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Dependancy and the new world order?

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posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 06:14 PM
I have another theory about the one world order. My theory is that the one world order will take business men and people not from all around but very specific playmakers all around the world and they will put them in charge. Hollywood advances the omega agency's agenda by a lot because they are doing exactly what the Annukai wants us to do. Other than that, they have your jobs. We are becoming slaves to the system, we have been slaves for a very long long time, now I can see that most people wonder what it has to do with them but the new world order is slowly consolidating its power. It has al-queda, Iran, North Korea, China, the US, the UN, the UK, Russia, and the horn of Africa, and all of the worlds super powers at its fingertips. They will stop at nothing to achieve their ultimate goal.

They didnt come into power in 2000 because someone was out there to resist them. To know a war you have to make one. They will systematically use the United States to pave the path for the new world order. It is already here in lots of places and it's here in more places than you may think.

They have RFID chips that can track every step you take, every move you make, and everywhere you go. These RFID chips can be set into your skin for security measures like if your car was going to be stolen there would be less of a risk for that car to be stolen.

The NWO, will come into power probably around in the near future. All power will be put into the hands of one person and he will bring an era of peace and everyone will love him. Everyone else who works with this "persoN" will be nothing more than a pawn or sheep of the cattle.

It's most likely we will be facing one more major war before it happens, just one more war will arise become of this.

Right now we are operational whcih means that the US isnt in a war but if the OA wills it the OA will put the US into a war. Think of how many innocent lives the OA wasted when they were trying to stop the Soviet Union from attempting to silence the OA by trying to advance their sphere of influence to have a Communist one world order.

The NWO will come to power soon.
As far as dependency goes, the people will become more and more dependent on the products that the government makes. They will believe more of the lies that the government tells and that they will be willing to give up their liberties for security. Hence, this will create a bond of dependency between the two making a new social contract in America, and violating the old one.

The government is responsible for upholding the constitution. If it does not, the government can be abolished.

It is only a matter of time.

I predict by the next eighteen years or so the NWO will make significant progress toward establishing a New World Order and put it in place.

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