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ATS Dark Matter (Collaborative Poems)

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posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 09:57 PM
Look at all the conversations, ideas, words and chatter
Members know its a plate so full we can't see the platter
The focus perceptions, and jumbled views that do scatter
authored by many, is work of art in progress we splatter
as our knowledge grows and our brains swell even fatter
delving into the old previous threads, or even new latter
we learn to ask the right questions, ignorance we shatter
Is this not the purpose for our infinity of ATS Dark Matter?

Look at some as they attempt to pick at your brain
excuse them for eluding that you may truly be insain
not always willing to resolve all their personal pain
and yet they come more each day, for truth to gain
they read a few threads and then jump on the train
eager for conspiracy's abyss to circulate in their vein

Witness the diversity of thought, words, ideas and chatter
Moderators juggle a plate so full it's hard to see the platter
The provocative nature of perceptions so broad we scatter
Co-written by many, across forums' threads' insights splatter
Developing minds stay and ponder as their heads grow fatter
and thoughts come up quick thinking, no footsteps pitter patter
conpiracies number so vast before and into tomorrows' latter
boldly they throw rocks at neighbors windows trying to shatter
Ball and chain? is there a ball? is there a chain? do they clatter?
Yes, welcome to the realm of our beloved ATS Dark Matter!

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