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Why hate Jews? Good question...

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 07:03 AM
Oh yeah. Judaism is a religion, but I know some non-religious Jews who consider themselves to be very much Jewish. Culture is the key. Yes, you can join the Jewish religion and call yourself a Jew, but real Jews know the difference. The only way to even approach being truly accepted as Jewish is to marry a real Jew. Which doesn't happen that often. Your kids will be Jewish if they are raised accordingly.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 07:20 AM
Jewish people have been the scapegoats for European Christianity as long as it's been around. Less so, thankfully, in recent years.
I would love to see Israel freed up to take a higher profile role on the world stage, that isn't always wieghed down with this genetic and cultural contest with Arabs.


I live in a country with some highly influential Jewish people. I am proud to live in a place where Anglos and Jews can share power and have robust economic interactions.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 08:57 AM
i think most people could care less if someone is jewish or not especially in todays time. really what does race matter?

That being said, I HATE ZIONISTS.

it was a bad idea 50 years ago.
it is a bad idea now.
i have known many jews and many who are great people
but i have never seen such an pompus, arrogant, racist, elietest, oppressive, thuggish, hatefull, psychotic, group of people than the modern state of israel. from the minute i crossed the border there to the minute i left.

but as for jewish people they are just people.
zionist suck.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 09:09 AM
reply to post by TheRepublic

I knew you were American without looking. It is a common misconception that acknowledging someone's group identity is wrong. Many people are proud of their traits inherited and learned.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by djerwulfe

what is that supposed to mean?
i have no problem with people having pride in their culture or traditions, just when that culture or tradition interferes with someone elses way of life.

yeah im an american and im proud of it. i love this country and the people here. that being said i hate my government and what it is doing around the world. its wrong. my government has nothing to do with me being an american. just like the zionist state has nothing to do with being a jew.

one is politics the other is culture. the jewish people are just like any other culture. there are good ones and bad ones. their government, and the zionist movement is pit of hell evil.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 07:59 AM

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 08:27 AM
reply to post by TheRepublic

i love this country and the people here. that being said i hate my government and what it is doing around the world. its wrong. my government has nothing to do with me being an american. just like the zionist state has nothing to do with being a jew.

Does OPEC get credit for $4-$5 gasoline? If yes, then keep in mind America’s unquestioning support of the State of Israel is the REAL cause of the OPEC and the consequent fast and otherwise unexplainable rise in the price of crude oil. Thank you, Israel!

America’s faith-based BLIND support of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the Arabs in the Old Holy Land costs Americans 100s of billions of dollars every year and is about to wreck our economy.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 10:26 AM
Your innocent sounding opening post may not be that innocent in light of some of the other postings you´ve made in this Forum.

Some of your other threads:

Why do people want to kill jews?

Was the Hamas election rigged?

What is the difference between a terrorist and a resistance fighter?

Hezbollah Celebrates Victory

Zionism & 9/11

Israel or Palestine? Understanding the Conflict

Did Nazism assimilate into the western world?

Muslims outnumber worlds Catholics

...and much more.

This smacks of a deliberate agenda, not innocent inquiry.

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 07:15 PM

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 05:54 PM
1. Alan Greenspan

2. Ben Bernanke

3. Hollywood, Mainstream media, Washington lobbies

4. Lawyers, bankers and brokers

I think history will repeat itself. Rome, Germany 1930s. With this new depression coming up, Federal reserve, Wall Street banks and the government ruined the nations economy, I wouldn't be surprised if some of these will be sent away to a camp in Idaho or something

posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 06:35 PM

Originally posted by Dark Crystalline
Personally, I'm always tried and still try to live a life, where everyone is equal, Christians, Jews, Muslims... everyone. But unfortunately, many of the Jewish Community are believing they're superior then the others and they're also telling this to anyone. They're also claiming, that only those things are good, what they've figured out (This includes in business.). Plus, they're also provoking everyone who is not one of them and when you're telling your opinion, they're already labeling you as an Anti-Semite. So, if you have an opinion, you're an Anti-Semite... well, that's strange and I'm not surprise if someone is already hating them.

This time, I'd like to leave all the conspiracy theories and I'd like to present few stories, which are presenting the facts.

Here are few story from my country, Hungary. We have a great celebration in 15th March. Now, last year, one man from the Jewish Community have kicked out a 12 year old Hungarian Christian Girl, because she proudly said, that she is a Hungarian and sang the Hungarian hymn. Of course, the other members of the Jewish Community, whose are working in the News Networks are already tried to hide this news, but for our luck, the Christians, whose are also working in the News Network have told this news to anyone, without any permission of the leaders. Of course, the Christians got the attacks, that WE, we're the Anti-Semites, while a Jew have attacked a young Christian girl (There was also a photographic evidence about that incident.). Plus, in my country, Jews are usually making false statements, that they've been attacked, while THEY're painting Nazi symbols to their synagogues, to their tombs in the cemetery (Last time, they had intention to do this, because they had intention in the Tomb business. For our luck, the investigators have learned this little detail and after that, the Jews stopped to spread that they're the victims.). Then, last year they also wanted to demolish our national statue, the Turul Bird (Similar to the Statue of Liberty, just it's a birdy with Angel wings. ), to build up their own Holocaust monument right there (The 5th or the 6th Holocaust monument in my city.). Also, in this year, they've NOT permitted to build a Christmas tree in front of our Parliament (It's also a tradition here.). But menoras... yes, there are many. So... after it's our country, it's a Christian country they want to control here, they want to demolish everything, what is connecting to the Christian religion. But my people are not tolerating this. The people are already plan to fight back and banish them back to their holy land.

I know few Jews (Friends of mine), whose are good, not stating that they're superiors, but the others are usually surrounded by lies, lies and lies. The other Jews are also have a great superiority and inferior complex. Personally I don't like people, whose are live in lies. And I believe they're making their own enemies. Don't surprise on the results.

[edit on 13-1-2007 by Dark Crystalline]

Hmm you say you dont like people who live in lies.Isnt that what conspiracy theorists are?Living a lie until they can prove it to be true?How about neo-nazis who believe the lie of national socialism?Or how about the Muslims believing everything in the Koran which we all know isnt complete truth in the world.I know what im talking about since ive been around jewish,christian and athiests friends.None of them live a lie.They have their beliefs as is their right protected by law.
There is a significant point id like to make when comparing those of jewish faith and other around the whole.Jewish people have always placed a high priority on education.Christians,muslims and other do not as it is easier to control stupid people than smart ones.Now thats not putting all other faiths in that category, but there is a link between lack of education and blinding anti-semetism or hatred towards other groups different from you.
Dictators love ignorant masses.That means if you drop out of school while living in a dictatorship ,the govt wont care as youll be fodder for the next war of aggression.Or anything else madmen can cook up no pun intented.

For the record you claim that christians said this about what that jewish person did.Thats a mistake right there.Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.In other words you need to confirm hearsay from a different source.How do you know that ,that particular christian isnt an anti-semite?You dont.Since most try to hide it now.But the very nature of it,forces it out of people usually unintentionally.

posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 06:59 PM
I don't hate the jews I have problems with them I will tell you why, there are many black jews in America yet I do not see black jewish doctors why is that?
Hell I don't even see a lot of black people going to mental health clinics, I did though, and most of those doctors in my city of boston, were schooled at harvard which is a big place for jewish business, benanke chair man of the federal reserve was jewish and preceded alan greenspan another jewish man, the jews are a huge part of our economy, It's a long lived fact, also a big big part of our medical care and law offices are taking up by jewish men,

If you look at the jews they are very much like scientologists actually, they believe in negative spirits and getting rid of them to achieve clarity, yet I see them practicing psychology and psychiatry in big numbers, to me this make me feel they are going to synagogue and are pushing the gentile idea a little to hard, I get the hateful feeling sometimes that jewish doctors black balling people a lot I don't think it's crazy to think like that either. No psychology and psychiatry, and hey btw I dislike scientologist I hate all cults promoting population control, Im cool with buddhism tho,

SigMund Freud and Edward Bernayes from the foundation of nazi mind control have created a monster which was enhanced with the pharmaceutical greed that infected the victims of this beast.The drugging of our children with whispers of gentiles in the air can really piss anyone off, I don't hate jews though I dislike people who went to church to make business connections, I dislike thier reluctance to deal honestly with people of other faiths, I consider black jewish people a whole separate kind they actually are very agressive about their faith, I have yet to meet and arrogant black jew yet I have met many many many arrogant white jewish men. Absolutely they are not a race so #ing why feel bad about talking #, why so you can be a jew and ask for pity, # then what about my religion # that, that isn't equality im sorry, I have reasons I have problems with jews I've done my research and I have suffered as their suffered people looks down on me and that isn't cool, they drugged the # out of me I am now 5 years off of meds and I want a clean bill of health and they tell me they cant do it unless they give me a prescription and then ask me why am I irritated, and a lot of people in general assume im a moron, So my idea now is to say I need a clean bill of health so I can get an FID card I can't wait to draw it into the constitution.

posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 07:20 PM
First (and if already mentioned, then missed it), it is not widely known that Jew is NOT a race, but one who practices a particular religion (Judaism) as understood by those who truly understand Judaism.

I don't hate Jews. In fact, I am rather fascinated by the core of Jewish history and appreciate the strong family values that they have passed down for centuries. I have been studying the difference between Judaism and Zionism (what most misinterpret to be a jewish movement) and can appreciate those who practice Judaism but understand the poison the Zionist movement has injected into our world.

Those who hold to Judaism as it is meant to be adhered to are opposed to what the zionists have done and are doing.. which is to bring about the state of Israel and enforce the stealing of land and destroying of homes and lives that get in the way by military force.

The Zionist movement is what I am opposed to and it consists of more than those who profess to be Jewish and is largely supported by an evangelical Chistian movement. Never did they get so lucky as when they were able to manipulate and control the strings of those in Washington DC. The extent to which they manipulate this country is relatively unknown by our average citizens because opposition is strongly discouraged.

I stand WITH those Jews opposed in saying that IT IS WRONG to torture, kill, harrass, destroy, etc lives and homes of ppl who have been living on a land for centuries simply because a book deemed "holy" states that one day they will be given that land by God. If God wants to give it to them, then let God be allowed to show himself by making it possible without the aid of tyranny displayed by human and their military might.

I am not saying that I have drawn the conclusion that the Bible is not God given, but it is very clear in the bible how Israel will be given their land and the way that the Zionists have gone about it is NOT THAT way!

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