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Could this be a back to the egg memory ?

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posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 06:35 PM
Was not sure where to put this thread...

I have experienced this perhaps 6 times in my life, an amazing feeling of being minutely small.

This happens as I am trying to go to get off to sleep but before the first stage of sleep. I am aware that I am still awake and the feeling is like telescoping into myself, I can feel myself slipping further and further back into me and the blackness is huge, I open my eyes and the dark is all encompassing, almost infinitessimal, and it has weight to it. I feel soooo tiny almost like a cell, or maybe an atom.

It is not a scary feeling, quite the opposite. At some point, my body jerks and the amazing feeling goes
I always hope that it will recur again soon but it does not, I can not tell when it will come again. Last time it happened about 12 months ago.

I have thought it may be a memory from the womb ? A friend suggested that I may be becoming more aware of my small role in the universal scheme of things ?

I think I am lucky to experience this. Has anyone else had the same or a similar feeling? I would love to know what it is, perhaps there is a very simple explanation and I am way of track

In Peace Always

posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 06:41 PM
It all depends on what you want to believe.. There is research that seems to indicate that there is memory in the womb..

Although most of us do not remember our lives as infants (not to mention in the womb!), the process of memory begins in infancy, and perhaps even before we are born. Research indicates that memory may begin to develop in the third trimester of pregnancy. (Kase, 2000. p. 50)

Memory within the womb

In one study, women recited rhymes out loud between their 34th and 37th weeks of pregnancy. Scientific measurement of the fetus' heart rate showed a change in heart rate when unfamiliar rhymes were read as opposed to repeated rhymes. (Kase, 2000 .p.50)

Memory of the womb

Sounds and smells from the womb have been shown scientifically to be recognized by newborn infants.

Sound - In one study, women read a specific children's story aloud three times a day during the last six weeks of pregnancy. After the babies were born, they were presented with a rubber nipple to suck. This nipple was connected to two tape recorders. When the baby sucked in a particular rhythm, the tape of the baby's mother reading the story she had read aloud before the baby's birth. If the baby sucked in a different rhythm, the tape of the mother reading a different story was played. More than 80% of the infants changed their sucking pattern to produce the familiar story, suggesting that they remembered the sounds they had heard before they were born. (Yount, 1996, page 20-21)
Smell - In one study, researchers soaked a Q-Tip in the mother's amniotic fluid (from the uterus) and waved it in front of them. This had a calming effect on the infant. (Kase, 2000 .p.50)
Pre-Birth Memory

posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 06:48 PM
hey speaker,

I actually saw a French documentary on the music and smell memories in newborns.

I have a son that is a musician and I believe partially due to the vast amount of time I spent listening to all genres of music whilst pregnant. (Hubby and I can't play a note and are tone deaf).

I will do some more research on my feeling and the source material you posted.

In Peace always

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