'm often given dreams about what will be written on the board that day and if people would get in touch with their own guardian-alien-god-beings then they would be shown the future constantly as well.

My guardian gave me a dream showing me that at night certain guardians move near the foot of peoples beds where it is more comfortable, while other guardians leave the area.

During the day certain guardians stand right behind people but that is an awkward place to be when the people are going to sleep so they leave that position and stand near the foot of the beds. This is why millions and millions of people report seeing an entity at the foot of their beds during the night sometime.

Millions of other people report feeling an entity sitting on the bed behind them and breathing in their ear or touching them etc. This is just their guardians moving around behind them.

Now normally guardians let the people see them walking into a closet or mirror or something. They also manifest bright lights and spaceships to give the impression that they have come from above.

They want people to know they exist but they don't want people to know they are right there with people at all times, because that would be too invasive and distracting for peoples lives.

If people would just meditate they would get in touch telepathically with their guardians and arrange to meet them physically as I have done.

Meditation is basically just 'stopping what you are doing and looking within'. It doesn't matter what one focuses on so long as one opens one's mind in the expectation of something wonderful happening during meditation.

So basically what you saw was your guardian, or one of them. And yes they are aliens because the gods are appearing as aliens in this day and age. It's normal for them to show themselves to various family members also.

Millions of people are encountering these alien beings but no one is qualified to help all these people understand what is happening to them.

They are the gods though, or the beings that work for God, so do not fear.

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 07:59 PM
so pbg if thats true then why are people reporting that they are being probed, and also what is all this about hybrid humans, since if what u say is true its our gaurdian angels abductin us hmm

posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 01:10 AM
thanks pbg, its been so long ago even i kind of deny it has even happened to me. Since im not a religous person (im not praying to anyone), and way too anxious to ever be relaxed enough to meditate ill probably never know what happened to me. But i appreciate the response, and i was hoping to get some feedback from people with your knowledge.

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