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Bittorrent and ISP bandwidth throttling

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posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 04:09 AM
It finally happened. My ISP (TMnet, Malaysia) has joined the rest of the world's RIAA and MPAA ass-kissing crew. Download speeds that used to be a decent 50kb-75kb are now barely above 5kb. Even with work-arounds, I'm getting 30kb max.

It's better than nothing. My formula? Protocol Encryption set to "Forced" along with a VPN to tunnel the data stream from a non-TMnet IP. Problem is, the free VPN ( keep disconnecting every 5-10 minutes.

Sure I could set it to auto-redial (which is what I did) but that still doesn't change the fact that every time the VPN disconnects, all peer connections are reset as well, so the speed drops to nil and creeps up to 30kb within 3-4 minutes, only to d/c again in 2-5 minutes. It's annoying. Plus the reconnection pop-up grabs the window focus, so much that if I am typing something here, prolly half the sentence didn't get typed out,

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone else gets this problem (as in the subject line of this post)? And if so, how do you bypass your ISP's bandwidth manipulation? For me switching ISPs is not an option...TMnet is a virtual monopoly and I wish the CEO and board of directors a million years of bad luck, eternal destitution and bad skin.

Perhaps this post should've been in the Rant section. No. I wanna know how others are side-stepping the tyranny of the ISPs.

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