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Man Impersonates Cop To Go Bowling

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posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 05:38 PM

Man Impersonates Cop
SAVANNAH, Ga. - A Savannah man went to jail this weekend for impersonating a sheriff's deputy so he could go bowling. Jeffrey Eugene Ferguson, 46, pulled up to a gate at Hunter Army Airfield on Saturday and showed a guard a driver's license that was cracked in half, police said.

When the guard requested a second form of ID, Ferguson pulled out a Chatham County sheriff's lieutenant badge.

The guard called Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police, who responded and discovered Ferguson's license had been suspended for failure to pay child support, according to police Sgt. Mike Wilson.

This guy said that he had found the police badge at his work place. I would think that when picking up a policemans badge you'd either report to the local Police Station, or look for the cop who owns the badge.

Trying to use this I.D. is downright crazy. I wonder if he actually thought he was going to be able to get into the place? It says that he wasn't trying to impersonate anyone at all and he just wanted to get into the military post because he wanted to go bowling.

posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 08:30 PM
link knwo, the only thing I can really say, is what an idiot.

What I'm curious about, is why he was going to a military
base to go bowling, i mean I did'nt think military bases even
had such things, and apart from that, why did'nt he just go
to the civillian bowling alley, I mean it's not like there far
and in between in America.

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