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Pieces Of The Puzzle?

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posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 06:09 PM
I’m XIII, I would like to share some of the conspiracies that have stuck in the back of my mind for a number of years now. I have learnt of these either from friends or from my own research. I don't dabble in these theories, as I am aware this can lead to complications. I never accept anything as truth until I have acquired enough knowledge about the subject to form my own interpretation of events/reality, whatever the case may be. I suggest anybody reading this thread do the same.

Please note the following:
-I am not racist/biased/narrow-minded/skeptical/hipocritical/gullible/judgemental or condescending
-I am open to criticism, as I believe there are two sides to a story just like there are two sides to a coin
-In no way am I trying to enforce a mentality/ideology on anyone reading this thread I am simply sharing information

Have you ever felt like all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together?.
Over the many years I have researched conspiracy theories, I have found that completely unrelated topics can sometimes be connected somehow or someway. I'll leave it to your imagination how.

The Knights Templar
This was an order deployed by the pope sometime after the death or Jesus Christ. It was established to protect pilgrims visiting the holy-lands. This evolved through financial contributions and eventually was forced underground after a chain of events leading to the downfall of The Knights Templar. It eventually turned into The Illuminati as we know it today.

The New World Order was born on September 11th after the 'terror' atacks on the twin towers. I am aware this was an inside job, which would eventually lead to a police/military state. This event has/will also lead to new 'safety' measures such as more CCTV in the UK and ID cards/Micro-chipped population worldwide. We live in the begining of the end of the world, and what will unfold in the next couple of years deseves and has its own forum on ATS. I will soon post a new thread on this subject as it is soon to come because the end is near.

'Jack The Ripper'
A while back I was informed of a conspiracy involving the UK's most infamous serial killer. Apparantly 'Jack The Ripper' was a character created by the secret government of the Victorian Times. The story goes like this, The Church of Englands religion at the time was protestant. One of the princes of the Royal Family commited adultery with a Catholic woman, this was seen as a scandal in the Royal Family. The 'powers that be' created a character [Jack The Ripper] to divert attention away from the fact that this was going on at the highest levels of authority. When people look at what 'Jack' did they saw it as a terrible thing but it was also awe-inspiring as they thought he was like an artist trying to express himself through mutilations of females around the Kings Cross area. 'Jack The Ripper' was actually two killers and an accomplice all of which were government agents. Ever wonder why he wasn't caught?

A similar matter has surfaced in the Ipswich area in the UK, I still am gathering info on this and will post a status report on ATS as soon as I believe I have sufficent facts and knowledge.

Project Paperclip
Post WWII, Nazi Scientists were shipped/flown off to the USA in a bid to futher knowledge about genome mapping, mind control and related previously out-of-reach subjects. This led to MK-ULTRA, remote viewing, genetic engineering and similar fields of scientific experimentation.

I will continue the list of conspiracy topics in another post as I am running out of space to type in.

Please feel free to add any other key points about the topics mentioned that I may have missed and also feel free to correct any information you believe to be inaccurate.


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