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Rupert Sheldrake's paranormal experiments

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 04:58 AM
Rupert Sheldrake is unusual: he's a Cambridge don who studies the paranormal, and has encouraged ordinary people to perform various experiments to do with things like "the sense of being stared at", and "how do dogs know when their owners are coming home?"

This last was the subject of a BBC programme which demonstrated conclusively that as soon as the dogs' owners made the decision to return home, the dogs would react, often by going to the door they expected the owners to enter through.

He's continuing his work and it's throwing up some interesting results as this article shows. It also gives details of a very large-scale experiment conducted in Amsterdam:

Since 1985, the Amsterdam Science Museum has allowed visitors to participate in the am-I-being-stared-at experiment, based on Sheldrake’s work, with one subject and one starer doing 30 trials before vacating their seats for the next couple.

By 2002, more than 18,700 couples had taken part and the results were a staggering 10 to the power of 376 against them being produced by chance. It’s an on-going experiment and the number of subjects who have participated is now over 20,000, making this the largest and longest-running paranormal research project ever conducted.

There's something you can throw at the skeptics. They'll dismiss it anyway, but it just goes to show that they're in pathological denial over it.

Rupert Sheldrake's home page contains lots of great stuff including his replies to skeptics.

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 07:47 AM
One would neccesary sense or feel when a group of people seem like they are staring at other's or even them.

It is called the 6th Sense or the modality of knowing when someone will come to visit, I have experienced a few of these touchstone's - let us face it it took til Sheldrake to fully realise the potential of the Morphogenetic Field, or I think they have labelled it the Noosphere or the Aethyr's or just the Akasha where we meme-share the wholism of the Collective Unconcious Deep Mind.

Look at the Energy given to this web-site, where does it go, within a Psychick atmosphere, does Cyberspace count as a Collective Meme-share, it does.

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