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Premature Births

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 08:45 AM
I'm just starting this thread as hopefully a comfort to someone who might be going through what my wife and I recently had to endure. Perhaps I'll make some feel a little less alone and frightened by sharing my experience and having others share theirs as well.

My wife was 5 months pregnant whenever she was diagnosed with HELP Syndrome, a form of Toxemia. The doctors informed us that her liver was shutting down and that the only way she would survive, would be to take the baby within a matter of hours. Needless to say it was terribly hard on my wife to hear, as she blamed herself. I tried to do what I could to comfort her, while dealing with my own inner turmoil about the situation.

An hour or so later I watched as they pulled this tiny thing from my wife... He made one tiny squeal as they laid him on a heater and started their work on him to keep him alive. He was 1 pound 8 ounces and so small that he could fit in my cupped hands. A doctor informed me that IF he survived the first 3 days, then his chances of survival would jump to a whopping 60%. I sat next to his incubator non-stop for 3 weeks before I had to return to work.

During that time he made progress and had a couple of set-backs, his PDA valve in his heart reopened twice which caused liquid to build up on his lungs to near fatal amounts. He came off the respirator after 3 months and at first he seemed to do well on CPAP, a breathing instrument that gets strapped to the head and forces air into the lungs. After a couple weeks on the CPAP he began a backslide and the staff at the hospital could not determine the cause. It turned out to be his PDA yet again, and he had a heart murmur which masked the sound till it had gotten big enough to warrant surgery.

They had to go in through his side and behind his lungs in order to perform the procedure to close the PDA valve once and for all. The surgery was a success and he made steady progress afterwards.

He has been home now for 3 months and is still on oxygen. I am so thankful for every moment that I get to spend with him.

I just wanted others out there to know that they are not alone. Our son was pretty much written off as a case in which survival was not really expected. He has shown that the human spirit can conquer any odds.

I hope that anyone who faces this challenging road will find comfort in what we've gone through and the happiness our son has brought to us. There is a horizon to reach, and it seems like it will take forever, but it is worth the trip.

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 05:49 PM
These preemies are amazing. My daughter 25 weeks in size 29 weeks gestation. Ready for partying at 1LB 6 oz...3 months in the fat farm

Though she was born completely ready to survive, and no medical complications other than size. I could be given absolutely no reason as to "why" although at four weeks I miscarried her twin and at 22 weeks my water broke. She spend three weeks nearly fluidness as no contractions or anything...

She was one of the lucky ones. Although she was born with a high palette, hearing loss and some learning disabilities. She's made it to 18 and is an amazing young lady.

Respirator for only 12 days and slight jaundice. The oxygen wasn't enough to damage her eyes thankfully.

My hubby was very detached. Your babe is lucky you've been so makes such a difference in their growth to have both Mom and Dad touching them and talking to them.

great of you to post this!! They are amazing kids these Mini's..

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